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Recently I was sent the new Blackberry Keyone to try out and review. Some of you will be thinking. Blackberry? That's so 2010! Well yes, that's the time when every teenager was dying for a Blackberry because they were the coolest phone to have. Who remembers BBM? That was the best thing about the phone, probably why we all wanted it so much. If you didn't have BBM you just felt left out. The sound when you got a message was the best. I can remember it until this day. So of course when I was approached and asked if I want to test the new phone I jumped at the idea! I loved loved loved my little blackberry when I was 16 so this was the perfect opportunity to try the new and improved, touch screen phone with buttons and it's also powered by Android, so you can have all your social media apps and over a million more. 
During those 7 days when I was challenged to use the Blackberry instead of my iphone, my phone died on me and wouldn't turn back on so I literally had to use the Blackberry the whole time. I'm not gonna lie, it did take me over 3 days to get the hang of the buttons. I was so used to touch screen typing that my fingers seemed to just always press the wrong thing. Once you do get used to it, it's amazing. I think it's the perfect work phone. For typing emails, doing reports or whatever you need to type up. This phone is also the world's most secure Android phone, no wonder Kim Kardashian always uses a Blackberry for work! 
If you're wondering if it had the BBM, yes it did. But to be honest I didn't even try it. I just don't think I would have any friends on there, how times have changed lol! Let's talk about a few things. The camera is 12MP but since I use my own camera all the time, I simply didn't really need to use the Blackberry one. The design is sleek and the screen is scratch proof which is great because I never use screen protectors and always scratch my phone when I throw it in my bag for 'just a second'. 
Let me know if any of you have tried this phone, I am interested to hear your thoughts. Is everyone loving it as much as me?

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  1. I am actually considering this model for my business phone :)



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