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The other day I realised I have so many highlighters, and many girls spend a long time trying to choose the best one. So I decided to give you a little review of the few that I own. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you've tried any of these! :)

IMG_8368 IMG_8386


This one is the newest adittion to my collection but deffinetly one of my favourites. The highlight is very bright and does the job well. The powder colours can even be applied with a finger, it's a very good texture. The creamy ones are great too. The shades are all perfect, you can choose what you like. Perfect for nights out, summer evenings. £12.99

IMG_8376 IMG_8378


This is probably my most used highlighter. I use it daily. And it's weird because this is the cheapest one I own. It was around £2 in Wilkinson's. (That's the only store that sells Essence in the UK). This creamy little baby is so great because when you start applying it, it feels like it's turning into powder and it's so easy to work with it that way. It's not too much and not too little. Just the right amount of glow on your face for everyday. Sadly these are not being sold in stores anymore. Couldn't even find them in Lithuania but you can order it on here.

IMG_8372 IMG_8379


This is also fairly new so I haven't tried it on my face yet, but on my hand it was very suprising because Barry M is a very inexpensive brand, and they're not that great in my opinion. Maybe for teenagers and young girls. So I was surprised at how creamy and bright this is. If you're looking for a bright one, this one might be it. £4.99

IMG_8366 IMG_8385


I don't know why I neglected this one for such a long time but got it out the other day and realised that it's actually pretty good, I just never got round to wearing it again since I got it. It's very similar to the first palette you read about, but just one colour in the palette is a powder and it's really really pointless because the brush doesn't pick up the powder or the colour. Very bad quality. It's worth the money though for just the three colours I think. £9.99
IMG_8374 IMG_8382


I find this one really hard to work with and that's quite disappointing seeing as this is a damn expensive product. The colour is very strong and the glow looks amazing in the night but it's so hard to work it into your skin because it's so creamy and quite gooey so it doesn't blend out well with your finger. I try to use a beauty blender so that helps a bit. I don't know, I kind of regret buying this one. £23

IMG_8370 IMG_8380


This was my favourite highlighter for a long time before I got the Essence one. Love the champagne colour, seeing as all the other highlighters I own are more on the pink tones. It's just enough for a beautiful healthy natural looking glow.  Another thing I love is how you apply it, no need for fingers or brushes. You just swipe it on and blend it out with the other end. So quick! Ahh I actually miss wearing this, this is going on my face tomorrow! This one is £24.50 but definitely worth the money and the hype!


This one is very similar to Nars, I would say the dupe of the Nars one. But it has more points because it's not as sticky so much easier to work with. Also love the packaging, well done H&M!

I still have a few on my wishlist. I heard there's a few good ones from Mac, the Mary Lou Manizer from the Balm and the Charlotte Tilburry Filmstar Bronze and Glow. Have you tried any of those?


  1. I tried Mary Lou Manizer. It's so amazing and so inexpensive :)) you can even get it on evay for a £11 :)) cannot get over it. You need to try :))

  2. Hi there

    I am looking at the H&M ones, but naturally there are no swatches on the website.
    Could you pls tell me which shade do you use? I am looking for more icy shades, rather than tanned ones.
    Thanks so much.


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