27 Nov 2015


IMG_6846 IMG_6826 IMG_6859 IMG_6839 IMG_6869 IMG_6825
All pieces from Rad.com. 

It's not only Friday, it's Black Friday! That means, many savings across many different stores and websites. I looooveee RAD, so I must let you know that they're having a 50% off sale and you can get an additional 20% off with my code GABRIELEGZ20. What a great deal, no?! Have a look at some of my favourites below.

26 Nov 2015



Winter is the time of the year when we must take good care of our selves. It's easy to catch a cold and get sick, so I've been drinking plenty of water, fruits are always on my kitchen counter and vitamins ready to grab every morning. Another important but much harder task is working out. I am pretty lazy with it, or maybe I just don't have time I don't know. But when I do work out, I love wearing pretty gym clothes. Like this set from Elle Sport for example. I love that the bra has cups inside, so you don't need to worry about exposing too much if you know what I mean. The pants are amazing, I feel like I could live in them. They're super soft and they just feel so light and sleek. Also the lime green strap adds a nice touch to the eye. I know many girls like pretty gym clothes, so if that's the case, check them out for beautiful pieces! :)



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Turkey socks
Santa socks
Tree socks

Topman gave me a challenge of shopping for a loved one, whether it's a boyfriend dad or grandad and fitting my gift into £50. Like me, you probably spend the most on your partner, so that's who I decided to shop for. My boyfriend loves sweatshirts and jumpers so I thought that will be the perfect gift and I picked out this beautiful cable knit jumper which will match everything in the winter time. (I now realise it has gone down in price from £32, to £20.) Then ofcourse I had to go for some Christmas socks, I feel like not every man likes those, but these are definitely gonna end up on my boyfriends feet #sorrynotsorry. (£3 each or 3 for £7). The last item I picked is a pair of cufflinks. I think every man has to own cufflinks so I picked this beautiful brushed silved pair up. And at that price, you can't really go wrong! (£6.50).
Hope I've insipired you in one way or another! Let me know what you're getting for your loved one?
I love good ideas!


23 Nov 2015


LOOK 4-5 LOOK 4-8 LOOK 4-2 LOOK 4-7 LOOK 4-4 LOOK 4-10
top River Island
skirt H&M

Hmmm it got so cold in London recently that I was really thinking hard if I should even post this, it makes me cold to look at these pics! Haha. But when we shot them with Aleksana, it was sunny and warm. I looove this skirt from h&m. I am so happy I picked it up as me and my friend Taija were in a hurry after work looking for something and she saw this skirt and I wasn't sure at first but then just decided to grab it and try it at home. Thank god I did, I love it! These kind of dresses and skirts make dancing so much more fun on nights out! Don't you agree?

photos: http://www.alleksana.com


17 Nov 2015


LOOK 2-1 LOOK 2-4 LOOK 2-8nails LOOK 2-7 LOOK 2-9LOOK 2-3
LOOK 2-5nails
leather trousers IVY REVEL
sweater IVY REVEL
jacket SHORES

Photos by Aleksana http://www.alleksana.com

Didn't even realise I dressed up as Sandy from the movie Grease. I was looking at these photos, thinking who do I look like in this?! And then it came to me haha! Im not even kidding, check out her outfit here!  I felt like a bad boy in this leather look! hehe Anyway guys, I am sure those of you who live on social media like me, know Kenza. She's one of my favourite bloggers ever! And I got a chance to work with her clothing line, so here I'm wearing leather trousers and sweater from Ivy Revel.  I am so happy that I get to work with brands like this, I really cannot express how happy. Like you know when you're a teenager and you dream that one day you will do this and this? Well, when things become reality it's hard to explain what kind of emotions take over, but I wish all of you to feel it often!

See you!
G x

16 Nov 2015


1. Zara 2. H&M 3. River Island

As you all have probably seen, over the knee boots are this season must have for all fashion loving ladies. I have been obsessed with long boots for over two years now and cannot stop. Ofcourse my dream boots are Stuart Weitzman, but since I do not want to spend so much on a pair of boots right now, I have found 20 amazing styles for under £100. I am still unsure which pair to order, I want them really really high above my knee! Check out all the styles I've picked out and let me know if you found your pair! :) 

13 Nov 2015


LOOK 3-1 LOOK 3-6 LOOK 3-9 LOOK 3-2 LOOK 3-7 LOOK 3-8 LOOK 3-3(1) skirt LIPSY
sweater H&M
bag ZARA

This feels like such a womanly outfit for me. I am always in jeans, sweaters and layers of cardigans and capes. You would really never see me in a pencil skirt, but for this Lipsy one I have to make an exception. It's just so gorgeous. I wish I had more places to wear it to. Love the dark deep bordeaux and the snake skin effect. I've also paired it with these amazing heels and a snake skin bag. Maybe there is a little too much of that colour, but I feel like white breaks it up and it ties together well. I am really surprised by the weather by the way, winter is in just a little over two weeks and it's still not that cold. All I can do is be happy! What do you think of this outfit? I love reading your comments!

Photos by Alleksana http://www.alleksana.com

11 Nov 2015


IMG_6710 IMG_6715 IMG_6709 IMG_6719 IMG_6713 Holiday season is fast approaching and like me you have probably started to think about gifts for you loved ones already. Molton Brown is one of the shops I've been walking past on Regent street for over a year while on my way to work, but as I'm always in a hurry, never stepped in there. Molton brown is a really well known brand, luxurious but affordable. The scents are always amazing, they use a lot of exotic ingredients. And my favourite part, it's not tested on animals. 

I got a chance to review their Ylang-Ylang gift set. Which contains the perfume, Nourishing body lotion and Body wash. The first thing you obviously think about before buying is the scent. We all have scents that we hate or love, and sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect one. The top notes for this set are tangerine, cardamom and ginger. A heart of ylang-ylang, jasmine and rose absolute. And the base is vanilla, cedarwood and musk. As you can imagine, it smells kind of spicy, but still sweet in a way. 

I think this is going to be the perfect gift for someone. When I sprayed the perfume on my skin and let it linger for a while it really reminded me of my mother when I was a child. I feel like maybe she used to wear a similar scent.

So, if you're looking for the perfect gift this Christmas, have a look through Molton Brown's website, I'm sure you'll find something :)
G x


Hi guys, how do you feel about flares? I feel like they look amazing on other people, but every time I try to wear them, somethings not right. Maybe I'm just not used to them, that might be the problem actually. But actually now that I'm looking at this photo of me wearing these Glamour outfitters jeans, I kind of like them, dont you? They are currently on sale for £19.99 just to let you know. They also do many many different styles that you can have a look at and choose the best for you. The quality is really good for that price :)