P1019536 P1019523 P1019530P1019534 P1019525 P1019528 coat SHEIN, bag VERO MODA, bag charm ULTIMATE COLLECTIONS, boots ISABEL MARANT, jeans SALTSPIN, rollneck BENETTON, hat MANGO.

I am so inlove with these boots but sadly they are a tiny bit too small for me. Such a shame. Now it's going to be tough selling them, it always is with designer things. Anyway hope you like this outfit! We were in Hampstead yesterday and met Russell Brand! It was so random but he was very nice. You can find the selfie we took on my facebook :P


IMG_9565 Valentines day is approaching and even though I don't like to 'celebrate' this day too much I love sharing gift ideas with those that do. You have probably seen my instagram posts raving about the A.GO Atelier candles. It's a Lithuanian brand and literally the best candle I have ever owned. If you are looking for a gift for someone or even yourself they are offering 15% off your order for a limited time only. Just type 'gabriele' at the checkout! :)
Enjoy! x


Already thinking hard about your fashion week outfits?
Well let me help you with the one thing that will attract attention to your outfit. It's the bag or the shoes of course! If you wear something cool it will always catch someones eye. Last year I wore my Karl Lagerfeld Choupette bag and my oh my it got so many photographers looking my way! It's all about that one statement piece that will bring life to your outfit, especially if you are wearing something minimal. I am already thinking about that one 'thing' that I will wear to make it all seem more fun and playful. Talking about fashion week, I actually found this video from last year at fashion week. Have a look here. And here are my top picks of 'cool' accessories, don't spend too much money! hehe


IMG_8839 IMG_8847 IMG_8834 I have finally bought this beauty! After drooling over it when seeing all the bloggers posts and reading a lot about it I decided it was time to invest in this piece. What I love the most is the fact that it does the same job in the same quality as my dslr (Canon 600d). Another thing I love is that you can change the lenses. I straight away bought the M.Zuiko 45mm 1.8 lens which is perfect for outfits and blurs the background. I've shot an outfit with it here. I am also currently saving on another lens which is still 1.8 but 17mm so it will be a fuller frame so I can take selfies, film videos etc.  Sorry to those who are not interested at all in all this technical talk but I know many people were interested on my posts on Instagram. I will post more about this & a review in a few months so stay tuned!
G x


P1018894 P1018901 P1018916 Managed to shoot quickly before work yesterday. I finally tried my new Olympus camera which I will blog about very soon. There are so many settings on it so it's gonna take some time to learn the best ones for me. This jacket has literally been my most worn jacket of this winter. It's soo warm and looks so good! With anything, I promise! 


IMG_8789 IMG_8784 I picked up some pieces from the sales and thought I'd share with you as sales are ending and the discounts are really good at the moment. I will try to link everything below so you can order if you like :) These boots are such a score, I cannot believe I found one pair on sale and it was my size. You know when that happens that it's meant to be, right? haha. I actually wanted to buy these at full price but having just bought another pointy ankle boot I thought let me leave it for now. And now they were £19.99 down from £69.99! What a bargain! Unfortunately I cannot find these on the website so have a look in store. IMG_8724 IMG_8729 These babies are so cute! I am a sucker for turtlenecks, that's basically all I wear in the colder seasons. The cream one is from Zara £9.99, the grey is from United Colours of Benetton £14 and the dark one is Zara £7.99. Cant find the link to these as well, have a look in the stores I'm guessing there is more stuff there. IMG_8747 This baby is from Mango, I paid £39.99 but been keeping the label on just incase it goes down a bit more so I can change it haha! It's so beautiful I couldn't leave it behind, I am really into neutrals at the moment, as you can see and I'm taking them into spring/summer so this piece seemed like a must-have for those seasons. Shop here IMG_8754 Perfect white shirt/blouse. Will be beautiful for those chilly summer evenings! I can't remember how much I paid for this, maybe around £15?! IMG_8779 &Otherstories is having 70% off on jewellery. Maybe other stuff too but I am only attracted to dainty jewellery pieces there. The bracelet was around £4 and the ring £3 maybe. The earrings are from Ultimate Collections. Love the pearls with the jewels. Shop here
&otherstories shop here


