28 Aug 2015


IMG_4932IMG_4926IMG_4961IMG_4933IMG_4945 Dress DAHLIA| bag CHARITY SHOP| heels MISSPAP | bracelets THEPEACHBOX

I feel like a child in this dress, but that's not always a bad thing. It really reminded me of me when I was a little kid actually, I used to wear a lot of denim dresses. I've been falling for them recently, probably because denim is making a major come back right now. I've been eye-ing this Dahlia dress every morning on the way to work whenever I would walk past their shop. It's quite sad that the weather is getting worse and worse in London, so I probably wont get many chances to wear it nice and easy like this anymore, tights and boots will have to come into the picture very very soon. Quite sad but quite exciting. (layering, yay!)


IMG_5767IMG_5760IMG_5793IMG_5770 Sorry for not posting this week. My cousins flew in from Chicago and stayed at my place so I really had no time to sit at the computer. I haven't seen my cousins for about 5 years, when I went to New York, and they flew in to meet me! We literally see each other like every 5 years, but when we meet up it's like we saw each other recently, we are cousins after all right? It's hard to have family so far away, this is one of the reasons I wouldn't want to live in the States, just the distance is insane. So happy they visited me and we had a chance to catch up again!

If anyone is wondering my tshirt is from Rad.co

23 Aug 2015


IMG_4913IMG_4896IMG_4912 jumper ROMWE| shorts H&M| bag URBANCOUNTRY| espadrilles ZARA

I'm sure you've seen this jumper on my instagram already, but isn't it just the cutest??! Loveee this colour! And the Mickey Mouse adds a playful detail to it. You can check it out here and would you believe that it's only £10? The quality is great too so it's a win win. I'm so tired and a bit sick today, well I don't know if I'm sick but haven't been feeling well. Plus period pains, can you imagine what I feel like? I literally got home over an hour ago and haven't moved from the sofa! Need to close my window coz Im freeeezing but can't get up haha. lazzzzy

22 Aug 2015


IMG_5015IMG_4984IMG_4998IMG_5012IMG_5007IMG_5016IMG_4994 skirt ARMANI EXCHANGE| bag H&M | shoes PUBLIC DESIRE | turtle neck&watch KARL LAGERFELD | sunnies HAWKERSCO
Cute little outfit from a few days ago, love the combination of this old skirt and this turtle neck from work. And the shoes are just incredible and really growing on me! Sometimes it feels so good to wear all black, I used to wear it a lot before, need to get back into it, it makes me feel so nice and sharp!

20 Aug 2015


IMG_4615sIMG_4649IMG_4626IMG_4631 Today we are talking about 'boyfriend' jeans. These are from Pando Wear. A Lithuanian denim brand born a few years ago. I picked this 'hip hugging' boyfriend pair from their F/W 15 collection.I chose them not knowing how I'm going to style them at all. It was a wild card. I really never wear these type of jeans, unless they're really badly ripped everywhere.  It was a challenge to style these with heels but I think I did ok?! Since I'm quite short, or maybe I should say, not so tall? (169cm) so I feel like these jeans look like mom jeans on me, and I feel like a mom with 6 kids while wearing them without heels! haha insane I know! You can check their new campaign here.

Sunglasses are Hawkers co and heels are Public Desire.

19 Aug 2015


IMG_4873 skirt SHEIN| shoes ZARA| top PRIMARK| belt CALVIN KLEIN| hat H&M
You will have to forgive me for these unusual photos next to a wall?! This is what happens when there is no one to take blog photos of you, you get your tripod, camera and little remote control and shoot yourself. I am 99% sure that my neighbours saw me, god knows what they think about me, but who cares right? haha! I received this skirt from SheIn recently, do you like it? The whole 70's trend is coming back in, and this is the perfect button down denim skirt. They're going for around £35 in Topshop, and guess how much this is? Only $12, now that's just insanely cheap, am I right? I really wasn't ready to spend nearly £40 on a skirt, so this was the perfect choice :) The quality is better than expected and it fits very well. p.s I do realise now that the belt was a bad idea and the skirt looks much better without it, god damn it! You can shop the skirt here.

18 Aug 2015


IMG_4449 Hey guys, I am sure you have seen me wear these bracelets in many posts on here and Instagram but I thought it's time to do a proper post and introduce you to the brand. The PeachBox does amazing jewellery at great prices. I am a bracelet maniac so I had to really sit down and think hard which two I was going to pick. Sadly my favourite was sold out, but there was so many to choose from I couldn't stay sad for too long. I picked a Cartier look -alike, which is every fashionistas dream, am I right? They've added their own touch to the bracelet, and to be honest I really love it, makes it more chic. The second choice was the beautiful pearl bangle, that I've been wearing non stop actually. I feel like I was supposed to love the other one more than this, but I haven't stopped wearing this one so I guess that makes it my favourite. Pretty black boxes and dust bags just make them look more luxurious. So guys, if you are thinking to treat yourself, here is a discount code that entitles you to 15% off your order, valid until the end of September! Let me know if you order anything!:)

17 Aug 2015


IMG_4887 IMG_4881IMG_4880 On our days off (our as in mine and my boyfriend's) most of the time we cannot be bothered to cook, so we go somewhere to eat. We try to test new places but I am extremely picky with food and prefer to stick to places I've been to and loved. We did however try a new place today. Bohemia. A huge, country style bar, very dark inside but different to anything I've seen in London. But I wasn't impressed. Waited for the food for about 30mins (it was empty) and we were both so hungry we had like 4 mini fights while waiting lol! We get into a really bad mood when hungry. The food wasn't too special either. I was most impressed with the free cucumber water, first try, not bad.


tumblr_ml3wcvEhhO1qfaioqo1_1280 copy Happy 4th birthday to my blog! Wow, time runs so fast. Thank you guys for reading my blog, this wouldn't be possible without you! Can I be honest and tell you that I actually forgot it was today?? Haha, I saw that it's my old friends bday, and was like waaaaait, isit my blog's bday today? lol So bad! I've just been so busy with so much, that I really hope I didn't miss any other important dates, can you imagine? Damn it, hope not!
 Don't mind this collage, I was a bit bored! But should I be? Clothes not washed, university re-submittion not done (yes I am a bad student, i know), blog posts to edit, 22:41 and haven't had dinner?! And yet I have time to do this... hehe. Some of you will know, I love making collages, maybe I will get back to it soon :) This one is my favourite. 


Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 14.36.32 copy jumpsuit MISSPAP | heels PUBLIC DESIRE

You have probably realised if you follow me on Instagram that I work with Misspap.co.uk quite often. I just received this jumpsuit recently and I really fell a bit in love with it! It's so gorgeous! You can get 10% off your orders on their website by using my code GABRIELE10.