18 Apr 2015



You will have to forgive me for the lack of photos, I haven't said it on internet yet, but I burned my face, you can actually see it in the photo, on my chin. Me being me, I tried a 'home remedy' to heal some spots that were not disappearing on my chin, and used raw garlic... well should have read that garlic burns your face pretty bad. Who would have known? So I've been walking around with a plaster on my face, even had to go to work! And yes, as you can see in the first pic, yes, I do have body fat, yuck, wish I loved working out. I just can't bring myself to do anything apart from running, which I totally don't need. Well, nobody's perfect right?
Anyway, can we take a moment to discuss these heels? I fell in love with them. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea, but wow, kind of like mules, but heels. So comfortable too! You can get them here. And the beautiful Khaki dress, which trust me, my pictures don't do any justice to it, you can get it here for only £14.99! Anyway, I'm off to work, with my scabby chin!:(
Enjoy your weekend!

17 Apr 2015


IMG_1391 IMG_1389 IMG_1392 Hi guys, I have been thinking of a give-away for quite some time now and finally sorted it all out today. Went to Boots, picked out a few items, also took a few from my draw with things I haven't used, from events, companies and so on. I am very sorry to those who do not use Instagram, but this one is going to be just on there. To win, you need to repost the image on my Instagram and tag me. (Gabrielegz) You must be following me to win! What you will win:
17, Midnight jewel heist eyeshadow pallete. 

Hope you like what I've picked :) I'm choosing the winner on Tuesday, the 21st!
That's the day when I'm moving to our new flat! yaaay so exciting, need to start packing though.... I'm so lazy with that, will do it the last day and then stress like crazy! 
Enjoy your week :)

13 Apr 2015



This post is long over due but about two weeks ago I visited my girl Simona, who does amazing lashes professionally. She has her own little studio at home and I have never been dissapointed by her work. If you remember my lashes last summer, it was by the same person. She invited me to get the 'Russian volume lashes' which are a bit more glamorous than the ones I would get normally but I thought I'd give it a try.  These ones are perfect for weddings, photoshoots, birthday's, big events or just general everyday wear if you like big glamorous lashes every day. This particular procedure used thinner and softer lashes so it feels much nicer than the regular set.
They looked amazing, big and bold but my hair has gotten really light, and I wear less make up in general so I guess for me it was a bit much and I removed them after like a week. Althought the regular set, I absolutely love and I will be getting it again in 2 months time before my holiday! I'm going to Spain! Wooho!
Check out Simona's page here with a little pic of my eyes! 

10 Apr 2015


IMG_7857 Summer is finally getting it's ass here, slowly but it's coming! 19 degrees today, although the sun is hiding :( Im working 5 days this week so my blog is a bit on the dead side, plus I gave my camera to my sister because she is travelling to Norway so it's a bit of a messy situation but I'm trying to cope with it!  I will be posting a few things today, so keep an eye out!

5 Apr 2015


Hi guys, hope you enjoyed your day and the weekend in general.
I'm literally falling asleep, and I have been all day (as you can see in the pics below) but I thought I need to just show you some snaps from today. I took a trip back to my parents home and we spent it with the family and close family friends. I am sooo tired after working all weekend and I have 5 days next week, so roll on tiredness but I need to get through this week and back to freedom! Well, university and 3500 word essay is coming up. Ahh life right? haha Cant wait for summer holidays, less than a month to go! I will still be working, but we're planning a trip to Spain with friends soon, so that will be fun. Anyway, enough of this chit chat, I need some sleep. My mum called me a granny for going to sleep at 10pm! lol I just need my sleep! Oh, by the way so you like my eggs? I made the ones with the gold and silver, and a few kiddie ones with ears and pom pom's! 
I hope you enjoy these photos from my day with my family.
Talk soon!
IMG_0037 IMG_0041IMG_0050IMG_0238 Untitled-s1 IMG_0126 Untitled-1 IMG_0315Untitled-1s

