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jeans ZARA
shirt MANGO
bag H&M

Hey there! Hope you're having a nice Saturday evening, or if you're reading this on Sunday, happy Sunday! And Happy Mother's day. My mother is pretty lucky because we always get her a present and flowers for 'English Mother's day' (as we call it) and flowers for Lithuanian Mother's day in May. We just think you can't miss one or another! (WE means me and my sister lol). I will be going over to my parents house and spending the day with my family. I know we live in the same city, but I see them once a month or even less. It's still a two hour journey for me so like going to another city or something. Anyway onto this outfit. Can you believe these Zara jeans cost me £6? Haha it was such a funny price I didn't even try them. The shoes are Public Desire, like always. How many pairs of shoes do I own from them by now? Probably over 10 haha! Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below, I love reading them <3

All photos by Aleksandra