dress choies| bag & flip flops h&m| watch fossil| sunnies river island

Hey you! I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog recently. I was in Italy for a week and I just got back. Now that I am working again I find it so hard to find time to shoot outfits and other things when I have to clean the flat, cook, do the laundry, go grocery shopping and spend time with my family and boyfriend. I have promised my self that I will do it, so I will! 
Anyway, Italy was amazing. But way too hot! The sun tired me out completely every single day and I was falling asleep at 10 pm. I haven't shot every single outfit from Italy but I tried my hardest. It was hard to take a big bag with me when it was soooo hot!! Sometimes my boyfriend would take his backpack just so I can take my camera but then we got burnt!!! (even though I never burn in the sun) so our skin was hurting like crazy !!! Even the touch of my hair on my back would hurt and itch. Thankfully I didn't really go red, brown but burnt. It was a first! Haha. As you are probably wondering, yes those flip flops really don't suit my dress, but I don't care to be honest. I took 6 pairs of shoes and ended up wearing these 90% of the time.
They were the most comfortable in that crazy heat.
Anyway, another post tomorrow!