You might of seen from my 50 insta stories that I was invited to a fun night out with Superdry and some London bloggers. We started off in the store, getting our outfits on and doing our nails, hair and makeup and chatting away. Then we were told there is a bus waiting for us so we rushed out and got on this cool double decker which took us to the next secret location. We thought we were going into an adult shop but actually it was a Mexican restaurant, what a wonderful secret place! hehe
After eating way too much good food and having a few drinks we were taken for some cocktails and then finally to Fabric. I actually was set on the idea that when we get to the club I am gonna go home because I'm not a fan of clubs but it was so much fun I ended up staying for a while! I love blogger events where they surprise you out of the blue. A huge than you to Superdry for a great night!