19 Apr 2017


Have you heard? Stripes are the HOTTEST TREND of the season. I am slowly bringing the items into my wardrobe. I don't want to rush too bad because fashion on the high street is so fast these days,  new items are coming and going daily. But I had to have these pants from Stradivarius. They apparently are the top seller right now, together with this t-shirt which I thought was cool. They seem to have a few pairs of trousers left online but it does say that they're the last units. The price is great too, which is why I didn't think twice after trying them. You will soon see a haul video where more than half of the items will be stripy, it will be up on my youtube channel this week.
I am looking at these photos and I can't get over my tattoo. I got it done about a year ago, and it was the best decision. I am so happy with how it looks and it's supposed to remind me to love myself, but it needs to do it's job a little better right now.

Photos by Justina





  1. Love this look and the quality of pictures <3


    1. Thank you so much girl, glad you like it! x

  2. Love Yourself! :) Žinoma, nežinau, kaip iš tiesų yra, bet gal tiesiog milžiniška veiklos banga su suknelių kūrimu ir daugybe kitų veiklų buvo užplūdus, o dabar, truputį nurimus, liūdesiukas įsijungė. Gera sau leisti ne tik šypsotis, bet ir tiesiog būti :)

    1. Jo, siuo metu kovoju truputi su savim. Aciu, kad pastebejai is vieno sakinio. Tikriausiai taip ir bus. Kai begu, lekiu ir daug darau, kad ir kaip pavargstu, man tai buna nerealu. O va dbr truputi ramiau ir jau per daug galvoju apie viska ir t.t. Atsigausiu! Dekui :*


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