I can't tell you how happy it makes me feel when spring arrives to London. The spring when you can wear no jackets, coats and oversized sweaters. One big issue when it comes to the warmer days is shoes. There are so many stunning shoes on the market but so many leave us with blisters no one would wish for. Are you familiar? I often buy shoes without thinking how comfortable they will be and end up hating my self and the new shoes just 1 hour after wearing them. I recently got these stunning Ted Baker Saviy patent court heels and I just want to wear them all the time now. I have a pair of nude pointed heels and they have been my best pair of heels for two years so having a black pair now just makes life so much easier. I think pointy heels are definitely the most feminine out of them all and having a pair is a must. I can't wait to wear mine this spring! 


top LOAVIES | jeans ZARA | bag GUCCI | sunglasses MIU MIU
This last picture shows how Paris was at Paris Fashion Week in the best way. We were shooting through the rain every day, that's just our job and we had to get it all done. I am actually so inlove with this outfit, I think this is my favourite outfit of the year so far. I can't get over this top and the boots. Two new loves in my wardrobe, all linked down below if you're interested.
I am so excited to go to Lithuania next month, but I cannot tell you why I'm going yet, I will reveal everything very soon! <3

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During London Fashion Week I visited the Designer Showrooms and came across loads of sunglasses in one of the parts of the building. I decided to grab a drink and try on a few pairs, because I had some time to kill and something cool was needed for spring! There was a guy who was working the event, he spotted me and told me 'I have the perfect pair for you' and honestly I thought he's gonna pull out the most random pair and is saying that just to say it. But when I tried the Miu Miu 54RS Sunglasses I fell in love. I'm not joking, I loved them so much, I took a picture and decided I need that pair in my life. Bear in mind I always wanted a pair of Miu Miu sunnies, which girl doesn't? Thanks to The Sunglasses Shop this beauty was on my door step a week later! They add a bit of fun to my looks but still look so classy and chic. I can't tell you how I fell about them.  I think this shape suits my face so much, but obviously I can't talk about that too much because I didn't include a photo of them on my face. You can head over to my Instagram, plenty of photos of me wearing them, they've been stuck on my face for the past few weeks!

Shop them here !
7A529DE9-7AB0-4170-B328-C41BF63A6D4C I got to go to Paris Fashion Week for the first time this year, and it wasn't as amazing as I thought it will be. Not the fashion week itself. But Paris. It was raining pouring down, everyday for the whole time I was there and I got really sick. I obviously still tried to enjoy every moment. 08B5B527-61A7-4ADB-B95B-C654352E948E The rain didn't stop me and my friend Bibi from going out in the rain and taking loads of pictures. I think that probably made me more ill but it had to be done. A5B96698-3244-47A7-9716-0561FFD53FE5 CF7252FD-D6CA-4371-84A3-69CDF6C77372 We found a secret rooftop spot that not many people know, where you can see the whole of Paris. I'm not kidding, just watch my vlog. 951D073D-C78A-4B4A-8512-116DF32A2D74 835CC527-6344-4970-A37C-3CE169A5F0C1 On one of the days we went to the Shopstyle Social house where we got our hair done and got many goodies which you can also see in my vlog. 88DE2053-051B-4D10-8BF0-E05C6B9F2A5E I was so looking forward to wear this outfit and was supposed to rock my Valentino heels with this jacket but it was so cold and raining so much, I had to choose my long boots over heels. That killed me a little inside but has to be done. 35740237-193B-48A0-92E1-648AC7FFBE2F 79583842-3E0D-49A4-946B-A34E9E965633 I lived in the best area of Paris, right in the centre near the Louvre and not far from Champs Elyse. My street was just off one of the prettiest streets in Paris with stores like Gucci, Chanel and Miu Miu just a 3min walk from my door. Not gonna lie, I enjoyed every second of it.3C39C238-A7B4-46DF-8C08-05F846C56A15 My apartment was so beautiful, as you also probably saw in my vlog already. I wouldn't mind having  one like that in London. So spacious and had everything I needed. A huge thanks to http://pickyourplace.fr for my gorgeous apartment!55F2404F-5BB1-4F31-9457-D853FF3E1489
I had this blue door right infront of my door so I told Bibi on the first day, I have to shoot there. So I shot my Lee jeans campaign there which you can see on my Instagram account.
Hope you enjoyed this type of post, a quick recap of my trip in Paris. 
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