313C54AE-3660-4A47-9468-FE987AF940CC 13EB9944-5FDF-4ED9-AC2A-0D1A38E25740 60EA5C33-A476-4EEB-B674-3ADDCC9CA2D1 A8BE6882-FB73-428E-952F-E7731223A3F1 93133810-AEE7-4101-A3B3-7D7D21A23163 I thought it's the perfect time this week to post this outfit. I'm off to Paris with my boyfriend this Friday and I cannot wait! Does anyone else get excited only when it's a few days to go? I didn't feel any excitement for over a month hehe. Maybe because it doesn't seem like reality when it's so far away. I am taking this jacket from Loavies  with me so I can get some cool content for my Instagram and blog. I just have to right? How can I not! I loved this outfit and that's strange to me because I don't wear skirts very often in the colder months mainly because I hate wearing tights lol!
But anyway, have you guys been watching my vlogmas videos? I am uploading every day until Christmas! Yup, thats insane, I know!