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Naked2 palette

I'm sure many of you have read my 'new in' post already, on this product so I won't say a lot here, but it's an amazing palette with the most beautiful and useful colours and the eye-shadow stays on really well and looks gorgeous!
Rating 10/10

Dior lip glow, colour reviver balm

Oh my god, I am so in love with this product. I found a pharmacy near my new home where they have Dior products for half price, and I am so glad I chose this one. First of all, it's very soft and gives your lips a nice feel, also it gives your lips a nice pink glow, and you don't have to re-apply it every 5mins, it stains your lips very well. It also smells amazing, mint and vanilla I would say, mmm just amazing! I didn't think I would love it as much as I do, and the packaging is way too girly and cute!
Rating 10/10

H&M kabuki brush

This one is great. I couldn't believe h&m had a kabuki brush this good for such a good price. I think I paid £2.49 if I'm not mistaken. It's super soft and I just wanna stroke my face with it non stop, haha!
Rating 10/10

Batiste dry shampoo - cherry

I've probably mentioned these dry shampoo's a million times before but I found my favourite one from Batiste. This cherry one, which has a smell that doesn't get on my nerves if I spray a bit too much of it.If you have never tried these, you have to! 
Rating 9/10

Sephora triple action cleansing water

I got this in Paris, just to try it out, that's why it's kind of a sample size I would say. It's very light and gets rid of makeup very well. I think I would definitely re-buy this product in a full size. It says its for face and eyes but I only use it for my face and use make-up wipes for my eyes.
Rating 9/10

Bodyshop passion fruit shower gel

Omg guys, I think my love for passion fruit will never die. I love everything that has a passion fruit flavour or scent so when I saw this, on sale too (!!!) I couldnt leave it. I am absolutely in love with this shower gel, it smells amazing.
Rating 10/10

Nair upper lip hair removal cream.

This might be embarasing to some, but many girls get upper lip hair and you can't do anything about it. Mine are not visible and blonde thankfully, but I still prefer to get them removed. So about 3 years ago I found this product and I've been re-buying it ever since. One tube contains the hair removal cream and the other has a moisturiser that you apply after. It lasts for ages and you don't have to pay to get hair removal every single time.The only down side- it smells really bad and sometimes your upper lip gets itchy for a few mins.
Rating 9/10

Hask hair oils.

I've talked about these many times, but they're my favourite and I love them. Kind of running out, so a trip to primark is on the cards. They make your hair so smooth and silky without making it look greasy. And they smell amazing too.
Rating 10/10

Body shop aloe soothing night cream

This night cream is great. It makes my skin very soft and gets rid of any blemishes I have. It is a night cream but I use it in the morning too, it's great as a foundation base too. It doesn't have any scent and is very light and moistures your skin.
Rating 10/10

Do any of you use these products?

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