12 Oct 2015


IMG_6210 IMG_6208IMG_6203IMG_6214 IMG_6219
Beautiful angelic pieces from Engelsrufer. They sent me over a few pieces and I fell inlove with these two. I just love the wing so much, and the double one with the wind and Fatima's hand, but I'm not quite sure how to wear it, so I wrap it round and make it into a choker. Got a lot of compliments on that one worn in that way. All their pieces seem so angelic and peaceful, I just cant even decribe it, sound weird right? Haha but trust me, look through their website and you'll see what I mean!
Have a nice week guys! The start of mine is not so great :(

P.S any photographers in London? I have no one to shoot my outfits at the moment, really need to post asap!

3 Oct 2015


IMG_5998 IMG_6018IMG_6014IMG_6011IMG_6013IMG_6017 cape LINDEX
jumper LINDEX
jacket, jeans, boots, bag ZARA (whoaa zara maniac)

Beautiful evenings in Lithuania. So beautiful. It feels like autumn so much more here compared to the uk, the air is very crisp and chilly, there are so many beautiful trees, so much nature. It is a bit more cold than England, so I have been loving this cape from Lindex. It's literally like a blanket, I just throw it on my leather jacket and you feel warm, and look stylish at the same time! You can get it here, it comes in different colours too.

1 Oct 2015


IMG_5975IMG_5957 IMG_5968IMG_5973 IMG_5963
                                                                     trainers FOOTASYLUM/ ADIDAS
jumper RAD

Cute little outfit, again with these ripped jeans, and again with trainers, and again with an oversized sweatshirt. It's becoming my signature look! haha. I want to introduce you to these beautiful Adidas Los Angeles trainers. It feels like you're walking on feathers, so lightweight and comfortable. The price is also great for a pair of trainers, I did splurge recently, a £100 for a pair, so it's nice to see that some trainers are still at normal prices. You can check them out here.

29 Sep 2015


IMG_3278IMG_3277IMG_3280IMG_3269 I am sure a lot of you already saw my beautiful hair style on Instagram or Facebook but let's just take a moment and look at it again. Soo beautiful right? I got invited to Brooks and Brooks to have my hair styled, and chose the first day of London Fashion Week as I wanted to do something special. A lovely hair stylist named Kayleigh did an amazing job, my hair looked and smelled so good after! I obviously could only enjoy my hair through photos or compliments but I absolutely loved it. I definitely felt like a princess all day. In the last picture you can see the products Kayleigh used in my hair, which were amazing, and I really need to invest in these!
So I would really like to recommend the place to you guys. They'e based in central London, which is really easy :) You can check out their website and book here.

26 Sep 2015


IMG_4155 I was sent a box of Bean Boozled to try out so I made my boyfriend try it with me. I love that they've made it into a game now and you have to spin it to see which one you're going to try. Basically, there is two flavours for one colour, and you can either get the nice one or the disgusting one. For example, Popcorn or Rotten egg, Pear or Boogers. I've tried both of those bad ones, and I had to spit them out because they were horrible!! haha But it was quite fun and a little scary to try them all. My boyfriend seemed to enjoy it too, but we felt a bit sick after, and I still have half of the box left!!! Gonna make my friends play it with me hahah so evil! There are flavours like dog food, tooth paste, baby wipes, vomit etc. Have any of you tried these before? Let me know in the comments!


IMG_5857IMG_5866IMG_5877IMG_5859IMG_5862IMG_5878 trousers ZARA
turtle neck PRIMARK 

Feeling very Kim K like in this ensemble. Nude and Khaki have to be my two favourite colours along with grey  and black for autumn, and I've been literally living in these colours for the last week. It has been quite sunny in London which is a surprise but I am hoping it's warm in Lithuania too next week. Eeeeek so excited!!!


IMG_4168 Shop mememe cosmetics here

I was sent some make up bits to try from Mememe cosmetics and instantly fell in love with the bb cream. I've tried many bb creams in the past but none of them would give me the coverage I want. But this is the winner out of all the ones I tried. Love how nice my face looks after, not quite like foundation but very close, very lightweight and silky. Haven't tried the eye liner, I don't really use them so that will be a gift to a friend or something and the lip gloss is amazing mainly because of the light! haha. I remember buying a lipgloss like this when I was like 14, and it brings back that nostalgic feeling for some reason. However I am not the biggest fan of red lipglosses, so not sure how I feel about this one. My favourite item was the bb cream and I really recommend this one.

24 Sep 2015


IMG_5731IMG_5722IMG_5719IMG_5706IMG_5733IMG_5699IMG_5698 jeans ZARA
 heels IKRUSH 
sunnies PRADA

No idea why I tucked this top in, but I still love it. I was sent this by Bliss by Violeta, a Lithuanian company. And was very surprised by the material and quality. It's so soft and kind of cold feeling, love it so much. I have a jumpsuit in the same material and it's one of my favourite pieces ever so this is kind of adding to that collection. I wish I could explain how it feels! hehe 
Yesterday my tooth chipped, so embarrassing haha but I have to tell you because you are part of my life kind of. Basically, my teeth are very weak and one chipped off, first I was crying and then it was just funny. But I was panicking and got pissed off with my teeth and booked tickets to Lithuania straight away to just go and sort them out lol. I was planning to go at the end of October but now turns out I'll be in Lithuania all next week! So excited!!! Cant freakin wait!
Also, if there's any clothes you want from my depop or something, let me know and I can take them to Lithuania for you. No big charges for postage!:)

20 Sep 2015


rareIMG_3759 Tonight I had a beautiful bloggers dinner with Rare London, hosted by Label PR which I love!
I had a lovely time, but the wine made me feel more tired than I already was, and thought I was gonna fall asleep on that table lol :(  The food was amazing, as always!
We got to preview the new collection from Rare London which was stunning ofcourse, and they also
kindly gave me a code for my followers, so if you are looking for the perfect dress, you can find one there and get 15% off your order with my code GZG15. It's valid for two weeks.


19 Sep 2015


IMG_5840IMG_5836 IMG_5814IMG_5828IMG_5825IMG_5831IMG_5823
 Boots H&M (here in grey)
Oversized jumper H&M 
Sunnies CELINE 

First outfit from London Fashion Week. Feeling really tired today, and it's only the second day. Have some cool events tomorrow so looking forward to that, but I will be missing the final of basketball championships where Lithuania is playing for 1st place! So annoyed about missing it!:(
Anyway, this outfit is so cozy, I was literally so warm the whole day, and it was raining...
The boots I wore from 8am - 8pm, and yes my feet were hurting but not too bad, so I would say these heels are actually a-m-a-z-i-n-g! And the price is insane, £39.99?! Couldn't believe my friend when she told me, ran and got them the same hour! haha. What do you guys think about my hair? I went to Brooks&Brooks, and they did an amazing job. I will post about that soon.
Just a little disclaimer, I am wearing shorts underneath, not that crazy!!!