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Wow, can you believe it? Today marks six months since I had my rhinoplasty surgery. The speed at which time is flying scares me everyday, I have difficulties accepting that it's going by so fast. The slowest month in the past year had to be the month after surgery. Every day seemed to drag on and I would look at my nose 300 times a day, making things up in my head. Like 'oh the shape is not right' and 'omg they forgot to do this and that'. 
Then the time picks up and you start to forget about your surgery. I think the biggest change I saw was 3-4months post op. The nose looked less swollen and thats when I was 100% happy. 
So if you are going through this, or are planning to, remember that the most difficult part is not the surgery itself but the healing process which actually is 18 months but as I said, 3-4 months is when you'll see the biggest difference. I know my nose will change a bit in the next year too but hoping it will just be a tiny bit because I really like it how it is now. You really have to remember to stay calm and stop overthinking. Trust me on this one.

In terms of updates, the tip of the nose is still hard so blowing my nose is a struggle. Breathing is not 100% back yet, some days I am breathing perfectly and others, I will find myself breathing through my mouth. Am I doing it out of habit? Maybe! But I did notice that my nose reacts to different temperatures as weird as that sounds. If it's really hot my nose can go a bit swollen and if it's cold, it feels much smaller and it feels easier to breathe. I think the next update will have to be 6 months later, when we are at one year post op.

Many people ask me what my close friends and family say about my nose. Did they get used to it? Did I? It's no secret that my face changed a lot after surgery. I think that it's due to the fact that my nose was arched a little instead of keeping it straight like it was. I have already talked about how I felt in the first few months in my Youtube video. But to sum it up, I had a hard time getting used to my 'new face'. I don't know if people around me were just being nice but most of them said I look the same, I look amazing and they always imagined me like this. Well, I'm not complaining!
BUT, I did go to one of my family members birthday parties recently where I got to catch up with a lot of people that I haven't seen since last summer and a few of them told me that my old nose was a part of me, and they don't see me as 'me' anymore. That doesn't bother me though, I am very happy with how I look now. The insecurity that I carried around with me is gone and I can't tell you how great that feels.

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