shorts h&m| shoes&watch River Island| bag Vero Moda| shirt Gap| bracelets lovein, missguided, h&m|

Very blue outfit today. Hope you like it as much as I do!



Sorry I forgot to record most of the time as I was enjoying my holiday too much and trying to relax as much as possible and theeeen my storage on my phone had no space so I didnt really film anything in the end. Sorry! Hope you like it anyway. Just showing you some of our time in Italy!


Playsuit ZARA


Beautiful VS nighties from my boyfriend on our 2nd anniversary. 
Getting ready to leave for a day out with my boyf. 
 As we're both working a lot these days and don't have a lot of free time we just went for lunch and then desserts to Haagen Dazs in Leicester square and we're gonna do something fun in a few weeks. This dessert was amazing!!! But I didn't finish the chocolate ice cream in the end, too sweet as you can imagine!
 Wore my Diesel dress for the first time this summer. You know when you buy something absolutely amazing but you just never wear it?? We all have something like that right? Or is it just me?:D I begged my parents to buy me this dress a while ago and I feel the need to wear it at least 2 times every summer.
 Beautiful roses! And then we watched the final but I have no evidence haha. I was rooting for Argentina but Germany deserved it.
 Today was a great day to tidy my flat! And I did it... almost.
 Random rose pic hehe :p
 And then after spending an hour talking to 'talk talk' and 'british gas' and being very annoyed I had a knock on the door and my TRIANGL bikini was here! Thank you to a lovely lady called Emma who sent me this as a gift! Do you love it as much as I do???

I had two people tell me that they miss my old posts, where I tell you what I do daily, weekly etc, just my free time and stuff like that. I do realise that my blog is not as much life-style as it was before and it's mostly fashion now, so thank you to those people. Tell me if you like these kind of posts alrighty?


top ZARA| jeans GAP| jacket ARMANI EXcHANGE| clutch BIBA| heels DANIEL FOOTWEAR

Does anyone one else have that one pair of jeans you've been wearing non-stop for ages but they're just your favourite pair? You can already see thread coming out on mine but I love these jeans to bits. They're from Gap, which I think is the best for jeans (also topshop). Doesn't this lace top look white here? It's actually light blue in real life but I guess you can't tell here. I got it in the Zara sale for £6, what a bargain!
Maaaaan, Im so upset! My tan from Italy is peeling off :( My whole back looks like I have a disease or Im just dirty haha. 

p.s what do you think about my new header? Is it too much?


 top&shorts MISSGUIDED| espadrilles H&M|

At the blogger awards, there was a Missguided stand where you could style your festival outfit and 3 people would win theirs if you uploaded it on instagram. And I won mine! Thank you Missguided!
It came just in time for my holiday in Italy! I love how the shorts are cut on the sides and the fact that they're high waisted! There was so many palm trees everywhere, I kept taking a million pictures and had to do an outfit post one day, haha. Obviously. If anyone is feeling the need to comment about my flabby skin on the sides, there's no need. It looks ugly, I know. I dont care. :p

Few more posts from Italy to come, new outfit posts from London, and a giveaway very soon, the biggest one yet!

kisses x


 beach dress Debenhams(thrifted)| bag Veromoda| sunnies River Island| flip flops H&M


dress choies| bag & flip flops h&m| watch fossil| sunnies river island

Hey you! I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog recently. I was in Italy for a week and I just got back. Now that I am working again I find it so hard to find time to shoot outfits and other things when I have to clean the flat, cook, do the laundry, go grocery shopping and spend time with my family and boyfriend. I have promised my self that I will do it, so I will! 
Anyway, Italy was amazing. But way too hot! The sun tired me out completely every single day and I was falling asleep at 10 pm. I haven't shot every single outfit from Italy but I tried my hardest. It was hard to take a big bag with me when it was soooo hot!! Sometimes my boyfriend would take his backpack just so I can take my camera but then we got burnt!!! (even though I never burn in the sun) so our skin was hurting like crazy !!! Even the touch of my hair on my back would hurt and itch. Thankfully I didn't really go red, brown but burnt. It was a first! Haha. As you are probably wondering, yes those flip flops really don't suit my dress, but I don't care to be honest. I took 6 pairs of shoes and ended up wearing these 90% of the time.
They were the most comfortable in that crazy heat.
Anyway, another post tomorrow! 


shoes& sunnies River Island| bag Ioffer| jumper Market| leggings Zara

God!!! I am so excited, because tomorrow is the company magazine blogger awards! I can not wait to go and still have to think of the hair and makeup. Pardon the dry hair ends, I REALLY need to get it cut but I don't want to cry about it days before the awards so I'm gonna do it right after and before my holiday to Italy. Sorry for being silent on here, I'm back to being a working girl so less time for my blog but let me get settled in and I'll be back to blogging every other day. For now, tell me what you think of this outfit. My boyfriend was like 'you're gonna post this one? why?' thinking it's too simple and 'everyday' like but I liked it. Simple but cute. We just went to the cinema and to eat today. It's nice to have days off and shoot outfits for you guys!

p.s wish me luck !!!