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IMG_7253 IMG_7256 IMG_7257 IMG_7249 IMG_7248 IMG_7251 IMG_7254 IMG_7255 IMG_7250 I have been feeling so much better after writing my feelings down. I should do that more often, on a letter or something and the burn it ahaha. Good feeling. I am so impressed with the quality of these photos shot on my Olympus Pen camera. I think I might sell my big camera because there is no point to keep it if this one does the job. I've also bought a new lens and it finally arrived today so I can film videos and vlogs again. yay! Make sure you're subscribed to my youtube channel, I already filmed a huge haul that is going up tomorrow!

T-shirt and Jeans are both Zara.



IMG_7111 IMG_7108 IMG_7113 IMG_7109 IMG_7110 IMG_7107

A denim skirt is the piece you need in your wardrobe this summer. I never thought I would be buying one. It reminds me of times when I was 5 years old and my mum used to dress me in denim skirts. I didn't really own a denim skirt after that before last summer.  It's just becoming a staple piece right now and I love the way this one looks. Patches are also so on trend right now, so I was so happy to find this patchy skirt at Mango. (linked below)
You can really dress it up or down, I would probably wear this outfit with sneakers or espadrilles in the summer! What do you think? Too much with the heels?

All photos by Gabriele Gudkovaite http://www.ggudkovaite.com


Its so hard to write and put into words what you feel. I never talk about my feelings even in real life. I always say I'm feeling good, fine or great. But I'm not feeling any of those things right now.  I always get asked 'how do you do it?'. How do I have time to blog, work part time and study? I always used to say I dont know, I just used to get on with it. But the time has come for my battery to run out of power. I'm so emotionally and physically drained. Even easy things like tidying up at home or going to the gym are becoming really difficult. Well going to the gym is always difficult lol but you know what I mean. Being at work, smiling to customers, making their day a good one is really hard when you are having a bad one. Sometimes it feels like hell. I want to say I'm feeling depressed but I know it's not as serious. It's just weird, I just don't want to do anything anymore. University work is suffering because I can't bring myself to do it, blogging is also suffering and that's why I am here writing this.  It's no secret my blogging work has been pretty poor recently. I am sure many of you have noticed the lack of enthusiasm, the lack of interesting posts. I've been feeling like I 'have to' post something to keep you guys interested so that's why I would go and shoot some quick images to fill up my blog. Or a brand would pressure me about a post I promised a few weeks ago and I would post it. But I know that's not what blogging is about. If I'm not enjoying it like I always do that means something is wrong and I need to step away. Atleast for now.  Take a break and relax, think of new ideas. I'm not saying I will stop blogging. I will post when I want to but please excuse me for some time if I'm being super slow or you keep checking my blog and there is nothing new for a week. I have 4 weeks before my final deadline at university and then Im finally free. And hopefully I will feel much better, more motivated and happy. I also have a holiday booked about two weeks after university finishes so I think that will make me very happy. Another thing that could be making me feel like this is the weather. I am so sick of the cold. I dont think I will be able to live in the UK in the future. It drives me insane when it's cold and rainy and only 7 degrees at the end of April. Summer is in a month and I am still in my winter jacket. I know this is not something some of you want to read, but I thought you deserve to know what's happening if I don't post for longer periods of time sometimes. I've been also feeling unnatractive lately which is not a great feeling to feel. So obviously shooting outfits and clothes right now is not something I want to do everyday and becomes difficult. It's just getting weird that I am sad more than happy. I wish you knew how hard it is to write this and put it into words exactly what I'm feeling. And how hard it is to share this type of information with so many of you. But I dont want to keep this inside anymore. It's hard. I am quite strong and don't need to talk about things like this. Some people might read this and think how spoilt I am, how ungrateful. I am so happy and grateful for all I have. But doing so many things at once catches up with you. People might think blogging is easy, but it's so not. Thinking of new ideas, interesting content, how to stay interesting is quite tiring.  I cannot wait for university to end. I feel like it was one of the worst things I've done in life and I hated the whole journey of it. I will probably do a video or a post about the whole degree after I graduate. I am happy to be the first to have a degree in my family but it was hell to get to this point.  
In terms of blogging, I've had some comments that my blog is not interesting like it used to be, it's all fashion, no every day fun.  It's always hard to choose between keeping my blog like a diary or just a fashion and lifestyle blog. I know I started writing my blog like it was an open diary with pictures from every day, what I did, what I ate and who I met. But now this is turning into a job and I don't want to have it like a diary anymore. And I haven't written like that for over two years so it doesn't feel normal to post about my every day life . Instagram is a bit more relaxed with posts from every day. Snapchat is very relaxed with silly things and videos. But I know what I'm gonna do. I finally ordered a new lens so that I can film vlogs again. So I will film vlogs for those that want to see what I do daily. And I will keep my blog fashion and lifestyle related. That's what I love and I'm gonna do what I want this time. You just have to be yourself, do what you love, and reach for the stars.