2 Apr 2015


nude 23e
bodycon two piece MISSPAP (here
 tie up heels &OTHERSTORIES 
sunglasses FREYRS 
bag H&M

I love this two piece from Misspap.co.uk! Bodycon is not normally the first thing I would go for when I'm shopping but sometimes it's fun to mix it up and yes I do own a few bodycon dresses and skirts for nights out. This two piece amazing. I think my favourite part about it is the fabric, it's soooo soft. And reminds me a bit of swimwear material but not quite. I can't explain it! Feels amazing on my skin. And another thing I love is that the top is a turtle neck. Love it! I was suprised that they do size 6, as normally these websites go from size 8 and everything is always too big for me.
This fit like a glove and I love it more than I thought I would. On to the shoes, ok. I got them in tkmax for a very funny price, all leather, worth £125. But they don't stay tied up! Everytime I walk 5 steps, the strings come undone.. I might just have to sell them.  I probably wont be posting this weekend, but I'll try my best. I'm working more hours on easter holidays so I have a few days in a row coming up. But we'll see!

1 Apr 2015


Untitled-2 ss sdd dff
top, trousers ZARA
glasses RAYBAN

Hello guys! Isn't it exciting that April has started? That means summer and warm weather is getting closer and closer. I am here with a little bit of yellow to greet April. I really like outfits like this, I did wear trainers with this, just jumped into heels for the pics! Hehe. Anyway, I'm not gonna write too much, I have to leave for work in 20mins and I'm still in my pj's. So gotta run, enjoy your day! 

28 Mar 2015


t rIMG_9453 w Untitled-2

coat RESERVED (vinted.lt)
shoes DANIEL (here)
clutch ZOEVA 
blouse PULL&BEAR
cat eye FREYRS (here)

I cannot believe the warmer days are coming. I felt so relaxed shooting yesterday because it was just so warm. Ahhh I love it. Clocks turn tomorrow so summer time begins. So exciting! One extra hour before it gets dark. Great for us bloggers! lol. Hope you like this kind of minimal outfit, I really do!
I love this mesh skirt from New Yorker, I got a black one in Vilnius on sale for €5 and then went to the one in my home city, and the white was €3. I had to take it. So now I have both colours! But you can't go wrong with black & white pieces for that price. 
Today I have my brothers 3rd birthday party so I'm gonna jump out of bed & get ready. Hope you enjoy these photos and let me know what you think !
Talk soon

27 Mar 2015


IMG_9389 IMG_9378 IMG_9406 IMG_9381 IMG_9359

dress RARE LONDON (here)
 heels DANIEL FOOTWEAR (here)
 jacket MISS SELFRIDGE (similar here)
 bag H&M (brown here)
sunnies FREYRS (similar here)
watch KLAUS KOBEC (here)

I know the pictures don't do the dress any justice but I absolutely love it! It's so different, and unexpected. I am one of those people that are not ok with low neck lines, and showing too much skin around the breast area, so I don't know how I would wear this without feeling uncomfortable but I need to get past it. haha do you notice how my legs are darker than the rest of my body? Same with my belly, always so dark when I tan. I've been going to sun bed for sometime, just to feel more fresh and glowy. A tan is what I love most about summer! Gosh, brown skin! <3 <3 Anyway guys, we have finally found a new flat, this contract is running out, it's been a year since we moved here. I know I never showed you a tour, even though I filmed it 3 times! But our new flat is sooooooo cute, like a little cottage, I don't know if I should even call it a flat, it's like a little tiny house. And there will be hardly any furniture when we move, so I can decorate how I want. Ahhh so exciting! 

23 Mar 2015


 Hi guys, I am here with this month's beauty favourites. I know I don't do them every month, but I don't think I experiment with makeup and beauty products that much, that I could do a new post so often. I know some of you really enjoy these posts so let's hope you enjoy this one too.

