25 Jul 2015


IMG_3727 Im off to my brothers 10th birthday party! You know when they get to that age when they just ask for money and it's a bit sad that they're growing up but easier because you don't have to spend 5 hours looking for the perfect gift. The weather is a bit better, not raining but still quite chilly so no summer clothes for me, sadly. But I am gonna attempt to wear my new espadrilles from Zara. Got them on sale for £19.99, so pretty! The bag is from Primark, £5! And sunglasses by Prada from Amazon fashion. Have a nice Saturday :)

24 Jul 2015


hgfdg All of these pieces are so beautiful I need them all in my wardrobe now! I have really fallen for the mustard colour this fall. (Im joking its still summer but it really doesn't feel like it :p) This autumn its gonna be all about denim skirts, denim dresses, flares, tanned leather, mustard and bordeaux. So i have already started shopping for these colours now. I mean, London Fashion week is not that far away, and I need cool outfits. So guys check out all these items from Romwe, you won't believe how cheap they are :) 

Let me know if you enjoy these kind of wish lists, I would do them with more brands every week. I'm just trying to keep you guys happy and bring new stuff into my blog. It blows my mind that there are people who actually come to my blog everyday to see what I've uploaded. Thank you to all of you. 

23 Jul 2015


 I have fallen in love with these beautiful pieces. They're so dainty and they look absolutely stunning on. The little diamonds are actually so shiny, they look really good and luxurious. I am wearing the 'twin ring' and the 'twin bangle' in gold. The bangle is actually sold out but there is many beautiful pieces to choose from. I have been wearing these non stop for the past few days. Oh and may I add that this design is actually adjustable so you don't have to worry about ordering the wrong side, you can adjust it to suit your hands and fingers :) I will be doing a giveaway with this brand soon, so look out on my instagram.

This beautiful silver ring is by Pandora and it's actually my months stone. This is the December birthstone ring, because I was born in December it seemed right to go for this one, although I preferred the colour of other months at the time of choosing. Now I couldn't love this one more. It's so pretty and I love it on because it's beaded and actually a little bit heavy so it feels quite nice. This ring would be a great present for a loved one. My mum really loves Pandora and collects the charms for her bracelet so I might get her a ring this time :)

p.s Please excuse my hairy arms guys :p cant help it that I was born a monkey! lol

22 Jul 2015


I have started a health and fitness program on Monday and it's been two days without sugar. Cannot believe it to be honest. Didn't think I would last even 5 hours. But two days can be crossed off already. I don't want to go into detail of what I'm doing because I feel like I will jinx it and give up. But lets just say I am eating more healthy than I ever have, and actually got my blender out today after over a year of not using it. I am going to share some tips and recipes for not craving sugar as much very soon. I am at the moment trying to decide on a new blog template and having a bit of a hard time choosing between two completely different ones but let's hope you like the one I go for. Will probably do this tomorrow so if you come in and the site doesn't look right, please bare with me, new look is coming!

Tip for smoothies: the simpler, the better. Try to only use 2 or 3 different fruits because if you mix more than that, the taste will be how can I put this... 'unknown'. You will not be able to understand the taste if that makes sense, it's just sweet and fruity but nothing in particular.

21 Jul 2015



My girl Brigita was in town for I think just 1 day so I had to meet her, even if it was for an hour after work on a Sunday night. Ahh, this was the second time I met this girl, but I feel like I've known her for ages! You know those people that you just click with instantly. We had yummy dinner, I went for Taccos and Bri had a Salmon salad. We also went for wait for it... non-alcoholic cocktails! haha, I was too tired for real drinks. If anyone is wondering the restaurant is Chiquito. 
Let me know if you enjoy these kind of posts and also check out Bri's blog here.

18 Jul 2015


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Top WEAR MAD BY JULY|jeans ZARA|shoes DANIEL|watch MICHAEL KORS (lilywho)|bag SECOND HAND|

Pink pink pink! A bit of an unusual outfit, but kind of feels a bit 80's to me. Or maybe it's 70's. I love my new Michael Kors watch that LilyWho has gifted me. Did I ever think when I started blogging that I will be getting a MK watch for free? Hmm not in a million years. My blog's 4th birthday is coming up, getting old. lol Anyway, Im off to work. See ya!
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16 Jul 2015


IMG_3478 bffddddIMG_3481ff
top ZARA | trousers Mums wardrobe | bag H&M | watch ABBOT LYON | bangles H&M and TROLLBEADS | sunnies PRADA |  heels PRIMARK

14 Jul 2015


fvv ffff1aIMG_8801k
top RIVER ISLAND | skirt H&M | heels SOLE AFFAIR | sunnies EBAY| bracelet ULTIMATE COLLECTIONS

Hi guys, so to start off let me introduce my new photographer, Kristina, that I will work with a few times a week to shoot outfit posts. Click here and support her page. You might remember my shoot with Karl Lagerfeld clothing a while ago, so this is the same girl. I'm so excited to work with her to create beautiful images. This outfit is not the best but I wanted to show you this top, that I love so much. I've been wearing it non-stop for the last few days, until Autumn arrived in London. (Just kidding, but it has been raining and a bit cold). The sunglasses are Dior dupes, from Ebay. They're so huge and uncomfortable, not the best to be honest! 

7 Jul 2015


IMG_3267IMG_3269HOUSE OF WATCHES has sent me this cute little watch from Sekonda. It is actually a Rolex look-alike and many brands have this kind of watch as it's so popular. We even have one in Karl Lagerfeld! It's so similar but a few details are always different. I actually like the two-tone colour combination on this watch and that's a first like that in my watch collection. Also the diamonds add a nice little touch to the watch and it looks really great on, with a minimalistic outfit. I cannot find the same colour watch on their website but click here for the rose gold version which I actually prefer to this one.