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tops & trousers ZARA, bag KARL LAGERFELD, shoes MANGO, sunnies TRIWA

I am sure we're all seen this top on t-shirt trend everywhere by now. Zara has some amazing pieces! Some will hate it and some will love it. Personally I am in love with the trend and since I got back from Lithuania last week I haven't had a chance to go shopping so I still haven't found my perfect dress on top of a shirt or this kind of style like I'm wearing here so I had to improvise. I just found a leotard I bought in Zara a while ago and this t-shirt (which actually has a banana on it) but the other part hides it! Great way to hide that lipstick stain, no? haha


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I am back from Lithuania and ready to work work work!!! I decided not to blog while I was away, I didn't really answer my emails and I just updated my Instagram so people don't think I'm dead hehe. But Instagram is that kind of thing, I can't just leave it. Anyway, I feel really relaxed and ready for the crazy month of September! I will tell you more details soon. For now I wanted to share with you some images I shot in a flat I rented in my home city. Staying with 10 other people is not easy for me, especially because I hate a lot of noise and need peace and quite. So for two nights I decided to kind of  'run away' and enjoy some time alone. 
On a more fashiony note, these shorts are so beautiful and I only paid £10 for them in Topshop, god I love sales! And the blouse is from Motel Rocks


IMG_4224 About a month back, I took a short trip to Manchester for the National Bikini Day with Swimwear 365. It was so cool to hang out with the blogger girls, discover the new swimwear collection, enjoy delicious food and drinks. Love evenings like that! It was a beautiful day and I'm glad the event took place on a rooftop of a hotel, which we actually spent the night at. How convenient! Hope you enjoy the photos and the hotel we stayed at is called Great John Street hotel. 

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SaveSave IMG_3814 IMG_3809 IMG_3806 IMG_3815 IMG_3810 IMG_3812 IMG_3807 IMG_3811 Playsuit H&M, jacket & shoes ZARA

Such an easy and cool summer outfit. I love mixing black leather pieces with girly things. I almost left the house with black biker boots but thought I'll have enough time to wear them in the colder seasons and went for the heels.




So I am really trying to film and upload more videos to my youtube channel as I feel that's the only way for you to truly get to know me and my personality. I'm much more than what you see in pictures. I hope this is the start of something exciting! So please leave me some love under my videos and subscribe to my channel. I'm trying to do weekly videos! (Altough I have 3 to edit right now!)


IMG_3668 IMG_3078 IMG_3090 IMG_3669 IMG_3670 Last week I met my girly Enrika in Notting Hill and we spent 30mins looking for a place to eat #girlproblems. We decided to just sit anywhere because we were starving and ended up going to a simple Italian place but the pasta was £18!!!! It still hurts me to think about it because that's insane lol. It's so nice to see old friends and spend time with them. This summer I'm trying to travel, explore and spend as much time with friends and family as possible. Retail kills you. I can't wait for the day when I don't have to work in retail anymore, Im pretty sure Karl is my last stop.


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Im just kidding, this is a playsuit which Im absolutely in love with from H&M. Many people were like whaaaaat, is that a night slip?!!!! Well no, but I understand why that question pops up in your head. Im sure an older person who's not into fashion would think I'm crazy and indeed left my house in my pj's. I got this playsuit in the H&M sale for just over £10 and I couldn't believe my luck because they only had 1 left and in my size! It's one of the most beautiful pieces in my wardrobe for sure! It's on trend so don't be scared to rock it! Linked some similar ones down below:


IMG_3659 IMG_3658 IMG_3660 IMG_3657 My beauties <3
Every time I look at these I just cannot get over how beautiful they are! This was a graduation/anniversary gift from my boyfriend.  I cannot thank him enough. We don't usually buy expensive gifts for each other but this time he said 'You're graduating and we've been together for 4 years, it's special!' Ahhh I love that man! I have been obsessed with this Gucci print for over half a year now and I obviously can't afford a Gucci 'Dionysus' bag so the espadrilles filled a hole in my heart (hahaha so lame).

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