8D2F2BCE-36F5-419C-8E8E-EDD124ACA9D3 9D24321D-1AEE-47B2-B9CD-CB425E30841F D488E981-4D0E-4836-ACB3-0D04AAAFB277 Sadly I don't have many good photos from this shoot, but I still wanted to show you how great the colour you never really pay attention to in the stores can look. I have fallen in love with the festive colours green and red all over again this season. This sweater is only £20 but I cannot believe how much I like it and it suits so many outfits of mine. Let's talk about this captain hat. I swear, everyone hates them. I think I hate it too, but I like how it looks in pictures. Haha does that make sense? The little captain hat is a huge fashion statement right now so I obviously had to get one. Well I did get it before going to Berlin but wasn't sure how comfortable I am to wear it. What are your thoughts?