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I have realised that with youtube being so close to my heart now, I have neglected my blog quite a bit. I need to learn to take care of both. Like two little babies of mine, they both need the same amount of love and attention. I am back for good now, with many exciting things coming up on the blow over the next few months. This time let's talk about court heels.
I've had this nude pair from Daniel Footwear just under 3 years now. They have honestly been used more than any other heels I own, but only for shoots, events and videos.
I cannot wear them in the street for example. They do look amazing on, make your legs look longer and make you feel like you just stepped out of an episode of Sex and The City. But they are a pain in the ass to wear. Like literally. I can last about 2 hours in them and then our friendship ends right there and then. Until of course I look at them again and want them on my feet with every outfit! The truth is, they literally go with anything you wear. I recently got a black pair by the way and they're no where as near to these. But do note that I am talking about patent court heels. I am dreaming of a pair of Christian Louboutin black courts. Dreams come true though so I am not worried. 
I wonder if I went back on my blog and counted how many times I used these heels to shoot, would I be surprised? Ok I have to do it now. 18 times on outfit posts and I honestly can't go through all the other posts from events etc. 
I cannot actually believe I've had them for three years. I went back on my blog and realised I got them in May 2014. When I started writing this blog post I wrote down two years without even thinking. They are nowhere near breaking, ripping or anything like that so I can imagine myself wearing them for many more years. 

Let's talk a little about the outfit now. I have found a great photographer, Justina, who is making all my outfit photo dreams come true. I am so happy to be collaborating with her this summer to show you so many cool outfits! Hope you will check back often. Right, back to the outfit.
This H&M skirt is something I will keep in my wardrobe forever. I wanted it so bad but it was sold out in the UK so I was happy when I got it gifted to me in Lithuania by the H&M team there.
The trench has been my number 1 jacket of choice since I got it and of course, I talked about the heels enough already. Gucci. My baby. If you're wondering if I'm not sick of it yet, because I wear it what looks like 24/7 but really only 2 out of 7 days a week haha then no, I am not bored of it yet! I actually need to give it to Gucci for them to fix one part of velvet but I cannot give it away for 6-8 weeks. Not yet.
If you have any thoughts please comment below, I love reading and responding to them!


Jack Wills Trench Coat

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  1. Those heels make your leg super long <3 love it!


  2. Visų pirma tai tau labai labai tinka nude spalva ir visi atspalviai. Antra pažiūrėjus tavo foto apima labai geras jausmas, jaučiasi tokia estetika, švara ir kokybė. Tikiu, kad kol iki tokio rezultato priėjai, praėjo daug laiko, tačiau net neabejotinai buvo verta. Linkiu ir toliau tęsti kūrybinę blogo ir vlogo veiklą, because you rock girl!

    1. Labai labai malonu tai skaityti! Aciu, kad nepatingejai pakomentuot. Taip, sia vasara jau 6 metai kaip rasau bloga. Ilgas, bet idomus ir grazus kelias!


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