Happy Friday my dear readers. 
Farfetch got in touch recently and asked me to style one of their Balmain pieces on my blog. I can't tell you how long it took me to choose something. I am quite indecisive as it is and being given the option of over 50 items will make my brain twist a little. I wasn't really sure what I wanted or needed but ever since I saw these trainers they just stayed there at the back of my mind. If you have followed me for  long time you will probably realise I love shoes. I have an obsession and I probably buy a pair every week, I just can't help it and I am not ashamed hehe. I always try to buy cool shoes, because I love wearing a plain outfit and shoes that stand out. So I just had to have these orange and black Balmain trainers. Trainers can be warn all year round with anything you want really so I think investing in a pair of designer trainers is a much better idea than a pair of for example sandals. (Although I do have espadrilles that I wear like 5 times a year). But I just think trainers are the clever choice because you will get a lot of wear out of them and they won't have to sit in your wardrobe and collect dust. I am not gonna lie, I'm not the biggest fan of orange when it comes to clothes but how cool do these trainers actually look? 

Check out more Balmain items on Farfetch. 

Last week I was invited to a fun overnight trip to Margate. I thought I have never been there before but when we got there, I actually realised I have been here. I messaged my mum and found out a few times even. Hehe, just didn't remember because it was probably like 8-9years ago. Margate left me a little speechless to be honest. The light on the day was so good, the sea literally made it look like we're in Croatia or Italy. The trip was with Eastpak so of course they kitted me out with the whole set. A cabin size luggage, backpack and bum bag. You will see all of those in my vlog going up in two days. It was a group of 5 girls all together and we had so much fun exploring the town, eating pizza, checking out vintage boutiques and having delicious drinks on a roof top terrace of our hotel. We stayed in the beautiful Sands Margate which was 20 steps from the beach. I really enjoy those hotel sleeps because everything is just so tidy and you don't need to do any work haha! I think that's the only time I actually watch TV, when I stay in a hotel. The next morning we were off to Dreamland. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect because from the outside it looks like something from the 80's but it was so beautiful inside, I forgot to take pics but everything is in my vlog so make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel. 
You can check out Eastpak here.

Recently I was introduced to a new way to shop and I just have to share it with you. YourFittingRoom.com is a new website where you shop the items but before you buy them you get to try them on just like shopping in a store or a boutique. They actually deliver your picks on a beautiful rail to your door and give you a certain amount of time to try things on at home. 
They left me for about 30mins and I got to try the items, decide if I like them and take some pictures. Then your assistant will come back and pick up the ones you didn't like and you can buy the ones you want on the spot. How cool is that? Honestly there are so many websites offering different ways to shop these days but I couldn't say no to trying out Your Fitting Room because it's something so new and so useful. You can book time slots to suit you so easily when ordering, it's so good if you have no time to shop but have a special occasion. On the website they have many independent designers, some of which I've never heard of before. That was a great way to discover some designers and I must say I fell in love with Body Frock. I tried three dresses from them and they were all stunning but some too big so I went for the black lace number below. The service is currently only available in London but you still get free 3 day delivery everywhere else in the UK.
 Let me know down in the comments what you think of my pick and if you've ever heard of Your Fitting Room before?
Please note: The service is currently invite only so if you want to join or check it out you have to go through this link.

You might of seen from my 50 insta stories that I was invited to a fun night out with Superdry and some London bloggers. We started off in the store, getting our outfits on and doing our nails, hair and makeup and chatting away. Then we were told there is a bus waiting for us so we rushed out and got on this cool double decker which took us to the next secret location. We thought we were going into an adult shop but actually it was a Mexican restaurant, what a wonderful secret place! hehe
After eating way too much good food and having a few drinks we were taken for some cocktails and then finally to Fabric. I actually was set on the idea that when we get to the club I am gonna go home because I'm not a fan of clubs but it was so much fun I ended up staying for a while! I love blogger events where they surprise you out of the blue. A huge than you to Superdry for a great night!


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