15 May 2015


f dshgfIMG_2638 Top ZARA
Bag H&M



IMG_2683 Isn't this watch gorgeous? House of watches sent me this beauty from DKNY. I chose a silver watch because all the watches I own seem to be gold or rose gold, and I have been getting into silver rings and necklaces recently so a silver watch was needed. This one is really tiny and beautiful, it's just elegant and I think one of those watches that you can wear with an evening dress and it will look great. I cannot wait to get the links taken out (I could do it myself at work, because I'm trained! Oh yeahh) haha but I will let someone else do it and then I can wear it! Because it's too big for me right now. You can get it  here.

12 May 2015


IMGs_2487IMG_2542IMG_2486 IMG_255111IMG_2548IMG_2487 Skirt H&M £9.99
top ZARA £7.99
bag MATALAN (2nd hand) £5
sunnies FREYRS

9 May 2015


bag H&M

Rainy evening last night buy I still managed to get some snaps taken while on the way home from a fun fair. What do you think of this cute jumper? I love the colour!


IMG_2300 I'm finally settling in to my new home and the routine, which was so hard to do, since I had last weeks of university, no internet, problems with installing the internet, overtime at work and so on. So much stress, but everything is finally falling into place now and I'm getting back on track. It has been so hard to have no internet at home that I have been going a little crazy! hehe. It takes weeks for them to connect it here in London, one reason why I hate moving and living in London. Anyway, I'm trying to be back to blogging full time now, since university is done and I'm freeee!!
(Well I have to work but I'm half freee! haha!)

8 May 2015


IMG_2328 IMG_2345 IMG_2329
How pretty is this beach dress from Forever Unique? When I opened the box, I was not sure what to think of the colour, not the biggest fan of this electric blue, but when I put it on, LOVE IT!!!
It looks so good with my dark hair and green eyes, and tanned skin? yes please! My holiday could not come any sooner, just 1 month and 1 day to go, how can I wait that long?!! Hehe. This will deffinetly be on my 'to take to Spain' list next month. You can get it here.  


IMG_2263 IMG_2266 IMG_2271IMG_2279 IMG_2284 Hey guys. I just have a few items to show you from my 'new-in' list. 

Links London, a brand which is very well known and has many stores across London, kindly sent me this beautiful dream catcher necklace to review. It's actually really really stunning when on. I can imagine myself wearing this on holiday next month, on a night out with a little black dress and tanned skin. All you need really! Get it here.

Sense Copenhagen sent me these elegant earrings which I probably will never wear,simply because my ears don't accept earrings unless they're gold or silver so I will be giving these to my mum, she likes dangly earrings so I'm sure she will love these cute ones. You can get them here.

And finally my new belt from Calvin Klein, I get a discount at their stores so I tend to pop in from time to time and do a little damage to my bank account. But this time I only picked out a belt, which I fell inlove with. It's a soft suede leather belt which is so simple and minimal and the colour is just absolutely amazing. It's like a warm, pinky tan colour. Loove it! Unfortunately I cannot find it on their website, could be an older collection or sold out. Not sure.

1 May 2015


IMG_1416 Khiel's avocado eye cream. Was looking for the perfect eye cream, as I've never used one and thought its time to take better care of my skin since I'm not getting any younger! I found that this cream had the best reviews, and at a price point of £33 was a bit scared to try but trusted the reviews and went for this one. I will post a review soon, but so far so good!
Beautiful bracelets from Orelia Jewellery, cannot wait to wear these on my holiday next month. The colours are just everything. So pretty. To get the blue click here. To get the gold, click here.
IMG_1403These little ear piercings were sent to me by a company named 'Body Jewellery shop'. I fell in love with the star ones, but they're so dainty it's really hard to capture it on camera. I think those would be the only ones I would wear, but I have very sensitive ears so I probably will give these away to my sister. All the earrings on their page are cheap as chips, so check it out if you are an earring maniac!
Click here to shop.
IMG_1420I don't know if you've all seen but The Body Shop launched a new line, the Tea Tree line that smells amazing. I couldn't get over the smell of the creams so I bought the spray. It's so fresh and leafy, smells like summer to me but very very fresh and not floral! I would recommend to try this if you haven't seen this line. It's one of my faves for this spring! (Or should I say never ending winter).
IMG_1398 My little pop corn case. I get so many compliments with this one. The eyes are 3D which I love love love! And no, they don't annoy me or get in the way. (Common question). This one is from Skinny Dip London, they kindly let me choose what I wanted and it really is something different to all the other cases I have. I have loved Skinny Dip's cases for a long time, the popular bee case is always sold out in Topshop, but it has been on my wish list for a while now.
Some of my favourites:

I'm not posting outfits at the moment, as I'm busy with the last week of university. Then I'm free for the summer! Yaaay! Well, not entirely free, working 4 days a week for the summer but still, more time for you guys! Just to let you know, I have until midnight to submit my essay, not even half is done, but I'm choosing to spend half an hour writing this post because I cannot bear not posting for another day!!! Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any of the products I mentioned :)

24 Apr 2015


IMG_1414IMG_1409 Just look at these beauties from Vashi. They are very dainty so it’s hard to capture them on camera with my lens but they’re sooo beautiful. I really did not expect to like them as much as I do. I have a hard time wearing earrings that are not real gold or silver as they hurt my ears after 1 hour, so because these are white gold, I can wear them all the time without any problems. Vashi specialises in diamonds, and these are little beautiful 0.15ct diamonds which excites me a bit every time I put them in, as I’ve never owned anything with any carats. I am absoulutely inlove with them and I would really recomment Vashi diamonds to anyone looking for a beautiful timeless piece of jewellery. You can get this pair here. They are also currently on sale which is just great! 
You can see what they look like in, on my Instagram or by clicking here.
Thank you so much to Sophie at Label PR  and Vashi for giving me a chance to own such a beautiful piece of jewellery.

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