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 So beautiful. Definitely one of my favourite spots in Paris.
 Being a real tourist haha
 What the hell did I step in??? GRRRR
 Heaven :-)
 Times when the 'selfie stick' would come in handy! Haha, but it's too ridiculous! 
 An amazing place. Surprisingly very calm upstairs and just mesmerizing. 
 Waking up in Paris <3
 Gotta make some pretty pics for Instagram haha!
 I have a really hard time with choosing where to eat. Takes us about 40mins to find the perfect place for me. And they're a bit stingy on vegetables dont you think? lol
 Second day was very rainy and grey.
 Happy birthday to my love :*
Isn't the Eiffel tower beautiful? I can never look at it enough. It's so breath taking. I stare at it, but just can't believe that it's there. It's a weird feeling. Anyone else feel that way when looking at it? Or isit just me?

Hope you enjoyed this post, just thought it might be interesting to see some pictures that 'dont make the cut' to instagram! lol

By the way, happy birthday to me! Can't believe I am 21 already. 

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IMG_5630 IMG_5626 IMG_5646 IMG_5656 IMG_5643 IMG_5633 IMG_5653
coat RESERVED (VINTED.LT) | scarf, boots & turtle neck ZARA| bag IOFFER| jumper STING| watch DW

Hello guys,
Look at me all layered up! I really couldn't care less, I didn't want to be cold while we were visiting all the tourist'y spots of Paris. My boyfriend said I look like a granny/gipsy hahaha. He hates this coat. I was just happy to be warm lol. I really didnt take many pictures with my camera to be honest. We were in Paris for only two days, just for my boyfriends birthday so I kind of wanted to just enjoy the city, and since I took a million pictures on my first and second visit, this time I kind of just used my phone. The weather was ok on the day we got there and then it was raining all day yesterday, but we still managed to wander around the city.
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Now I remember why I hate winter. The pictures! If you don't get your lazy ass out of bed early and take the pictures in the morning, it's gonna turn out ugly. If you literally leave it till after 2, you will have crappy pictures. Ah I hate it. For me, the morning is when I have to do everything I need to for the day, like going to the post office, lessons, bank, sun bed etc. So it's hard to meet a friend and get these pictures taken. Anyway, once my friend came over we took these pictures and I was thinking in my head, ahh I wish my camel coat arrived today for this outfit, it would look perfect. And as soon as my friend left, the postman brought my coat! Haha annoying day!
I can really see how skinny I am in these pictures, any tips on how to gain weight? Dont say EAT, I do! 
Anywaaaay enough of my rants, like always haha. I love this top and skirt from Missguided, I am thinking to wear it to my work Christmas party, is that appropriate? 

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IMG_4234 IMG_3882 IMG_3865 IMG_4232 IMG_3881 IMG_3859 IMG_3887 IMG_3871
Angel tea light holder white TIGER
Bambi and candy cane toys TESCO

To me, winter is the time of year when coming home after work or uni is the best time, because you come back to a warm cosy home, with the Christmas tree lit up, and it feels amazing. The day's are getting really short and I am finding it hard to take as many outfit posts as I did in the summer. It's also really cold and I've been ill for the past week and a half so it's not doing me much justice.
I thought I'd take pictures just around the home, to show you some bits. 
My mum got me this Yankee Candle advent calendar so every day you find a tea light candle from their Christmas collection. I am a bit addicted to candles at the moment so this calendar is great for me! haha. I still wish I had a chocolate one :(
Hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you like these kind of home posts!:)
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IMG_3904 IMG_3896 IMG_3932 IMG_3945 IMG_3929
boots RIVER ISLAND| jeans ZARA| bag CHOIES| sweater VICTORIAS SECRET| coat VINTED.LT| sunnies FREYRS

Haha me again, with my crazy poses!
The VS fashion show has just finished and I swear, I wish I was there watching the show,
One day I will be, you watch me!!! And I will link it back to this post right now.
Lol, I know that if I believe it, it will happen so yeah! Dont judge me haha.
Now, I have a question to ask you. Please don't start being mean :( 
I have recently bought this rabbit fur coat from a girl in Lithuania and I don't know if I am ok wearing it. I thought I will be, but every time I wear it I feel guilty and feel like I can't wear it because there is so many people against it. I am from a country where 1 out of 3 women will have a real fur coat, because it's normal for them so I kind of grew up with people around me wearing fur. 
I don't know though, living in London, it seems like it's not such a great idea.
The thing is though, how can someone be against wearing fur but still eat meat? Isn't that even worse? Or what about wearing leather? Or buying and wearing diamonds? People die to dig those up. I dont know, I am a bit torn and I don't know what to do. It's definitely warm and cosy but yeah, I am not sure. What are your opinions on this serious matter?
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