Last week I got to go back to my favourite school years and had a day filled with art. I used to love art, took extra classes and everything I really did in school, college and university years was to do with art. Myself and a few others bloggers got to enjoy an exciting day with Lenovo and Motorola, creating art and visual content on their new devices.
IMG_1431 We started the day by meeting in a lovely restaurant, in a private room where we had a look through some abstract art books for inspiration and got to see and find out a little about the Lenovo Yoga Book before the lunch started. First impression: So light!
IMG_1433 IMG_1442Then we had a delicious lunch, followed by dessert and talks from team Lenovo and team Motorola about their new products. It was so interesting to test new gadgets and get to know how to use them for the day.
The Lenovo Yoga Book surprised me the most, at how many things it can actually do. It a 2-in-1 tablet, meaning it can do much more than you could on a basic laptop. My favourite feature was obviously the create pad, which lets you take notes or create sketches using either a digital stylus or stylus with a real ink nib and these are then automatically digitised on the screen. I have never seen anything like it, and was amazed!IMG_1441 IMG_1421 IMG_1422
We then took off to the Royal Academy of Arts to see the 'Abstract Expressionism' exhibition to gain some inspiration for our work later on in the day. I got to use the Moto Z phone and Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod. Moto has a range of powerful Mods, which simply snap onto Moto phones using integrated magnets to transform them into a movie projector, speaker system or point-and-shoot camera. I have never seen a phone like that before and was so eager to use it. Had so much fun playing around with it, the zoom on the Hasselblad True Zoom is incredible. 
IMG_1435 IMG_1432 IMG_1443
In the late afternoon we finally arrived to the studio where we had canvases, paint and everything else you would ever need to create the best piece of art. We started off by creating our art pieces on the Lenovo Yoga Book and then recreated them on the real canvas. I decided to go for pastel shades, which is really weird as I mostly wear black and grey and don't really own many pink things. But that's how I was feeling that day I guess.

IMG_1436 So here is my finished art piece. It was such a fun day and it was really nice to do art again, we live such busy lives these days, especially in London, I honestly don't have time for art anymore. Thank you Lenovo and Motorola for such a cool day! Let me know what you think of my art work below!

This post is in collaboration with Lenovo & Motorola but all opinions are my own.


IMG_1959 copy

So Black Friday week is here and I've spent many days wondering where I will shop this weekend. There are so many amazing deals happening already and it's not even Black Friday yet. Many online stores are offering discounts ahead Friday when many things might be sold out and sites may crash. I have made a list of all the best websites to check out during this week, with dates, discount codes and links to all of them. Do let me know if you go for anything! I am definitely ordering Moroccan oil tonight and also hoping that Stuart Weitzman and Monica Vinader surprise me with a discount code email on Friday. A girl can dream right?
UPDATE: 30% off Monica Vinader if you sign up!
Enjoy this crazy shopping week!



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New Look - Up to 50% off 
IvyRevel - up to 70% off black items . NOV23
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Topshop - Up to 70% off sale
Shein - 40% off when spending over 55$. Code VC40
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LookFantastic - 18% off everything. Code RUSH
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IMG_1837 IMG_1838 One of the best views in London, and also one of the best breakfast places. I love going to the Duck & Waffle and always try to go every 6 months, just for the sake of it. It's just so pretty and it's not just breakfast, it's an experience. I have uploaded a video, which took me a while to film but finally I did it! And it shows you my favourite spots to eat in London. Of course there are many more, but these I love the most. 


IMG_1809 IMG_1821 IMG_1814 IMG_1812 IMG_1819 IMG_1817 IMG_1810 IMG_1813 The really cold weather has finally hit and I cannot stop wearing this faux fur jacket. I'm gonna be honest, when I received it I wasn't sure how I felt about it, thought I will wear it once and drop it at the end of my wardrobe but I was so wrong. I wear it so much, it's the perfect winter jacket and so on trend. I get so many compliments when I wear it and best of all it's so warm! I didn't expect that at all. It's now one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe this season. Anyway, have you noticed these boots? So comfy and so cool, can't wait to see other ways I can style them. What do you think?

Use my code  GABRIELEGZ20 for 20% off your order on IVYREVEL.



IMG_0878 IMG_0875 IMG_0876 IMG_0874 IMG_0872 IMG_0877
Coat, Trousers ZARA 

It's that time of the year again when bloggers struggle the most. The biggest issue of winter is the lack of light. We are always shooting, nearly every day. So it sucks when there is not enough light and by 3pm you're basically done for the day! But I promise I will try to do my best with shooting this winter. Anyway, I wanted to show you this beautiful bag from Karl Lagerfeld. I am still working with them, but just not on the retail side anymore. I now create content for their Instagram account. I wonder if you can guess which pictures were shot by me? There's more than 15 on there! I love that I am still able to work with them. I love the brand, the pieces are so unique and cool so it's fun to shoot them once in a while. This bag is my absolute fave from the next collection! 
What do you think?


