It's hard to not be weather confused when September arrives to London. In the morning we get a very cold breeze and by noon it's sunny and it feels like late summer. So most of the time I end up wearing the wrong thing on the wrong day. But not to worry. I tend to wear shorts,playsuits and skirts with sweaters (don't forget a t-shirt underneath) and then my favourites are sweater dresses with a pair of boots on these strange days. I absolutely love this outfit. An old Zara jumper (It might be from a charity shop, I stole it from my sister). And then a h&m jumpsuit with a black pair of boots. Now let's talk about the boots. Since I posted these pictures I've had so many people asking me about Inch2 shoes. They're a Latvian brand specialising in the most stunning handmade leather shoes. But there is a big BUT. Most of them seem very uncomfortable, the reviews are very mixed and people don't know what to believe. I have two pairs. One is a summer shoe, which is pretty comfortable and I can wear it without wanting to die for the day. But these boots in my pictures are the real killers. The first time I wore them - 6 blisters in 15mins. That was a record for me haha. But I put them on again a few weeks ago and they seemed better. And then after wearing them for a bit, they seem even better now. So maybe I just have to break them up and soften the leather a little. This is not an ideal situation because when you spend over €200 on a pair of shoes, you don't want to spend any time 'playing' with them to make them wearable. So I don't know, you will have to give me a little more time to see what I fully think about them. I also think they sadly might be too big for my skinny legs. 

boots INCH2 | sweater ZARA | playsuit H&M | bag GUCCI

Photos by Juste

Does it seem weird to see me with a cigarette in my hand? I felt like I needed it for these pictures. I really felt bad and boujee haha. I have recently been getting into a little crazier pieces than usual. Leather, vintage bits and some other weird things. Maybe it's the autumn calling but I literally put all my colourful clothes to sell now, only black, beige, grey and other neutral colours are left. This always happens. I guess many fashionista's live in dark colours in the colder months. Don't judge me for these sunnies, I don't know what I was thinking haha.


Photos by Juste.
You guys were not surprised by me not liking Milan at all on my Instagram when I went last month. Me and Arnas decided to spend our 5th year anniversary in Milan, explore, eat and sleep for 24 hours. It was a very quick trip but honestly that was enough. I just wasn't impressed by what Milan has to offer. There are only a few main bits to see and visit in the central area, the main being the Duomo. The whole vibe and places around it are stunning and I am sad we were too late to go in on the first day, and the que was over 1 hour long on the second day. I couldn't even imagine standing in the 34 degree heat for that long so I decided I will have to come back to Milan once more in my life but it won't be soon unless it's for work. As soon as you walk 10mins away from the Duomo, Milan looks like eastern Europe to me. Lithuania, Poland, Russia. The buildings are plain and boring and there is nothing to see. We did come across one stunning neighbourhood on the last day but had no time to explore sadly. People sometimes say you have to visit some 'hidden gems' to fall in love with Milan, but I think love for anything shouldn't be forced. I fell in love with Barcelona the second I got there, it warmed my heart, felt like home. Paris makes you feel incredible, New York makes you want to live there for a year and imagine you're part of the Gossip Girl crew. I am happy I crossed Milan off my list, but it wouldn't be a place I would recommend to visit if you want to see something new and impressive. I did have an amazing lasagne though in a small little restaurant but cannot recall the name of it or where it was located. However if you do visit, you must have drinks and pizza at Obica or one of the other bars on top of  Rinascente(a department store) right next to Duomo.

We stayed at the Radisson Blu hotel. I was really impressed by the rooms, pool, breakfast and the hotel itself. But I was not impressed when two weeks before I kindly asked if I could stay there in exchange for posts on my channels, or even a discount would have been great. They told me they cannot do that and I was completely fine with that, we bloggers get 10 no's before 1 yes comes through for a hotel. I still booked it because I really liked what I saw. But when I arrived, they brought some chocolate and a bottle of water to my room and then messaged me and asked me to upload one of the photos I uploaded to my insta story so they can 'get credit'. I mean normally I wouldn't even bother talking about this, this happens a lot in the blogging world, and it's pretty sad. But this really annoyed me for some reason. Blogging is a job to some people and I wish brands and places like hotels understood it. You definitely can't buy us with water and dark chocolate! Well maybe milk chocolate hahaha. 
I still really liked the hotel so I thought I'd share if you guys want to stay there. 

I wanted to name this post 'Double Denim' again, but throughout the years I had three posts on that subject, one was even named 'Triple Denim' haha. You can see them here, here and here. This time let's focus on underwear as outerwear. We all know fashion and trends get crazier every single year, and of course we've all seen bralettes being used as tops these days. I thought I'd give it a go. Can't say I was 100% comfortable though. I felt like I had to cover myself with this stunning denim jacket from Zara. (All items expect the bralette are Zara btw). I am sure if I had a strong and fit body I would be walking around with a bralette all the time but hopefully next summer. Isn't that what all the lazy girls say?  So, just quickly, do you think double denim is still on trend and I can keep wearing it like I have for the past 6 years? Or am I just making up my own trend because I like denim so much?

Bralette Victorias Secret/ all other clothing items ZARA
Photos by Justina 
shoes PUBLIC DESIRE / jacket ZARA / sunglasses GUCCI

I try not to talk about self love, confidence and all of that business too much but maybe I should. Maybe I can inspire some girls to look at themselves and start loving what they see in the mirror at least a little bit. I am not going to lie and say I love what I see. Self love is a never ending journey. I don't think there is anyone in this world that can say 'I'm perfect'. Even if they look it, everyone has things they don't like about themselves. I went through a stage when I was about 15-16 where I thought I was really pretty and I got a little too vain. I was just young and enjoying the attention I got in school. But when you get to a certain age you start looking at yourself differently, you realise you are different and you don't need a ton of orange foundation, extensions and fake eyelashes to look good and feel good. You find your unique features and what makes you stand out. I cannot say that I truly love myself. I don't. I go into hardcore depression mode at least once a month thinking 'Oh my god why is my face so weird', 'why is my nose like that', 'why can't I be pretty?'. Thank god for my kind, funny and friendly personality, that kind of blocks out the fact I look like an alien sometimes. Haha. I got to a point where I decided I don't want to be known for being good looking, I want to be known for being smart, stylish, inspirational and so many other things. And not because I look a certain way. I can't lie though, I do follow a lot of girls who are just perfect looking and cry from the inside while scrolling through their images. But we have to remind our selves, looks are not everything. I know a few girls who are absolutely stunning but their personalities are so horrible that you can't even see the beauty through their personality. And another reminder : Instagram is full of photoshop and surgeries. I wish I knew how to love myself completely. I did love myself today though while shooting this outfit. I felt like the real girl boss that I always wanted to be haha. Well actually maybe I am a girl boss since I work for myself and support myself completely but yeah, I felt good. That's why I love fashion. It can make you feel amazing.

Amazing photos like always by my dear friend 
Juste who also started a blog so leave her some love!

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