Since I love sales so much and I never miss a chance to get a good deal or discount, I thought I'd share a few sale picks with you guys. You can just click any item and it will take you to the website :)


IMG_1792 IMG_1790 IMG_1789 IMG_1788 IMG_1791 IMG_1420 Last week me and my friend Amanda planned a shopping trip which actually turned into a busy day visiting press days and having so much food at The Breakfast club (my fave for pancakes in London) that we didn't even want to shop after that. All I got was this beautiful pair of sunglasses which remind me a lot of Dior of course but until I can afford those (they will probably be out of style by then) I'll just wear these. I'm really trying to improve my blog, Instagram and youtube for you guys. 
Please let me know if you have any ideas of what you would like to see on my channels.
I'm thinking more videos on youtube right? 
Speaking about youtube, my holiday video just went up, literally 2mins ago! Check it out :)


IMG_1512 IMG_1515 IMG_1516 IMG_1514 IMG_1513
body, jeans, boots ZARA

Love casual days. Just a pair of boots, jeans and an oversized shirt. I still can't believe this shirt is from Superdry, they are really stepping up their game! Have you guys been to Zara sale yet?  I picked up these awesome jeans that make my knees look extra weird and these incredible boots but sadly they are a pain to wear. My feet get blisters after 30mins of wearing these. Not sure what to do with them. I really like them, maybe I'll just try to wear them in. I do this all the time. Complain about Zara shoes but then go and buy 3 more pairs. I never learn, god damn it.

P.s only now I realised that my nipples are on full display on my 'Tan Lines' post. Really sorry and  I don't know how I didn't notice. I feel like Kim K right now, exposing my breasts for the world to see. haha


IMG_1158 IMG_1338 IMG_1164 NEQ IMG_1163 IMG_1340-3
Well sometimes you just have to run out with wet hair and no shoes - but only in the Caribbean is that acceptable! hehe. I really didn't have any shoes to match this Next jumpsuit so decided to go barefoot, why not? I was barefoot there more than with shoes on. I hate the resort bracelet I'm wearing here. Yuck. But couldn't be bothered to photoshop it, let's embrace the ugly thing! lol


IMG_1144 copy IMG_1139 IMG_1137 IMG_1141 IMG_1142 sdfghui IMG_1156 IMG_1145 asdfgh IMG_1148

Once I knew where I was going to stay on my holiday I decided to contact the hotel and see if they would like to collaborate with me. They were able to upgrade our room and a few others things but I will tell you more in the blog post about the resort. They work with a beach bar which is very close to the resort so they invited me and Arnas to pop in one evening and enjoy a few drinks and food and also take over their snapchat, which was quite fun! I saw many pictures before going there and knew it was going to be beautiful but the atmosphere there was so good in real life. The best beach club I've ever been to. Just so calm, so cool and the food is so good. We also had really delicious burgers but my camera died on me! So annoying that the evening wasn't sunny. Well it was for a bit and the sun hid away. If you're ever in Punta Cana, this beach bar is worth visiting.
Click here to find out more.


IMG_0958 Untitled-2 outfit


I am so in love with these denim shorts. Funny story - before holiday i wen't to Zara, was tired and didn't want to try anything so picked up 3 pairs of shorts and thought I'd try at home and choose the one I like. Got to the que - 20 people before me. Damn it I though, I'm just gonna leave it and go. Put the shorts in a random place (Sorry Zara workers!) and started walking out and thought 'But no, I really need denim shorts'. So went back, picked them up, went to try them on, 10 people before me. I then got mad at myself for wasting time and put the shorts again in a random place and walked out. And then thought 'But omg what am I gonna take on holiday?' So went back, picked one pair and just bought it. And just my luck - they fit perfectly. It's normally 1 out of 6 that fit ok for me. How lucky was I and how much time did I waste haha!
You can never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts and white tops!


IMG_0922 IMG_0886 IMG_0884 IMG_0923 IMG_0885 IMG_0921 Gone are the days when I used to think linen is for old people. I guess we grew up seeing our grandparents wear linen pants and shirts in Lithuania so instantly we thought - no, just no. But linen is known to be great in the summer because it's very light, fresh and keeps you cool when it's super hot. I wasn't planning on buying any linen pieces, I just didn't think about it but a designer contacted me and offered to send me two items and I lived in one of them on my holiday. Wore it so much I managed to rip one arm but it's ok, gives it some character! Linen is not supposed to be perfect.
I strongly recommend to invest in a linen piece for the summer. 
By Lithuanian designer Greta Velgun


IMG_9207 IMG_9130 IMG_9526 IMG_9133 IMG_9135 IMG_9531 IMG_9529 Look at that beauty! Last weekend me and my family had a beautiful day out in Hever Castle. Before that we stopped in the yellow fields to take some pictures. I couldn't pass the opportunity to have a beautiful pictures in those kind of fields. Now the next wish is the purple fields! The weather was incredible and it was so nice to spend some time with my family because I don't see them often, maybe once a month ( and we live in the same city!!!). But it's still a 2 hour journey to get to their place. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Hever Castle, do it, because it's probably the most beautiful place I've been to in the UK in the whole 12 years living here. To see more you can watch my video of my whole week!:)


IMG_9518 Am I the only one who's obsessed with nude lipsticks? I have sooo many, and today I am sharing my top and most used ones with you.
IMG_9519 IMG_9524 IMG_9522 NYX cosmetics have only recently made their way into England so I was like a kid at a candy store when shopping in Boots, Picadilly Circus. They had the biggest selection of products. I took a few items but these were the most exciting. The lipstick doesn't dry your lips even though it's matte. And the lipgloss is such a beautiful colour, looks great on!
IMG_9520 IMG_9521 So I obviously had to get the Kylie Lip Kit and see what the hype is about. Sadly the colour I ordered was too dark for me so I kept the lip liner and sold the lipstick. It was quite drying actually. My lips felt like they're in need of a whole tub of moisturiser lol! But I heard that different colours are different in texture and application so next on my list is Candy K.
IMG_9518IMG_9523 copy Here are a few other favourites. Gerard cosmetics is a great one. I wore this for two months non stop. It's in the shade 'Serenity'. Clinique Chubby Stick in 'Curviest Caramel' is incredible. So moisturising and the colour is quite intense, which is what I like because they also have loads of colours that are not intense so you can hardly see it on the lips. The one that says Sephora is actually the Liquid Velvet by Ciate. I got mixed up when editing. But it's also a very good one. Probably one of the best liquid matte lipsticks I've ever tried.

What type of colours are you guys obsessed with? For example I know a girl who wears only red lipstick!? I only wear red once a year, if that! 

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