IMG_0394 IMG_0393 IMG_0395 I know what you're thinking. That's the smallest office space I have ever seen. Well first of all flats in London are also the smallest you will ever see.  I am currently living in my tiny flat with so much furniture that this was the only spot to put the desk, right next to my bed. I don't love it, but at least now I have a space to actually sit down and work instead of doing everything from my bed.  I am really dreaming of moving but we want to find something perfect and with a great price so we are not in a rush I guess. Renting in London is a killer and for those of you that are not really familiar with the prices of flats here, a modern one bedroom flat will cost you over £1200 a month. We are in a one bedroom right now but it's tiny and I really need more space. If you live in London I am sure you will understand my struggles. 
Moving onto the desk, I picked the smallest one that had a big draw from Ikea, the chair is also from there. And my beautiful cushion is from Happy&Co . I got this sent a while ago and it has been great. I was surprised with the size of it when it arrived, it's huge! So now I sit on it on this cold plastic chair, makes it much more comfortable and soft! I love the monochrome design and most of their prodcuts are actually in these abstract prints and quite monochrome. You can find this cushion here
Oh, it's actually a best seller! Hehe I do love the palm ones too! Also I think they're offering 15% off your first order at the moment.


IMG_1447 So many people have asked me 'Why did you go to Berlin?'  recently. I guess seeing all the half naked women, drag queens and crazy things from the party on my Insta story got people's attention. We got flown out to Berlin for 24 hours to celebrate the launch of the Moxy hotel in Berlin. It's a new, modern, beautiful but affordable hotel right next to the Berlin Wall in Ostbahnhof. When we arrived we decided to head out to find some food, discover the central area a little bit and visit the Holocaust Memorial. That was such a sad place, but also very calming. I felt like if I had more time I would like to just sit there and stare into the yellow trees behind the memorial for hours. Something about that place. Sadly we didn't have enough time to visit the museum and headed back to the hotel while quickly stopping by the Berlin Wall. I then obviously ran out and found a supermarket to buy some German candy! Isn't that what you do while abroad? haha
The party was insane. Literally the coolest party I have ever attended and I've been to many of them. I am sure you've seen my Instagram story! I got carried away with the drinks and had to go to bed quite early like a baby, but had a great time non the less. 
Going back to the hotel, probably the best budget hotel I've ever stayed at. I wish I got to stay there longer. They have a 24h food service including fresh bowls of fruit, wraps, snacks and drinks like Corona and Red Bull. If you know, you know! Now have a look at the pictures and enjoy!

IMG_1449 IMG_1448 IMG_0058 IMG_1451 IMG_1450 IMG_1454 IMG_0056 IMG_0055 IMG_0057 IMG_1452 IMG_1453



The colder weather has arrived to the UK and I am slowly pulling out my winter jackets and keeping my eye out for new styles that I would like for this season. I actually don't know what I want right now.  I kind of have a mix of everything but I am bored of the styles so I think a few things are needed like a new grey or baige coat and a puffer jacket. Just to mix up my wardrobe a bit. I got this faux fur coat sent over from IvyRevel recently and instantly fell in love. The only downside is there are no buttons, just one ring at the front so you could be cold but I never closed my furry coats so I guess that's not a big issue for me. I wore this in Berlin last week, where we had 8 degrees and it was great! Although I did feel like a bear and 3 times bigger than I actually am haha!

IMG_1394IMG_1393 IMG_1397



Untitled-3 IMG_0292 IMG_0289 IMG_0604 IMG_0290 IMG_0605
I'm sure you've already seen my new favourite accessory for this fall, these two Cluse watches. I featured one of them in my previous blog post and the other on my Instagram last week. A few months ago I sold all of my watches without realising so then I had no watch to wear and wasn't really sure what I want for fall. Thank god Cluse came along and I was able to discover my new favourites. I decided to go for yellow as it kind of has been my 'IT" colour this season. It reminds me of leaves at fall and I just couldn't resist. It also surprisingly goes with any outfit I wear, well it's mainly black outfits but still. The other one is a bit more classy, silver with rose gold details. Absolutely stunning and goes perfectly with my gold and silver every day jewellery. Have you guys got a watch that you cant stop wearing? Let me know in the comments! 
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