IMG_8053-7 IMG_8045-10IMG_8081-3 IMG_8050-8 IMG_8080-4 IMG_8047-9 coat ZARA
jumper FOREVER 21
sunglasses PRADA

I am currently sat here freezing to death while the builder is doing some house work. He decided it's best to open all the windows and doors so Yay me! It's feels like -5 degrees at home right now! And that's exactly how I remember feeling when shooting this outfit haha. I was soo cold and couldn't even move properly anymore. You can probably tell from my face ! hehe. I just realised how bad this Forever21 jumper looks. Forgive me. So disappointed by the quality :(
I do love these boots though, what do you think?  So chic!


IMG_8639 IMG_7762 IMG_6192


IMG_8585 IMG_8592 copy In the past few weeks I don't know how and why but I ended up with a few new designer leather pieces. Firstly let me say I hardly ever, or even never buy designer things. I love them, but I as a student could never afford it and there is always something else I need more whether it might be a new table or a lamp haha! Also growing up I never received designer things for any occasions so you have to understand how good it feels when I can finally treat myself with my own money that I worked for. This Moschino bag is actually a birthday gift from my boyfriend. He knew I was interested in the Love Moschino backpacks recently so that's what he was going to buy but they were sold out everywhere and instead of trying to guess what else I would like (Love Moschino is not my favourite brand if you know what I mean) he asked me if I would like to choose! So we were in Harrods and I chose this beautiful shoulder bag. I was looking for a bag this size for a few months, and was so relieved to finally find this and have it for my birthday! I've been wearing this one everyday since I got it and it's one of the most comfortable bags I've ever owned. It even fits my huge camera!

IMG_8620 IMG_8618
 I've been eyeing these Furla bags for a good 6 months already so when I saw this one on sale for half the price I was soooo tempted! It was the only one on sale from this style, and the colour is exactly what I needed for summer. The design is perfect, the colour is amazing, the price was too good to resist so I just didn't think too much about it and bought it. Thank god I did! I don't regret it at all. It's such a beauty and I've already fallen in love with it!

IMG_8609 IMG_8612 IMG_8614 This was actually gifted to me by Monshowroom.com. They kindly gave me a voucher to spend on their website and I found this cute little purse/card holder from See By Chloe and thought it will be perfect for my small bags. I have a huge wallet so when I take a small cross body bag I always just drop everything in the side pocket of the bag. But now I will have this which is just great! The leather is so soft and the colour is beautiful, complimented by the gold details. Really good choice!

IMG_8601 IMG_8607 Sadly my camera is not picking up the colour of this one, but it's a beautiful pale pink. One of my favourite colours at the moment. I was shopping in Harrods a few days ago for my sister's bday gift and while getting her a bag from Michael Kors, noticed these makeup bags on sale. They were half price which only made it £37 which I think is a bargain seeing as a leather makeup bag will last me years. The quality is amazing and love the amount of small compartments inside.

Which piece is your favourite?


IMG_7983-24 IMG_7999-21 IMG_8006-19 IMG_7990-22 IMG_8017-17 IMG_8009-18 IMG_7981-25 heels DANIEL
coat H&M
jumper ZARA
sunnies RAY BAN

What do you think of my new Furla baby? I couldn't pass this one by. It was the only one on sale from this style and the colour is right up my street! Will be perfect for spring/summer. So happy with the quality and how it looks. I might look like I'm not dying of cold in these pictures but last Wednesday was crazy cold. By the time we started shooting the 3rd outfit I was frozen. Literally!

Thanks to my greatest photographer Aleksandra for the photos!

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