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Jacket Tommy Hilfiger, Jumper Sabinna, Shoes Public Desire, Trousers Zara, Sunnies Aldo, Bag Next, Sweater Brandy Melville.

I felt so badass in this outfit on Day 3 of London Fashion Week! Puffer jacket, leather pants, big shades and perspex heels! Who said you can't wear a puffer jacket and clear, open toe heels? Haha, I broke all the rules that day. Also the sweatshirt on a sweater. Who cares right? I felt cool and that's all that matters. I got so many questions about this jacket and the shoes. The jacket is Tommy Hilfiger but it's sold out everywhere, I literally can't find any page that has this available. Gigi Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian wore this silver puffer jacket recently so I guess that made it sell out pretty fast. So happy I got it! I was actually thinking a lot before buying it, and I even got it for half price because I had a work discount at Tommy. Now I just think : Lucky me! The heels are amazing. I already own 3 pairs of clear heels from Public Desire and they are literally my favourite heels. They get so much attention, they're comfortable and the best of all they look so good! The question everyone keeps asking me is 'what happens when your feet sweat in these? Do they get foggy?' 
My answer is no. The open toe allows the air to pass inside and it doesn't fog up. I don't have particularly sweaty feet so my experience might be different to someone else's. 
Just to let you know, the shoes are 50% off and they also come with a clear heel! 
Happy Shopping :)

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E03A1A58-8FF7-4DB8-9BE0-3BF2597A3D01 You know, I was laying in bed yesterday and thought of this idea to shoot with LFW balloons in honour of London Fashion Week. Thank god for my blogger girls, we were able to meet the next morning and shot this in literally 10 minutes. We didn't even ask anyone to take a picture just used a tripod and the remote control on my camera. ( If you look closely you can see I am holding a phone, we could see what the camera can see! Cool right?) I am honestly so happy with the outcome. I love when blogger girls meet up and create content or come up with new ideas. I definitely want to do more of that in the future. It's so much more fun and interesting when girls support each other not just on social media but in real life too. Anyway, if anyone reading is attending fashion week, come and say hello! I am taking it easy this season and not doing many shows. More blogger events and just chilling with the girls. I am however looking forward to Paris Fashion Week. Now that should be fun!
54D9EB7E-46C0-4F71-8960-B036149101D6 591CB02F-DA94-47FC-9FBE-A96217668790 BBFE642E-BFE3-43B3-9202-7DD09FB3250C 64C70F2C-866C-4088-BBA7-7B0255C8D36E

How are you celebrating Valentines day this year? Or maybe not celebrating at all? I used to ignore the 14th of February when I was single but since I've been in a relationship it's just a nice occasion to go for a nice meal or a drink with your loved one. We used to always give little gifts but we decided not to give anything this Valentines day, no need. However I did receive something that I think would be the perfect gift for a woman this Valentines day. It's the new Chloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle  from Fragrance Direct which smells divine and the bottle is beyond perfect. It really does stand out on my perfume tray. It's inspired by Parisian Romance and love padlocks on the bridge of Pont des Arts. (You literally have to 'unlock' it to open the fragrance). I love that.  Have any of you ever tried Chloe fragrances?  Let me know which one is your favourite below in the comments.
Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day this year!

You can shop Chloe Eau Sensuelle at Fragrance Direct by clicking here.

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Dress The Nude London.

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You know when February arrives and every year it's colder that month than January? I start believing that spring will never arrive at this point. I hate January and February the most out of the 12 months. They are just so depressing. But I am working hard this year, because I promised myself this is gonna be my year! It's also the year of the rooster, which is the year I was born. Let's hope it's a lucky one. I had a lovely dinner with my sister yesterday in The Rum Kitchen. Delicious food and the best sweet potato fries ever. Really I am just here to show off my new faux fur gilet from Urban Code London. I think it's so damn beautiful, I wear it on top of my black Zara coat which is the exact same length so it just looks like a coat. Was so lucky with that. I am really trying to improve my blog guys and see if I should even keep going with it. Please please if you read my blog, still, if there is anyone coming here to look at the photos, leave any comment in the comments. Could be a heart, a dot or a letter, just anything. I need to see what I should do with this space. 

Gabby x
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