Well, yes, I have a problem. My wardrobe is full of spring/summer pieces and I am still having to snuggle up in winter jackets and scarves. Any time there is a little sun, I end up leaving the house thinking it's spring but oh, I am always so wrong. The sun can be a big fat liar, because it's still cold as ever. We shot some spring looks one Saturday afternoon but it started raining when I was shooting the most summery look ever. This whole outfit is from Next and I am in love with it. Everything from this beautiful LONG dress (which by the way I have been getting into more and more). To the shoes and the huge straw bag that looked much smaller online. But actually I am glad it's this size because it can fit my beach towel and all the beach essentials when I go on holiday.
Summer, hurry up please!

The one piece of clothing every stylish woman should invest in this season is a pink blazer. Even better, a pink suit. But I feel like owning just a blazer is much more wearable and versatile.
I am so happy with my choice, a muted pink double breasted baby from River Island. I am so impressed with the fabric and how good it looks on. They also have matching pants, but as I said, I prefer to own just the jacket. I actually did a 'not very good' lookbook recently. I know, it could be better. But I wanted to test out and see how many people would watch it. Not doing very well. I guess I'll stick to my hauls and vlogs. Or maybe you liked it? Let me know. 


Dress Loavies | Heels River Island |  Bag Justine's Saint Laurent.

I know so many people that want to do something but they never do it. I wonder what it is that makes some people the way they are when it comes to that. I have always been quite brave with trying new things, doing what I want to do. I think one of the main reasons might be because I started blogging. I can't think of more than 5 people I knew that thought this was a good idea. People even laughed and said 'Why are you doing this Gabby?'. They just didn't understand why I would make a website and show my life on it. Fast forward 4-5 years and everyone is proud and happy for me. There are even people who bullied me when I started and now they message me asking for help with their projects. I remember you, don't worry. But I also forgive them. I hate holding grudges. But yeah, as I said, I think this might be the reason why I find it easier to start things now. I am not scared of what others will think, because I got through it and reached some exciting results. I wish it was this easy for everyone to start doing what they love, but that will never happen. 
I have so many things planned for this year, but the first thing I need to do is move to a new house and wait for spring, because I swear if I have to shoot one more outfit in this cold, my heart might stop.

My blazer is from Amazon fashion and my trousers are actually from the Zara winter sale but I don't think they're available any longer. Blazer can be found HERE. I am suprised Amazon is now doing fashion pieces with their own line called 'FIND'. The quality of the blazer is really nice and will be perfect for summer days.
My accessories are clickable below.

During London Fashion Week, IQOS (heated tobacco technology) were kind enough to host me and a plus one at the Rosewood Hotel in London and try out Rosewood's IQOS friendly rooms which I actually didn't know were available in a hotel like Rosewood.  I took my friend Justine with me for a girly night in after shows and running around all day. 

The first thing I have to note is that I was expecting the smell of tobacco in the room. Let's be honest, smoking/vaping inside can really make the place smell bad but my room was fresh from the minute I arrived to the minute I left the next day. That is a huge deal for me because I really dislike that 'I just had a cigarette smell' but of course IQOS doesn't smell anyway so that was all good. Also, we had hair and makeup artists come into our room in the morning so that meant we were ready for the day.  

We really enjoyed our time at the hotel, shooting as much content as we possibly can because we couldn't miss this opportunity. Shooting at home is just not the same. When I was younger I used to say 'I wish I lived in a hotel'. Well, the Rosewood could definitely be my home. We also had drinks with the IQOS team in an IQOS friendly bar and a few other bloggers and influencers in the evening so it was really nice to chat about fashion week, Instagram and all things Iqos. 

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