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Happy New Year everybody! This year my promises to myself are pretty simple. To take care of myself. Sounds pretty easy but could be harder than you think. I decided to start with my skin. I have been looking after my skin pretty well for a good few months now. Bioderma is one of the brands I tried and fell in love with about a year ago. That's about the time when I tried the Sensibio H2O for the fist time ever and it just became my everyday makeup remover. I have re-purchased it so many times, at home and abroad if I would see a good deal. I do love a good deal haha!
So since December was one of those months where I wore makeup pretty much everyday, even if I was at home I thought it's time to share with you my evening routine with Bioderma.

This is something new I got to try. As I said I got really used to using 'the pink bottle' (will be easier this way) I was just not sure if I even need to try this one. But I got told it's perfect for oily skin so I gave it a try and I really really like it. I don't know which one I prefer, they're both amazing, but I do realise that this one probably suits my skin type a little bit more. Formulated from non-irritating and sebo-purifying active ingredients, it sanitises the epidermis just softly and rebalances the sebum excess. My favourite thing about it is that you don't need to rinse after using it. Perfect when you're in a rush, traveling etc. 

Ok, I know we are talking about skincare here but this shower gel is amazing. I feel like it would be perfect for pregnant women and children as it doesn't have any scent and it literally feels like a dream on your skin. Also will be giving this to my boyfriend who uses one shower gel for his face and body so now he can use this one and I won't get mad at him as it has no bad ingredients. 

This eye contour gel offers daily, protective, decongesting, soothing and hydrating care for the eye contour area. It has been great for reducing puffiness and tired eyes. I don't know if it's just me but sometimes if I feel tired or sleepy I can put an eye gel on and it makes my eye area feel so refreshed. This can also be used as a makeup base but I am yet to try it for that purpose. This is something that will be travelling with me, especially on morning or evening flights when my eyes and skin get so dry from the airplane. 

This has also been with me for over a year. I don't use this everyday but more on the days when my skin feels oily. Sometimes if it's already feeling pretty dry (hello winter and central heating!) I opt for other moisturisers but this is great for me in the summer and the warmer months. I do use this as a primer also quite a lot as it keeps my skin fresh and matte and turns shine into radiance. I actually love that Bioderma products don't have over the top packaging and are quite small, perfect for traveling, which is very important to me because I really don't like putting my skincare into travel containers and bottles.

Let me know if you've tried any of these products? Most people I speak to have tried Bioderma before, so would be nice to find out what products you love and if there are any I really need to try.

This post is in collaboration with Bioderma, but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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