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When it comes to jewellery, I tend to wear rings the most. And when I mean most, I mean I live in them. Literally. Never take them off. Ok well I do on two occasions. When I am using strong cleaning products to clean my home and when I use fake tan. I shower, swim and do all my every day activities without taking these rings off, I even have tan lines where they sit. I don't know what it is, I have always loved rings and my hands feel empty without them. 
 To tell you the truth I have always struggled to find nice rings that would all match on my fingers and that wouldn't cost over a hundred pounds per ring. A Youtuber called Chanelette has been raving about Monica Vinader rings for a few years now and I have always wanted to invest in them, but on one of my birthdays I went to the store with my boyfriend and I just didn't like how they looked on me, yet on her they look like my dream rings! 
One day I got asked if I would like a few rings from this brand Kirstin Ash and I obviously said yes. Now when it comes to free samples and gifts, I probably agree to less than 50% of offers sent to me because I simply don't believe in saying yes to something that is not YOU or you know you will never wear. But I had to say yes to these because they seemed really dainty and beautiful. 
From the moment I unpacked them I knew they belong on my fingers. They've been here ever since. I know some people prefer necklaces or earrings but I thought I'd write this post just incase someone loves rings like me. As you can see one ring is silver. Now here is a little story that you might find completely unnecessary but hey, it's my blog and I'm gonna tell it anyway!
A few years ago my boyfriend gave me the cutest ring for Valentine's day. It was a silver ring with a little heart. On the day of moving to a new flat, I was cleaning the last bits of the old flat and took my ring off and left it on the dining table. When I clean, I use loaaaads of paper towels and I kept throwing them on the dining table. Now I think most of you know where this story is going, yes, I threw away my ring with the paper towels and only realised the next day that I lost it. I even went back to the flat where at this point new people were moving in and asked them if they've found it but they said no. I never found that ring in any Guess stores and it kind of left a bit of sadness in me. A few weeks ago I was at the airport getting my cousin a pair of Pandora earrings and I saw this ring! I knew it had to be mine. I didn't even care that it's silver, just living by my own rules here! So now we have a silver baby mixed with 5 rose gold beauties and they bring so much joy to my heart haha! 
As you can see I also included a Guess watch. I usually wear my silver and gold Cluse watch (matches my rings) but recently this has been taking over a little bit. A little vintage looking baby. 
I will try to link all of the pieces below. Just so you know this post is not sponsored. I am trying to bring my blog back so you will see much more posts on beauty, lifestyle and random little things!


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