27 Jun 2015

NIP + FAB faves

IMG_3142 Morning guys!
Have any of you ever tried Nip&Fab products? I used to have a Bee sting face mask but apart from that never tried anything else from the brand and recently I got sent a few bits to try. And guess what? I've been loving them! This time I'm talking about the face products. Basically, I am not one of those people who go through 5 different procedures on their face every night. I just don't have the time for that, and sometimes I'm just too tired and lazy to do anything so I just use my wet wipes. But now I've started using this Glycolic Cleansing Fix and I've been loving it. I think my favourite part is the fact that it's a foaming cleanser, and I love when it foams up. The glycolic acid exfoliates and retextures your skin and the olive oil cleanses and purifies and leaves your skin really clean and soft. After that I go on to apply my Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum which is just amazing! It instantly plumps up your skin and makes it look healthier and just really fresh. I use this in the morning too, after I wash my face. I would really recommend for you to try these products guys, especially if you're looking for a new skin care brand to try. I really need to take better care of my skin and I'm happy to be using Nip & Fab for that.


IMG_3229Untitlesd-1ssIMG_3248IMG_3252 Using L size.

Hi guys, here is the long awaited full lips review. Dollymixxroxx.co.ukgifted the whole set to me a while ago. Before they sent it to me, I actually bought the small size myself, but I was happy to receive all the sizes and have a play with them. To be honest for me, the biggest and the smallest work the best. The smallest one does the job, and the biggest one goes a bit bigger but the only minus is it leaves some marks around your lips as you can see in the after photo. They fade away in around 10-15mins but it's still quite annoying. I would really recommend full lips though. Just make sure to use vaseline before you start. And don't suck in too much because you could bruise your lips. I think I could go bigger but I am too scared to bruise my lips so I kind of don't try too hard. You have probably seen in some photos on Instagram that my lips look nice and full and I've been getting some comments too. I mean, my lips are not as small as they used to be when I was 14-15years old, they used to be tiny!! But they aren't big, and it's nice to have something like Full Lips to make them bigger without surgery or anything of that kind.
Give it a try! :) Shop here

26 Jun 2015


IMG_3225IMG_3224 OH M G, I am craving these like crazy this morning!!! The breakfast club is a very famous cafe in London, so when we got there we had to que for about 30mins to get in, but it was worth every minute and every blister on my feet from my new shoes! (damn you zara!!!) These were literally the best pancakes I've ever had, no joke. Just look at them.

24 Jun 2015


IMG_32E07dIMG_3212IMG_32E07d copyIMG_3203IMG_3201IMG_32E07 copfyIMG_3202jeans, shoes, bag ZARA| necklace PRIMARK| rings & bracelet H&M| watch KLAUS KOBEC| shirt PULL&BEAR

Check out these funky jeans I picked up in the Zara sale. Aren't they cool? I really am not a fan of cigarette shaped jeans but these were so cute I kind of had to get them. Really happy with how these photos turned out today, it really makes a big difference when the background is white. I am actually testing with two photographers next week, I need some new stuff for my blog! Also guys, I am doing a mobile phone detox with Gin Mare, which means I cannot use my phone for 72 hours. 3hours down, 69 to go. Oooh Chiki chiki number! (Spanish lady kept saying that every time she called 69 when we played bingo in the hotel haha!!) Soo guys, I really need your help! The people with their hashtags tweeted the most times will win a getaway to Ibiza, so please if you have twitter and don't mind, tweet this: text (anything you want, could be an emoji) @ginmare #daycareforGABRIELE49354 . Thank you so much to everyone who will do this! <3

22 Jun 2015


IMG_3073IMG_3055IMG_3056IMG_3066IMG_3070IMG_3057IMG_3084IMG_3085IMG_3101IMG_3099IMG_3103IMG_3104IMG_3105 Some pretty pics I took on the last day, while out near the beach and then on the way to the airport in Palma. Missing it right now, with this rainy weather in London. Will I ever get my summer dresses out again? :(

21 Jun 2015


IMG_3045IMG_3048IMG_3045 copy
Wearing Mango dress, Zara heels, H&M bag, Primark necklace, Prada sunglasses.

If you are ever in Magaluf, make sure to visit Zhero Boathouse. Such a beautiful beach bar, with great music and the best atmosphere. When I get to chill in places like this by the beach, I realise that I don't need any clubs in my life, just beach bars hehe! Me and one of the girls decided to take a walk by the beach and kind of ended up drinking here lol! Had yummy Long Island Iced teas and just chatted about life and instagramed some pics, ofcourse! Highly recommended place *thumbs up*.


