Ever left all or some of your Christmas shopping for the last minute? 
Yes, we've all done it. I think buying beauty product's for the females in your life is the safest choice. You can never really go wrong if you know even a little of what the person likes. Below I am showing you some of my favourites this year.

This is always a good choice. I've never met anyone that doesn't like Bodyshop. There are so many scents to choose from, they don't test on animals and have so many products to choose from. And their prices are pretty good!
I always shop in Debenhams for the Too Faced Christmas sets that they do every year. The price is so good and you can try a lot of new products. I got this lipstick set for my sister this year. She loves Too Faced so I just had to do it. And of course picked up a 'Melted Latex' for myself.
It's a fairly new brand that more and more people are starting to love. I got this gift set for my friend, because she loves makeup and this set is perfect for the person who has never tried Charlotte Tilbury because it has a smaller size of all the popular products. That way they get to try the best sellers. The perfume is very mature so I am gifting this to my grandmother. It's too strong for me but I think it will be perfect for her. And look at that gorgeous bottle!
This is one of my top gifts every year. I think most women these days use eyeshadow so getting someone an eyeshadow palette is a really good gift. I don't really treat myself to eyeshadow palettes very often but I know how good it feels to receive one for Christmas. I picked up the new Urban Decay Heat palette for myself this time. 'Treat yourself' am I right? 
You can find this one at Debenhams.

Do you ever steal your boyfriends hoodies? I do it all the time, and then get tagged on memes relating  to this subject on Instagram and Facebook haha! I have been a big hoodie fan for many many years now. It must be the tomboy in me. I don't often shoot in them, but when I am at home, it's my most worn item. Also in the summer, my favourite thing to wear on chilly evenings with a pair of shorts and trainers. It just looks cool and makes you feel comfy and cozy. 

Finding the PERFECT hoodie can be tough. It's like finding a new job, you don't know where you'll find it and how long it will take but even when you get it, it still takes time to wear it in. And boyfriends hoodies are already perfectly worn for you haha!

This Nicce London one stole my heart and I am so glad it's actually unisex. They make beautiful womens hoodies too but there is just something about wearing your other half's one isn't there? I love the colour of this because it literally looks like my eye colour in these photos, don't you think? I wore it today with black jeans and over the knee boots. And who said you can't mix classy with casual?

The Beret. 

Who would have thought? Haven't seen these babies since I was a little girl skipping to primary school. When I first noticed the trend, I was really not into it. But as always, trends just grow on you and I was sucked into it. I found the cutest grey one with tiny little stars from Aceessorize. Thank god hats are back on trend, I love wearing them in the winter but I hate looking like a little kid. It's gonna be so easy this winter! I have been watching Gossip Girl again when I get free time, so don't blame me for turning into Blair Waldorf from time to time. 

The Watch.

I couldn't help it. The pink velvet just got to me. It's the dream watch in my eyes. My favourite watch I own is a silver and rose gold Cluse baby, so to see my favourite brand collaborating with a famous blogger and brining out a velvet strap... YES PLEASE! Talking about velvet, if you're wondering how my bag turned from velvet to leather overnight... it didn't. This is my friend Justina's bag who took these beautiful photos. I made her create a blog so make sure you check it out!


Last month Nokia took me to Ibiza for a few days of fun and amazing food.
I have visited Ibiza once before, 2 weeks earlier actually and got to see a completely different side to it than what I saw before. The first time I went, we stayed at Ibiza Rocks which is a very party orientated hotel with pool parties happening everyday. So as you can imagine me and my sister were surrounded by party people, loud music and a lot of alcohol. This time it was very active, we had a lot of things going on, we visited the Old Town, had a boat trip and checked out Pacha and Amnesia VIP style. I have to say those experiences were unforgettable. It made me fall in love with Ibiza and I now think I could even live there. I used to never understand people that used to tell me Ibiza is amazing. 
My comment used to be 'Why? It's just for partying'. But actually it's far from it. Yes that's what it's known for around the world, but it's actually an amazing place, very beautiful and calm. And they have the most amazing Sangria, that I have to recreate for Christmas! 

 My favourite. I hate the cold. But I do love my Stuart Weitzman boots. These ones especially. They just go with everything and anything. You can probably see I haven't posted here for a while. I am really struggling to motivate myself to post here. I think the main issue has to be the fact I shoot everything with my phone now. I am not the biggest fan of phone pictures on a blog so that's why I stayed a little quite on here. I was also interested to see if my views will die down but wow guys, thank you so much for coming back and it made me feel so guilty for not posting! Half of you are still here, everyday, checking in! I appreciate that more than you know and I promise I am back now. 
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