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Recently I had the pleasure of visiting my favourite shopping destination - Bicester Village. It's a designer outlet that looks and feels as if you're walking in a tiny village. The boutiques are all super cute and you really just never want to leave that place. They have stores from the likes of Gucci, Prada and YSL to Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld and All Saints. When it comes to outlets, I am a huge fan. I mean, who doesn't love a good bargain? I have visited plenty of outlets before but I would always leave pretty upset, with no lucky purchases. Now, I don't know if it's just my luck or if Bicester Village is actually that good but I have been there three times and I always leave with the best purchases! Let's see what I picked up this time.

I always make a plan on my way to the village of which stores I will visit first. My top five are Gucci, Prada, YSL, Valentino and Dior. I never buy straight away, which is a gamble in my opinion but I always want to make sure I looked at everything before I spend my money. I found some amazing deals in Gucci, so many shoes at around £200. Acne had some beautiful sweaters and shoes also around the £200 mark. Valentino had an amazing selection of bags but I recently purchased my dream Valentino bag so thought I will leave it this time. Balenciaga had a few pieces at 90%!!! Can you believe it? YSL often has last sizes of shoes going for around 70% off but I never get lucky with my size. Basically as you can see, it sounds like a dream, and it really is. This time I was really lucky because there were so many good things that I found, it took me a while to decide what I will be buying. But I think I made pretty good choices.
I don't know about you but I have had my eye on the Burberry wool and cashmere ponchos for many years now. If I scrolled through my tumblr page from a few years ago, I am sure I would find some street style shots of models wearing that checkered  cape. I think you can imagine my excitement when I saw it, just hanging there, waiting for me. haha! My boyfriend was a real fan of it, he rarely comments on my clothes or shoes but he said I have to get this. So I did. And the best part? It was £390 down from £1000. To some, it might look like an autumn piece. To me, it's an all year round piece. I am always cold, so this has now become my best friend for those chilly summer evenings. I always dream of it being socially acceptable to wrap yourself in a blanket in public, and now I can literally do that with this cape. I wore it to the beach one evening and it was literally the best thing. Well let's just say, this is probably my favourite purchase this year!
Ok so we talked about Balenciaga having 90% off. I spotted a pair of shoes as soon as I entered the store, at this point I didn't know about the huge discount. When my eyes saw the price : £79 instead of £790, I thought there must be a mistake. Surely?! How can Balenciaga shoes cost the same as Zara? But after a few minutes I was assured, that yes, they are 90% off. And they had my size!!! I mean, that's just pure luck. I then stumbled across two things I liked in Acne. There was a dusty pink coloured sweater and a pair of boots. Silly me, while I tried the boots, someone bought the sweater! Should have taken it with me. But I didn't get upset, in my head, that was a sign that I should take the shoes! Those were around 50% off. Funnily enough, my outfit looks like an autumn outfit, not a summer one. But I love wearing ankle boots in the summer and I already told you my love story with the poncho so you must understand that for me, this was the best shopping day ever. 
If you would like to visit Bicester Village, you can find more information here

This post is in collaboration with Bicester Village. All words and opinions are my own.

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