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I'm sure you've already seen my new favourite accessory for this fall, these two Cluse watches. I featured one of them in my previous blog post and the other on my Instagram last week. A few months ago I sold all of my watches without realising so then I had no watch to wear and wasn't really sure what I want for fall. Thank god Cluse came along and I was able to discover my new favourites. I decided to go for yellow as it kind of has been my 'IT" colour this season. It reminds me of leaves at fall and I just couldn't resist. It also surprisingly goes with any outfit I wear, well it's mainly black outfits but still. The other one is a bit more classy, silver with rose gold details. Absolutely stunning and goes perfectly with my gold and silver every day jewellery. Have you guys got a watch that you cant stop wearing? Let me know in the comments! 


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If you follow me on social media you must know by now that I spend a good amount of time at The Apārtment over fashion week which is a place for original space for bloggers to relax, recharge and work. They surprise us every season with the new room set ups and amazing things to do. This year I spent A LOT of time there and the one thing that I used the most is the sofas. All the sofas this season, were from DFS which was great as I love DFS and their furniture. The space looked amazing and of course it's important for the sofas and arm chairs to be comfortable as what we do most there is sit and relax from the crazy days of fashion shows and events. Also may I mention how photogenic they are, everyone’s pictures looked amazing from The Apārtment, thanks to these beauties right here. 
My favourite has to be the blue sofa and if I had a bigger flat I would love to have that there but sadly my flat is so tiny, I can't fit any more furniture especially not a 3 or 4-seater sofa. However I know that when I get my own place, DFS will be the first place I turn to for their huge selection of beautiful pieces. 

This post is in collaboration with DFS but all opinions are my own. 

Photos by JoinComb and Kris Atomic.


IMG_0195 IMG_0200 IMG_0197 IMG_0194 IMG_0210 IMG_0193IMG_0204 I love these type of autumnal outfits so much, too bad it's too cold to wear them most of the time. A good Midi skirt is a must for autumn and I couldn't find a new one that really caught my attention so pulled out last year's one from Lipsy. It's such a beauty. This is the perfect evening/dinner outfit for autumn, just don't forget your jacket of course. A nice trench would look nice! 



IMG_0008IMG_0009 IMG_0007 Is that my new Gucci bag? And my new cardigan from probably my new favourite Lithuanian designer? Yes it is, say hello to my new Gucci Marmont Velvet and my coatigan from Robi-Agnes. I will do separate posts featuring those items, I have been wearing the same thing for the past few days, no shame. On Friday I actually had one of the best lunches ever, a shrimp burger. YUM! I met with Lara from The Bodyshop, and she introduced me to some new products. I will let you know about those too! Have you realised I changed my hair? Finally, after a long long time of wanting to do it I found the right person to trust my hair with. So much going on in one blog post but just wanted to leave these images here. I also have a new video on my youtube, you can watch it here.


IMG_0015 IMG_0014 IMG_0012 IMG_0016 IMG_0011 IMG_7926 What a great time at the Stradivarius Paper Event. I got the opportunity to be one of the bloggers they collaborated with. The day before I had to choose an outfit in store and I actually surprised myself with my choice - the PJ trend. Who knew one day we would be wearing pyjamas? Once I got that on, I fell in love and couldn't not pick those pieces. I wanted to wear brogues but because it's a night event thought heels would be the better option. At the party I got to meet Hailey Baldwin who was the face of the event!  How fun, although she looks really serious haha! Model face? Let me know your thoughts on this outfit?! Yay or nay?




It's finally boot season! Fall is my favourite season for dressing. You can layer up and finally wear those cute sweaters because it's chilly outside. Another thing I love about fall is the boots. There are so many options every year and I just always think 'What do I need this season?'. Last year I invested in a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots and I am so glad I did, such a beautiful and comfortable pair of shoes. Now I fancy another pair, a black one with no heel just like number 8 on the list. 
However, once you invest in a pair of designer shoes, you cant go and buy 3 more pairs ( well most of us cant.) So you have to think about being on the budget and this is why I thought this post will be great for you guys! I myself had the booties from Public Desire (nr1) and they were amazing and lasted me 2 seasons! You can have a look at how they fit here. I am also drooling over number 5, the River Island, Balenciaga inspired boots. So rock and roll, I need them in my fall wardrobe.


IMG_9216 IMG_9219 IMG_9218 IMG_9220 IMG_9221 Have you ever really wondered, what makes the perfect morning? Not every morning is great but there are tips that can make it feel like it. Ofcourse the first thing is, you will not have a great morning if you didn't sleep well. So it's always important to have a good mattress and cozy bed linen.

Also if you are not in a rush in the morning, you will be checking your Instagram account and seeing the new posts on your feed. Atleast that's what I do every morning. It's really great if you follow some motivational accounts and read a few of the qoutes in the morning. That can help you get out of bed and get on with your busy day!

Another tip is to force yourself to laugh for a few seconds every morning. It really feels silly when you're not in a happy mood but that way your day starts with laughter so it's said that it will make you ease up and have a lighter, happier mood. I don't do it everyday, but it does help!

Then moving onto breakfast. I feel like it's the most important meal of the day because your energy levels will depend on it. So I like to have a few different things for breakfast. If I have 2 eggs with bread I will also have something fresh after like fruits or a yoghurt. And also, smoothies are great for breakfast! Yum!

I actually got to attend an event with Tempur last week where we did a few things that made the morning perfect. We had a relaxing yoga class which was interesting as I've never tried yoga before. It made my body and mind feel more relaxed for the day ahead. Then we got to have delicious breakfast in bed on Tempur mattresses and chit chat with other bloggers. We found out a bit more about Tempur mattresses, did you know that they are the only NASA certified mattress and pillow company around? Well now you know! 

This post is in collaboration with TEMPUR® but all opinions are my own.  Check out their website for more information on their mattresses


IMG_8784 IMG_8777 Comb - 8d37b8c8-7ec6-11e6-ba9b-aab69d8b7bb7 - Web IMG_8782 IMG_8779 IMG_8785 Comb - 380e2382-7ec6-11e6-bf96-e2fa661e35e8 - Web Red patent? No, I never thought I'd wear a full outfit of it. I actually cannot believe I had shoes to match this crazy look. Ego footwear sent me a few pairs of shoes before fashion week, and I got these red ones, even though deep in my heart I knew I will never wear them. And then randomly I find this red patent leather combo in Zara a few days later. A perfect match if you ask me! My boyfriend was horrified by this outfit choice and he said don't you dare leave the house like that! haha bless him. I normally wouldn't, and I felt uncomfortable in the tube, but once I was surrounded by fashionistas and young creatives down at Brewer Street, it was a great feeling! This outfit was everyones favourite. I am so glad I came out of my comfort zone and wore something fun and different! Try it sometime, its fun!

Some photos by JOINCOMB.


IMG_8265 IMG_8609 IMG_8635 IMG_8610 IMG_8638 IMG_8637 IMG_8611 You might have seen and will see a very similar look like this from the Stradivarius party about a week ago. I was able to choose and outfit and went for the PJ trend, which at first I thought how in the world am I going to wear it? But then I liked it so much I decided to rock it to LFW too. Got a really cool infinity braid done by MoiraBorg and so I felt a little like I just got out of bed but not really! That braid was probably the coolest ever. Getting on the tube with this outfit on is weird in another type of way. I think people actually thought I just got out of bed!  However the PJ trend is so hot right now, that I didn't care the slightest. 
Some of the photos by JoinComb team from The Apartment.
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