A gin company called Gin Mare is hosting campaign called 'Detox with Gin Mare' where you can win a 72 hour mobile -free get away to Ibiza in September. Gin Mare has realised that everyone from me to you is addicted to their phones. I wake up and go to sleep with mine, don't you? How could we live without a phone, huh? Everything we need is on it. Anytime my phone charges out when I'm on the train or bus, I don't know what to do with myself, I feel crazy and just wanna get home so I can charge my phone. It's a bit different on holiday, for example in Spain I didn't check my phone as much and only took it out to upload a snap to Instagram, but while at home, my phone is everything to me. Gin Mare has created a luxurious technology detox centre in Ibiza and you could win a trip by participating in a 72 hour detox from your home. 
All you have to do is go to http://www.daycareformobilephones.com/en/signup , sign up and wait for Gin Mare to send you the technology stress kit, a little 'bed' (hehe it looks like one!) for your phone and a personalised hashtag. And the most important is to ask your friends to support you and tweet your special hashtag as much as possible, the winners will be the ones with the biggest amount of hashtags. Only rules are that you have to be 18 and over and not use your phone for 72 hours. I am in ! I don't know when I will start, but sign up is ending on the 25th June, so sign up now and start your detox!

19 Jun 2015


dd copyIMG_2997ddd Grr how annoying is that yellow bracelet? We had all inclusive at the hotel so we had to wear these ugly bands, yuck! I have been really loving these Mango sandals, that are only £19.99. Unbelievable price if you ask me, they look so pretty and go with everything. The dress is Zara, should be worn on the shoulders but looks much better this way. And the bag is from h&m.


IMG_3108 copy
A big thank you to a lithuanian brand called Groziodraugas.lt for letting me try and review their beauty box this month. I was really excited to see what I will get, as I've had a few Glossy boxes and Burch boxes before so yes, it is pretty exciting to receive things you've never tried but it's not always things you end up using. So I was very happy to try a brand from my country. The box design is far away from the purple glossy looks of a Glossy box, but it wasn't bad at all, and the one thing that surprised me is that they only made 100 of these, so they sold out in the first day! 
IMG_3110The box was full of products inside and I was happy to see a lot of big names and also products I've never tried before. It's always fun to try new things, so who wouldn't love to receive items that they've never laid eyes on, huh? I was really happy to see L'occitane, Uoga Uoga and Beauty Blender  inside!IMG_3113I found this You&Oil body soap with oils that didn't smell very pleasant at first, but I've been loving it a lot. It has natural oils that soften your skin which is all I need after sun, sand and sea in Spain!IMG_3127Surprisingly one of my favourite things in the box was this Di Palomo white grape with aloe hand and body lotion. It smells like white grapes!!! Can you even imagine the scent? I bet not, it smells just heavenly. Not too strong, just right. I am one of those people who buy loads of body butters and creams and never uses them, but this one is already on my nightstand, being used every morning and evening. It leaves my hands smelling and feeling so good! I really recommend this one to you guys!
And a little bit of pink at the end, hehe! I am soooo excited to finally have a beauty blender again. Again you say??? Yes, I got one in a goodie bag once and didn't really know how to use it so I threw it away (CRAZY I KNOW!!!), didn't realise that the magic little thing costs £16! I first saw it on Gabriele's  beauty blog, so I already knew I was getting it, but still Im so happy! Also very happy with the new L'occitane hand cream that smells of... wait for it...PEONIES! Can this box get any better? All the best scents are in this box. Peonies are my absolute favourite flowers and the smell of them is just the best. So if you have a chance, try this cream, it's perfect! Ofcourse there was many more samples and little beauty products but I haven't tried everything and I will do another review soon, maybe on the empties? They're piling up. Anyway, I'm half asleep now, still living in holiday mode :/ Speak soon! Let me know if anyone has tried this box? And drop me a link to your review, I want to see what you got! :)

17 Jun 2015


blog2 copyblog1dd
top PRIMARK| sandals MANGO| bag ZARA| shorts MISSGUIDED| sunnies PRADA| necklace H&M

Ahhh Im finally at home, had the worst day yesterday. Randomly pulled my neck muscle, and couldn't move my head, so had to go to the doctor and get a shot in my bum for a crazy price but that's what happens when I trust myself too much and don't get insured when I travel! Grrr, then shenanigans in the airport when my suitcase ripped open because the zip broke and the Easyjet staff were so unhelpful, I was running around the airport half crying trying to find some tape to tape that suitcase up!! Plus it was already 22:30pm so nearly all the shops were closed. Man, that stressed us out a lot, and there was many other bits and bobs that made me think our plane will crash because the bad luck was the worst I've ever had. Now I'm waiting for something good to happen, you know what they say, there is no sunshine without rain! :)
Anyway, I really enjoyed Spain but didn't enjoy it at all at some points, but more on that in my next Spain post. These photos arent the best but I'm leaving the best till last. I was so lazy with carrying my camera around I only shot a few outfits. It's just so heavy and when you're walking in the sun it makes you tired. I'm really thinking about a Olympus Pen camera, but I need to save a bit for that because it's quite pricey :(  
Anyway (again) I will be posting a lot this week so keep an eye out, oh and by the way I'm still searching for a photographer to shoot with for my blog once a week, if you know anyone or are interested let me know. I have a few people but I'm looking for the best fit.
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