26 Feb 2015


IMG_9128 IMG_9125 IMG_9092 IMG_9085 copy IMG_9104 copy WEARING:
Pull & Bear jeans
Zara jumper
Vintage Ralph Lauren boots
Filippo Loreti watch
Reserved coat (vinted.lt)

I was so over Fashion Week by the 4th day, I missed it that day, and on the 5th only went because I had two tickets to shows, priority, which means front row, but I didn't even go to the last one. I was so tired, I just wanted to get in bed and sleep all day. And my gap from one show to another was 4 hours so staying in the cold in Somerset house was not a good plan.
I met with Skaiste and Bibi for a little catchup and then ran home after taking some outfit pics. Anyway, it's over, and I am so so excited for Mados Infekcija! I am actually flying to Lithuania next week, and then going again at the end of the month just for MI. So exciting to hang with all my Lithuanian blogger friends again! If anyone is wondering, Mados Infekcija is like fashion week here in London or other major cities, but it's just two days and it happens in the evening for a few hours, where young designers showcase their collections, and the most stylish people and all celebrities come together to enjoy it! I am really excited and let me know if you're going! :)
Anywayyy, can you imagine I picked these Ralph Lauren shoes up for £16??? haha so crazy! They're not very much my style, especially the whole shape, but I love suede and fringe this season so I couldn't just leave them there, I'm guessing the people working in the vintage store didn't realise these were Ralph Lauren. Even if I never wear them again, I am sure they will be very welcome in my mother's wardrobe! Hehe.

22 Feb 2015


IMG_7519 copy IMG_7513 Untitled-1 IMG_7517 Wearing: 
WEAR MAD BY JULY jumper, BENCH jacket, PULL&BEAR jeans, ALDO trainers, ACCESSORIZE hat, ZARA scarf

Wow, it's so cold here in London, well too cold for fashion week! lol I chose this comfy look yesterday as I was so tired from the day before I couldn't bare the cold or heels. I was still freezing though! 

21 Feb 2015


asdfUnknown lady and Sandra from http://5inchandup.blogspot.co.uk wearing minimal pieces.as
Absolutely inlove with this combo, I was planning to wear my Aldo, Chanel lookalike shoes with ripped jeans on one of the days, and this is just a perfect bit of inspiration! Estelle from http://www.serendipity2307.co.ukIMG_7321asdfgasd
Pastel queen Kirsty from http://www.kirstydoll.co.uka

What do you think of todays street style finds?

20 Feb 2015


unnamed-2 copy unnamed-8 copy unnamed-10 copyunnamed-5 copy lfw2 IMG_7284 IMG_7342lfw Wearing :
 River Island boots, Zara coat, H&M skirt, Vero Moda bag, Ultimate Collections earrings, Freyrs sunglasses, vintage jumper, Topshop gloves.

Special thanks to Brigita for the photos.


frow2 frow selfie1 IMG_0647 IMG_7439 IMG_7444
Hi guys! I am literally torturing myself to write these LFW DAY 1 posts, because it will just all add up otherwise and I will be too lazy to work out what goes first and blah blah blah. Today was the first day of London Fashion Week, and boy was it busy! So many photographers, fashionistas and models.  I went to my first show of the year today Jamie Wei Huang, and was absolutely thrilled that I got a priority seat in the front row!!! Say what? Oh yeah! And guess who was sitting right in front of me? Non other than Kendra Wilkinson, my sister is inlove with her so when I sent her a pic she freaked out ahaha. I was a bit freaked out too, kept looking at her, but didn't want to seem like a freak! lol It was so surreal to sit front row, and also one seat away from Sarah from ThatPommieGirl. I actually had a chat with her after the show and she's very sweet and down to earth!:) The show was very cool, very grungy, rocky but with pink and blue fur trims and amazing gloves, I didn't actually get my camera out for this show, which I now regret because phone pictures suck! After the show I met a few friends and we just hung out, had lunch and took street style pictures. In the evening I had another show by Ashley Isham, and having a priority ticket I thought I'd get to sit after such a long day but no, after letting us in like 20mins later than planned, we got shoved to the back, where I could hardly see, and my phone and camera both died 5 mins into the show. Just my luck ayee! Hehe, oh well! Better luck next time. The catwalk show was different to what I have been to before, but I enjoyed it non the less. Anyway, look out for my other posts, and I will chat to you tomorrow!

19 Feb 2015


Untitled-1 karl1 IMG_4897 IMG_4864 Here are some photos from the photo story I did with Kristina. We did do three outfits, but I am not quite happy with the way I look in those, waiting for more pictures and I will see. But these are really cool, I love the colours, and the little lights. We actually shot in a little like 300metre street full of restaurants. It's right behind my store where I work, like literally. So it was super close to walk to when we were shooting in 0 degrees. Although the colours actually do make it seem like this was shot in late spring in the evening, when really we were freezing and it was 10am. I am wearing all Karl Lagerfeld except the shoes which are from Zara. You can check out more of Kristina's work on her facebook page.


IMG_7227 roses2 Woohoo, more than a week off from work! So excited, first weekend off since like September. And I'm gonna be enjoying it at LFW. It seems like it's gonna rain on most of the days which is super annoying but expected, as it always rains when it's LFW. It's just the way it is. Anyway, I received an unexpected gift in the mail box today, these beautiful earrings from Ultimate Collections. I am absoulutely inlove with the colours, greeeeen! ahh <3 Will be perfect for one of my outfits! Let me know if you're going to fashion week, I would love to meet some of you there!:)
Second image are my roses from Arnas from Valentine's day. So red and pretty! 

16 Feb 2015


1 2 3

Thank you Vinted.lt for sending me this cute little black and white dress. I had a lot of fun dressing this up. The one fact I love about this dress is that it's long sleeved which I absolutely adore because it's perfect for winter season. I went for this fringed jacket from Zara and my long boots. Please excuse the bruise on my leg, I keep walking into things at work, lol! I got a huge one today, yucky! London Fashion Week is coming and I really need to sort those outfits out, gonna try to do that tomorrow and Thursday, last days to prepare. Can't wait to take you with me through pictures, blog posts and Instagram snaps!

If you like this look please vote for me by pressing the smiley face under my photo!:) xx


lovein2 lovein1 lovein3 lovein lovein4 Hi readers! Happy Monday!I got mixed up with time and woke up an hour early so now I have time to blog, yay! Here is a little sneak peak of the new Lovein collection for this Spring season. They're coming out with new bracelets, necklaces and statement pieces just like this one. I have been hiding this from you for a few months, but now I can finally share it with you. I love the amazing stones which have not been finished off and seem very natural and beautiful. This is one of the first one's made for the collection, so there was many things to consider when making new ones. I can't wait for you to see the whole collection. G

13 Feb 2015


HOMEPOST homepost2 braleet lcc homepost1 homepostsss makeup
1. First LFW invite to bloggers breakfast with Rare London. 2. Forever obsessed with my Naked 2 palette. 3. Beautiful bralette from Bralett Lithuania. Handmade and smells like candy! 4. Free L'occitane hand creams <3 5. Lipglosses 6. Meringue dessert, yummy! 7. Some new products.

Just random shots from home. And just showing off the cutest LFW invite ever! Cannot wait for bloggers breakfast next week! I am working three days in a row now, so probably won't post anything , but I will see what I can do. I crammed all my shifts into one week so I can have next weekend off for LFW! Thats like my first weekend off since September. Crazy right?!! Can't wait. 
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