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It's been over a month since I came back from Dubai, and I wasn't planning on doing a blog post for the trip. BUT... This city has been one of the most amazing I have visited. I fell in love with it, so it deserved a nice blog post so I can share my favourite spots with you and hopefully help you out if you travel there. I was in Dubai for only a few days but I feel like I saw and did so much and obviously we did more than just these photos. We ate, checked out the clubbing scene, watched the fountains etc.

The dream place. I said to my friend Brigita 'the floor looks so clean and shiny, I think you could eat of it'. It literally looked so clean! Everything just looks like it's kind of not even real but it is. We wandered into the newer part of the mall and I can honestly say I have never seen better public toilets in my life. They had a lady ready to wipe your seat after you leave the cubicle! Another lady passing a mini towel to dry your hands. Wait, was I in a mall or a 5* hotel? 
Also, make sure you check out the fountain show. It was something magical.

This place is definitely worth the drive to Abu Dhabi. First of all, the drive is very interesting because usually in Europe we drive through green places and here it's all sand. You pass a really cool stop about midway from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. It's a little food truck place full of really fun and bright kiosks selling food. We didn't stop but it looked so fun! The Mosque itself is amazing. It's so chilled and relaxed when you walk around. You cannot wear shoes which makes it so cozy and you feel like home. I can't explain the feeling, you have to be there. There is also the Louvre museum which opened recently but stupidly we didn't check the opening times because who would have thought that the only day it would be closed is a Monday? Silly girls for not checking! It looks beautiful and I am really sad I didn't get to go but nothing to worry about since I will be back to Dubai soon!

Ok, so I don't actually know how it actually works with this one. This is a hotel/resort that has their own beach with amazing views. Me and Brigita somehow got it, we just asked the guards where the beach is and they showed us haha. I don't actually know if we were allowed to be there because signs kept popping up everywhere saying residents only. But no one cared so we wandered around for hours. Just look at this amazing pool with that view! I swear, that wear was probably one of the best I've seen. It looked unreal. So I don't know if you can actually get to this place if you're not staying there and if we just got lucky but it was one of my favourite places in Dubai if not the favourite.

This place is really cool if you want to chill near the sea and a pool at the same time. I think it can be quite pricey but on Tuesday's it's 'Ladies Day' in Dubai so many places offer free entry and drinks for ladies. You just need to send your name to the guest list email on their Facebook or Instagram pages. I was all alone that day but I think I spent good five hours there enjoying the sun and delicious food with beer. The atmosphere was amazing, cool music all day. They also had little gestures like free ice lollies, free sunglasses cleaning and so on.

I hope you enjoyed my little guide with places you must visit! I obviously didn't have enough time to see everything I wanted to, and I did visit more places than I have mentioned here. Overall I had a great time, Dubai is now in my top 2 places with Barcelona.

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