IMG_9399 IMG_9525 IMG_9398 Just checking in while packing my suitcase. These photos were taken by Ski at the House of Fraser press day. I just found this staircase and couldn't resist. If you look closely Im actually wearing sliders!  I am off to the Carribean tomorrow morning. Dreading the flight, because it will take the whole day, but I'm too excited about the beach to care hehe. We are flying from Gatwick so I am very keen to find Nandos in the airport because that's the only Nandos that serves breakfast. I have to try it!!! I will try to update while on holiday if the wifi is good and I will pre-write some posts that will go live this week because I have so much to share with you guys! But you can follow my journey on Instagram and Snapchat like always - @gabrielegz.
Now I'm off to the nail salon and I'm a bit worried to get my pedicure because I am very ticklish lol!



Last week I had the chance to attend the Dell #WeLoveYourWork sessions hosted by the Apartment to talk all things blogging. So from branding to influencer growth, to taxes and much more. The sessions were taking place in the Bourne&Hollingsworth buildings. It was one of the prettiest places I've been to in London. How do I not know places like this exist in my city? Anyway, sadly my final university deadline fell onto the two days of the sessions but I still managed to do my work throughout the night and make it to some of them. The event was in collaboration with Dell and their new laptop Dell XPS. I was actually really looking forward to trying their new laptop as I am a Mac user and I wanted to see and compare. 
We had a session with Shini Park from who tought us about building our own brand, standing out and making our blogs more interesting. We then took our XPS laptops and started doing some graphics lessons by first writing words over and over again to find the best ones on a piece of paper. Then scanned them in and that's where the laptops came in handy, we used them to put the words onto our photos. Unfortunately we couldn't use Photoshop but Shini introduced us to Pixlr which is just as good and is free online. I was surprised at how easy it was to use the XPS 15 laptop as I always get really frustrated while trying to use my boyfriends old laptop which is also Windows. The quality and graphics seemed to be really amazing, I was just overall really impressed which was surprising for me. I actually sat down to answer a few emails after the session on one of the laptops and found it so light and sleek.
It was so nice to meet other bloggers,see a few familiar faces and discuss the blogging world.
If you would like to find out more about Dell laptops you can click here.

IMG_9263 If you are interested in the Dell XPS laptop you can find more information Untitled-2 IMG_8778 IMG_8781 IMG_9266 IMG_8747 dellk IMG_8740 IMG_8782 dells IMG_8741 IMG_8790
Isn't the location just incredible? So exotic and green! Very Instagramable hehe.

This post was written in collaboration with Dell but all opinions are my own.


IMG_9535 IMG_9536IMG_9534 IMG_9071 IMG_9247 IMG_9321 IMG_95391. Handed in the final work at university and decided to eat some junk food before I have a good 15hour sleep.
2. These chips with loads of cheese were amazing. Pizza Hut's new menu.
3. Details
4. Aubaine in Selfridges. Worth a visit and if you go try to get a table at the back near these flowers!
5. Started watching Sex and the City again! So excited!!!!
6. Amazing sushi at Chai Kitchen in Debenhams, Oxford street. And also when they brought it to my table I thought I'd read the prices wrong. How can presentation be so good for just £8.50??
7. Illamasqua and LookFantastic event. A great night, Im sure you saw some snaps on my snapchat! (gabrielegz)



I don't know about you but I am off to the Caribbean next week so my holiday shopping has been getting out of hand. I realised I hate online shopping because scrolling through the pages makes me fall asleep. Literally I get so sleepy and don't want to shop anymore. So I've made your life easier and picked out some amazing pieces for you to treat yourself on, this payday. Enjoy! And let me know what you got! (Don't forget to click the arrow to see many more items!)


IMG_8491 IMG_8494 IMG_8493 IMG_8492 IMG_8501 IMG_8496 IMG_8500 IMG_8497 Whole outfit from Karl Lagerfeld.

In love with the shoes. In love with the sweatshirt dress, in love with the bag and the keychain. 
Dusty pink is killing me right now and we have a lot of it at Karl so it's so hard to not get tempted to buy everything!!! This is a new collection called 'The Artist' so if you're in London soon check out our store or at least the windows, they're incredible! Also I am so sick of my hair I just don't know what to do with it at all. How to style it, how to wear it, how to cut it. Help!!!!???


IMG_8490 IMG_8427 IMG_8489 IMG_8488 Instead of studying me and Amanda decided to go out for lunch but that turned into drinking and dessert too! The dessert took 30mins to arrive after we had our burgers which made me so mad because then the grocery store closed and I couldn't get myself a new toothbrush! Lol. I still to this day find it weird that big grocery stores close at 4pm on Sundays. What the hell London??!!!!
I am supposed to being my uni work today but that's not happening yet. I am first gonna shoot all the clothes for depop and then off to Uni where me and Amanda will try to do something.
Hope you're having a nice Sunday! :)


IMG_8355 IMG_8348 IMG_8345 IMG_8346 IMG_8347 IMG_8349 IMG_8307 IMG_8309 IMG_8356 IMG_8354 IMG_8353 IMG_8351What a beautiful evening we had today in London! The sunset was so beautiful, it was one of those sunsets that makes you think and makes you happy to be alive. My boyfriend agreed to go on a one hour walk around the neighbourhood so I was very happy ( and I have been up on my feet since 8am lol!). I am super tired now but after work I enjoyed a beautiful and very instagramable event on a rooftop of a hotel in Soho. It was the Ham Yard Hotel and the event was for Palmers. They planned a Coconut Escape on the roof and everything from the drinks to the snacks was very 'coconuty'. The macarons were so delicious I just wanted to eat the whole box! haha. We were able to try and take home all of the coconut oil products and a yummy smelling candle! Everything smells incredible and I'm packing it all for my holiday on the beach!


IMG_8290 IMG_8291 IMG_8287 IMG_8288 IMG_8292 IMG_8286 IMG_8293 Top MISSPAP, trousers MASSIMO DUTTI, wedges ZARA, sunnies UC (similar)

The second I smelt this new Barbour fragrance I felt so damn summery I wanted to wear summer clothes straight away even though it was raining outside! While I got dresses the sun came out! hehe magic! I am loving dusty pink this spring (as you have probably noticed already) and this perfume just adds to that not just by the colour obviously but the scent is exactly what I like! Definitely have a look if you're into sweet and fresh but sophisticated perfumes. You can shop here.
Anyway guys I am so excited, 6 days until my final deadline and 20 days until my holiday! And I have a few fun events before that so I might vlog if you are interested?

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