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I've been getting a lot of smoothie related questions recently and thought it's only fair to write a post on it. 
I am a bit of a smoothie freak, as you might have already noticed on my instagram. And the main questions I've been getting are about recipes and the blender it self.
The blender that I have is this Kenwood one, which is called 'super compact blender BL234'. I tried to find it online and had a very hard time, didn't find the same one. I bought it in a little electronics store near my home so it might be a model they don't make any more?! I dont know.. :( But you can read my old post about this blender, the things it comes with etc. I am very happy with it, if you're wondering to get the same one.
I don't really write down or find recipes of smoothies, most of the time I just use what I have at home. I go to a fruit store or a supermarket and most of time time pick up apples, bananas, raspberries, strawberries and maybe a pineapple or a mango. I also recently started adding spinach to my smoothies which give it a weird smell but it tastes a bit more sour in my opinion and I love that. 
They're super easy to make and very nice and healthy. I try to always make sure I am adding a fruit that is sweet because I cant drink a smoothie if it doesn't have any sweetness and it's tasty when it's sweet.
The yellow one was very tasty made from an apple, pineapple and banana. See? so simple.
I was using milk as my liquid for the smoothie when I first got the blender, but it was too 'heavy' for me, and too creamy should I say, I wanted something a bit more fresh so I started using apple juice, but it was way too sweet for me then. So then I just started using water. But soon realised that water makes it a little bit weird, the fruits separate from the water sometimes once left standing for a while. So now I always use ice. 
Yes, ice. Some blenders do not blend the ice as the machine is not strong enough, but mine does so that's just how I do it. It does take a while for everything to blend but it's worth it, and also it comes out very cold and perfect for a summery day. I also add chia seeds to make it more healthy sometimes. Also sometimes if I have any lemons, I add a little bit of lemon juice, just because I like it sour.
NOTE: do not add spinach if you want it to be a nice colour. Spinach makes every smoothie look kind of like vomit colour which is not appealing but very yummy.

I hope this helped you at least a bit if you're planning on making smoothies this summer. They're great for breakfast! You can find recipes online and maybe if I come up with any I will share with you on instagram!


  1. it looks nice and yummy! :)
    i should try to make one of these but of course without spinach cause i don't like spinach :|

  2. Aciu uz posta!Pagelbejo man ;)


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