10 Jan 2016


IMG_7983-24 IMG_7999-21 IMG_8006-19 IMG_7990-22 IMG_8017-17 IMG_8009-18 IMG_7981-25 heels DANIEL
coat H&M
jumper ZARA
sunnies RAY BAN

What do you think of my new Furla baby? I couldn't pass this one by. It was the only one on sale from this style and the colour is right up my street! Will be perfect for spring/summer. So happy with the quality and how it looks. I might look like I'm not dying of cold in these pictures but last Wednesday was crazy cold. By the time we started shooting the 3rd outfit I was frozen. Literally!

Thanks to my greatest photographer Aleksandra for the photos!



  1. Hello Gabriele, I wanted to ask you for advice... I have always had dry skin and never used to wear makeup, but now I am getting more into makeup but there is one problem. I CANNOT WEAR IT! I have tried bunch of different foundations and all every single one of them do is dry on my skin and it looks awful, you can even see dry patches of foundation. I tried a few different foundations and I tried applying them with a brush, a sponge and my fingers, nothing works for me. I started moisturising my skin every single day and using a scrub a few times a week, it still does not help. Please help me!! Im desperate!

  2. Zara jumper is the winner in this outfit;)

  3. Love this chic Wednesday afternoon look Gab!

    www.thefashionrubiks.blogspot.co.uk <3


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