On Monday I finally got my hair cut. Not a lot but just my ends to make it a straight line again. There's nothing more beautiful on a woman than healthy and shiny hair in my opinion. I am still struggling with my hair quite a lot because it's very weak, so straightening just a few times a week can really harm my hair. At least a haircut can make it look great straight away.
IMG_6946IMG_6827 I decided to use Priv to get a haircut this time. Priv is a on-demand beauty and wellness app where you can basically see which hairdresser, makeup artist and other type of beauty or health individual is free that day and book them to come to your house or wherever you are. It's like an Bber but for beauty! Hehe. I had the lovely Moira cut my hair and she also gave me loads of tips how to keep it healthy. Also, I was very surprised at how well she blowdried my hair. It was dead straight! ( As you can see in the pics obviously! :p) I am not sure why my hair looks a bit reddish here but I'm guessing it's the light. If you would ever want to check out and book something on the 'gopriv' app I have a £20 off voucher that you could use : GABRIELE20

Let me know if you've ever used the app or end up using it!


IMG_6745 IMG_6746 IMG_6674 IMG_6747 IMG_6749
Have you guys heard of Duck&Waffle? It's a restaurant specialising in waffles and duck located on the 40th floor in central London. I always wanted to go but wasn't sure if I should wait for a special occasion or something similar. But last month I thought to myself, you know what? I'm not waiting for anything. So I booked a slot in the morning for me and my boyfriend Arnas. We booked three weeks in advance and still the latest slot we could get was 9:15am. Everything else after that was booked fully. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day but I obviously don't want to go there at 4am lol.
I was so excited yesterday, who wouldn't wanna have breakfast on the 40th floor? The elevator ride was a bit scary because you go up in less than 30 seconds and the elevator is glass so you can see everything. We got a table next to the window, but all 2 seater tables are next to the window. The food was amazing and before it comes all you really do is stare out the window. Everything looks so small but it's so fascinating. The food was incredible. I had a waffle with berries, bananas, jam, peanut butter, nuts and chocolate bits, oh and cream. It sounds messy but it was the best waffle I've ever had. Arnas went for the Egg Benedict but instead of buns it was a waffle and instead of ham it was duck... duh!
I would reccomend going just for the experience. I am already craving the waffle again and it's only been about 24 hours. I will have to book it again soon. The prices are not crazy, the waffle was £15 and Eggs £13 I think.
I am so sick of phone pictures, and I've only done the past 2 posts with them to make my blog more interesting.  So last night I finally ordered a new lens for my camera. I have two cameras but I want a normal lens for my Olympus so it's not so zoomed in like the lens I have now.  Because with that you  have to stand 10 metres away from the person to get a normal shot haha so thats why I dont take it with me to restaurants and similar places. Can't wait to receive the new one!
Have a nice Tuesday.:)


IMG_6588 IMG_6596 min IMG_6621 IMG_6623 IMG_6624 IMG_6619 IMG_6594 IMG_6585 Yesterday we celebrated my brothers 7th birthday. They seem so big now that I don't see my brothers for longer amounts of time because I live 2 hours away. Isn't it weird? Same city, but takes two hours to get to the other side. That's life I guess. We had a really nice and sunny day. My sister bought a cotton candy machine and believe it or not it is so relaxing. Well my sister gets bored of it quickly but it made me relax and forget about everything when I was making it! Stress relief haha. It's so nice to have longer evenings now. It's 20:07 right now and it's still not dark, I just wish the weather was good too. I am still living in winter jackets sadly :( I will soon start filming videos again, I am talking about vlogs. Let me know if you like them, I will stick to it throughout the summer as I think it will be a fun one! Have a nice end to your Monday. I am off to the gym!


Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 22.35.33
So recently I've been getting more and more comments and questions on how I edit my Instagram photos. Because I've been doing it for so long it seems so normal and boring to me and I am always looking for new ways to improve but haven't thought of it yet! lol but I will get there and more on that in my next post. Thank you for your comments, and let's get into it, all secrets revealed! (not really secrets :D )
This is my main used app (VSCO CAM), I never use any other filters apart from the 3 I will show you here. I haven't used an Instagram filter for nearly two years now and I don't even remember what they look like anymore. This app is free, so you can all get it. You have to download the filters from the 'SHOP' category. Some are free and some are paid. I cannot remember and it doesn't show me if the filters I use are from paid or unpaid collections, really sorry, I will write all the names of the filters below.
So, here it is. 70% of the time I use the HB2 filter, which is my absolute favourite. I then sometimes play a bit on brightness and contrast if the photo is too dark which you can also find on the app. I almost never use A5 but I love it a lot!! I just think it doesn't suit my Instagram theme anymore as it has a blue tint but if you're a fan of that, it's perfect! A6 is another favourite, use it a lot too. Very similar to HB2 but a bit lighter and softer. It depends on the photo obviously.

A5 and A6 - The Aesthetic series set


I use this app for one thing only - to make ugly coloured background look neutral haha that sounds so weird! Basically I select the 'Brush' category and choose 'Saturation' and click on the 'minus' button a few times until it shows -10. Then the brush will turn anything into black and white colours. It's hard to explain but here is an example below. This app is also free.

IMG_6476 IMG_6063
Huge difference right? Well maybe not to some, but my eye picks up small details for these things so I have to make it all look really good hehe! So first of all I edited this photo on VSCO with HB2 filter and then just used the brush :)

For collages (which I don't really do anymore) or to add text to my photo for example when I do giveaways I use this app - Photogrid. I've had it for years even when I owned an Android phone so it just stuck with me and I never really changed to a different app. This one is also free.

Here you have it guys! It probably seemed much more complicated right? But no, it's not that hard :). The most important thing to keep in mind if you want beautiful pictures is the light. I cannot tell you how important it is and I am talking about natural day light! If you use good light - all your pictures will look good. If you are shooting flatlays, makeup, or random items, the best place is next to a window, outside or somewhere where there's lots of natural light coming in. I never shoot in the dark, you can probably see 99% of my images are shot in daylight. That is the key!
Hope I was helpful and I will answer any more questions you have in the comments.
Now Im gonna watch The Office with Arnas. It's such a good show, I've seen it before but I we can't help ourselves lol! Buenos Noches!
(I now think I can speak Spanish because of another show Im watching! Can you guess which one?)


IMG_8102 IMG_8110
MEU- The coolest Lithuanian brand at the moment. They put cats on simple shirts to make them cool and funky. I swear, I am inlove with this shirt so much. Who doesn't love cats? Well actually I know a few people but most people love them and you have to agree that this shirt is the coolest, right?
Please read more on my uni project page Lithuanian Design Hub.
IMG_8104 IMG_8112
shirt MEU
jeans ZARA
shoes, watch KARL LAGERFELD

All photos by Gabriele Gudkovaite


Untitled Choosing the perfect leather jacket can be quite hard sometimes. There are so many different types from Biker to the classy elegant looking ones. I bought this cutie last autumn and was really happy to finally wear it today. Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
jeans, boots, jacket ZARA
roll neck, watch KARL LAGERFELD
sunnies RAYBAN

It's still pretty cold here in London and I a have been walking around with a runny nose for over a week now, can't seem to get better. Maybe If I stayed at home... but that's not possible at the moment. I have exactly 1 month and 1 week until my FINAL deadline at university, and will be my last one in my life. I cannot wait to finish. I will do a video over the summer about studying at university and if it's worth the crazy £9000 a year. You probably know my answer already! lol Anyway, I did some shopping today, needed some new bits in my wardrobe. But I feel really depressed and keep wearing the same thing over and over because it's still too cold!


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