29 Jan 2014


I have been wanting one for a long time and when I my friend started posting smoothie pics everyday,
I had to make myself go and buy it. I was just too lazy or never had the time to travel a bit to buy it.
I swear, these days I am in uni, at work or in bed on my laptop, catching up with all
the show I've missed! ha Anyyywayy, this little blender is now my best friend.
It has three different containers?haha I dont know what to call them. One is for nuts,herbs and little things
like that and the other two are for smoothies. One is a 'smoothie to go' which is perfect size for
one smoothie and the other one makes around two glasses of yummyness!

blended nuts so I can add a spoon or two to every smoothie
You can put anything you want in there. I've been putting bananas,raspberries, strawberries,blueberries, blended nuts and a bit of jam to make it sweeter. I also like adding a little bit of lemon juice!
I've been using milk but I am going to try using water today to make it a little lighter.

 How cute are these pink coconut shavings??? Do any of my readers love smoothies too? Maybe you know any
yummy recipes you would like to share with me? ;p



  1. As gi smoothies darau vos ne kasdien darbe, tik paklausk as tau receptu prisakysiu :D

  2. Nektariną perpjauk per pusę, išimk kauliuką, banano pusę dėk ir pilk natūralų geriamą jogurtą. Viską suplak ir susmulkink, gaunasi tirštokas, bet skanus ir labai sotus.
    Šiaip visi tie vadinami smoothies yra gaminami iš akies, ką turi po ranka..

    1. As labai nemegstu jogurtu, tai plaku tik su pienu arba vandeniu/ledukais. Bet pabandysiu tavo gal su sultim! ;o Nervuoja kad uk vaisiai visi be skonio.. ;/ reikia ieskot organic parduotuviu, o ten kainos irgi biski nemazos ;/

  3. Receptas:
    1 iceberg salotos lapas
    sauja špinatų
    1 nektarinas
    1/3 stiklinės vandens

    1. Uuu saldus gaunas? dekui!

    2. Gana saldus. Bent man :D Čia po breketų užveržimo pagrindinis "maistas" tie smoothies :D


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