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 Hi guys, I am here with this month's beauty favourites. I know I don't do them every month, but I don't think I experiment with makeup and beauty products that much, that I could do a new post so often. I know some of you really enjoy these posts so let's hope you enjoy this one too.

The photo above:
Victorias Secret 'Secret Escape' eu de toilette.
This has been my go-to scent whenever I am feeling happy, the sun is out and I just want to smell of the Hollister store. Lol. I really really love it. The story is pretty funny. A girl I know was wearing it, and I couldn't believe it, it smelt like the Hollister store, which is one of my favourite scents. Hate the store, but love the smell in there (yes, weirdo). So I asked her what it was, and then got my sister to buy it for me for my birthday. And then I re-purchased it in the VS sale, for £4, and the normal price is around £13. I would say it's pretty pricey for a little bottle but it's one of my favourites perfumes now so I will be re-purchasing even on full price. The only thing is that it doesn't stay on your skin/clothes for a long time, but what could you expect, it's not a parfum.
Notes include Sheer freesia and guava flowers.
Rating: 9/10
Get it here
Well aren't these beautiful? Zoeva kindly sent me these brushes to test out and review but I haven't tried all of them yet,  I will review the whole set very soon. I cannot even explain how soft these brushes are. I thought I had soft brushes already, but these are soft on another level. I don't really know what to say about them, they look absolutely gorgeous and are great for applying my makeup so the rating would be: 10/10
Get this set here
Well these are just amazing. I have heard many good things about them but they only sell them in one store in London, and there are only like 5 branches, and of course very far from me. So whenever I go to my parents house I always pop in to Wilkinsons to purchase some Essence makeup. 
These lip pencils are extremely soft, and the colours are just stunning. They are nice and creamy and stay on for a while, I also use them all over my lips sometimes and they don't make my lips dry which is great. But did I mention the best part? They are like £1 each!!! Yes, £1.
Rating: 10/10
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The thing with me is, I hardly ever buy expensive makeup. I know that I could sometimes, but I feel crazy spending £14 on a Mac lipstick. (I bought my first one a few weeks ago). But I kept hearing soooooo many good things about this highlighter and I really needed one. I was stuck between Mac and this Benefit one and one day I was on my way to work, came across a Benefit Makeup Store and  just thought to myself 'you know what, I'm just gonna go in and buy that damn highlighter if I want it so much'. So I did go in, and I did buy it. But I didn't know it was £24!!! Ahhh, I thought it was going to be £18, and you know how makeup stores never have prices where you can see them. So yeah, I didn't wanna say anything and just bought it. But you know what? Now that I've used it, I would buy it again and again and again. It's a magical product that every girl should have. I didn't even know what a highlighter was a few months ago, but damn, now I cant leave my house without it. If you don't know, you put it on your cheek bones, cupid bow and under your eyebrows to highlight those parts of your face, and oh my, my face just lights up! I feel like I look more alive and just glowy!
My rating is 100/10 hehe!
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I know I know, everyone goes on about this one. I never tried it before, and after hearing many bloggers and vloggers go on about it every month I had to try it. Again, normally I would go for a £5 mascara and live happily ever after, and to be honest didn't really wanna spend £10.99  on it, but I had to break through my stinginess for makeup (haha) and just bought it. And again, fell in love. This mascara is like no other. It makes my lashes super black and super long. My eyes look amazing with this wonderful product. I will re-purchase this one many times. Just one question, which coloured tube is the best? I saw many people use the gold... what's the difference?
Rating 10/10.
Get it here
Oh I love these. I don't normally use these hand gels, they smell horrible and I always forget to use it. But these colourful and delicious smelling ones just make their way onto my hands! I cannot even describe how nice my hands smell after these, if you choose a yummy scent of course! :p The scent stays on your hands for about 30/40mins. But the thing I like most is that they are so small and cute, I just throw it into my coat pocket, and that way I remember to use it. I don't think you can get them in the UK. I think on Ebay they're really pricey, but I had them ordered for me from the US and they're super cheap there!
Rating 10/10
Get them here

Let me know if you enjoyed this review + a little story with each item! lol 
Do you use any of these products?

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  1. I've never tried any of these products other than hand gel. I do enjoy the smell of them. Great review!


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