shoes& sunnies River Island| bag Ioffer| jumper Market| leggings Zara

God!!! I am so excited, because tomorrow is the company magazine blogger awards! I can not wait to go and still have to think of the hair and makeup. Pardon the dry hair ends, I REALLY need to get it cut but I don't want to cry about it days before the awards so I'm gonna do it right after and before my holiday to Italy. Sorry for being silent on here, I'm back to being a working girl so less time for my blog but let me get settled in and I'll be back to blogging every other day. For now, tell me what you think of this outfit. My boyfriend was like 'you're gonna post this one? why?' thinking it's too simple and 'everyday' like but I liked it. Simple but cute. We just went to the cinema and to eat today. It's nice to have days off and shoot outfits for you guys!

p.s wish me luck !!!