The photo above:
Victorias Secret 'Secret Escape' eu de toilette.
This has been my go-to scent whenever I am feeling happy, the sun is out and I just want to smell of the Hollister store. Lol. I really really love it. The story is pretty funny. A girl I know was wearing it, and I couldn't believe it, it smelt like the Hollister store, which is one of my favourite scents. Hate the store, but love the smell in there (yes, weirdo). So I asked her what it was, and then got my sister to buy it for me for my birthday. And then I re-purchased it in the VS sale, for £4, and the normal price is around £13. I would say it's pretty pricey for a little bottle but it's one of my favourites perfumes now so I will be re-purchasing even on full price. The only thing is that it doesn't stay on your skin/clothes for a long time, but what could you expect, it's not a parfum.
Notes include Sheer freesia and guava flowers.
Rating: 9/10
Get it here
Well aren't these beautiful? Zoeva kindly sent me these brushes to test out and review but I haven't tried all of them yet,  I will review the whole set very soon. I cannot even explain how soft these brushes are. I thought I had soft brushes already, but these are soft on another level. I don't really know what to say about them, they look absolutely gorgeous and are great for applying my makeup so the rating would be: 10/10
Get this set here
Well these are just amazing. I have heard many good things about them but they only sell them in one store in London, and there are only like 5 branches, and of course very far from me. So whenever I go to my parents house I always pop in to Wilkinsons to purchase some Essence makeup. 
These lip pencils are extremely soft, and the colours are just stunning. They are nice and creamy and stay on for a while, I also use them all over my lips sometimes and they don't make my lips dry which is great. But did I mention the best part? They are like £1 each!!! Yes, £1.
Rating: 10/10
Get them here
The thing with me is, I hardly ever buy expensive makeup. I know that I could sometimes, but I feel crazy spending £14 on a Mac lipstick. (I bought my first one a few weeks ago). But I kept hearing soooooo many good things about this highlighter and I really needed one. I was stuck between Mac and this Benefit one and one day I was on my way to work, came across a Benefit Makeup Store and  just thought to myself 'you know what, I'm just gonna go in and buy that damn highlighter if I want it so much'. So I did go in, and I did buy it. But I didn't know it was £24!!! Ahhh, I thought it was going to be £18, and you know how makeup stores never have prices where you can see them. So yeah, I didn't wanna say anything and just bought it. But you know what? Now that I've used it, I would buy it again and again and again. It's a magical product that every girl should have. I didn't even know what a highlighter was a few months ago, but damn, now I cant leave my house without it. If you don't know, you put it on your cheek bones, cupid bow and under your eyebrows to highlight those parts of your face, and oh my, my face just lights up! I feel like I look more alive and just glowy!
My rating is 100/10 hehe!
Get it here
I know I know, everyone goes on about this one. I never tried it before, and after hearing many bloggers and vloggers go on about it every month I had to try it. Again, normally I would go for a £5 mascara and live happily ever after, and to be honest didn't really wanna spend £10.99  on it, but I had to break through my stinginess for makeup (haha) and just bought it. And again, fell in love. This mascara is like no other. It makes my lashes super black and super long. My eyes look amazing with this wonderful product. I will re-purchase this one many times. Just one question, which coloured tube is the best? I saw many people use the gold... what's the difference?
Rating 10/10.
Get it here
Oh I love these. I don't normally use these hand gels, they smell horrible and I always forget to use it. But these colourful and delicious smelling ones just make their way onto my hands! I cannot even describe how nice my hands smell after these, if you choose a yummy scent of course! :p The scent stays on your hands for about 30/40mins. But the thing I like most is that they are so small and cute, I just throw it into my coat pocket, and that way I remember to use it. I don't think you can get them in the UK. I think on Ebay they're really pricey, but I had them ordered for me from the US and they're super cheap there!
Rating 10/10
Get them here

Let me know if you enjoyed this review + a little story with each item! lol 
Do you use any of these products?
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