This is my favourite eye shadow palette ever. Seeing as I've only started using eye shadow a couple of months ago, I've actually made up quite a collection of palettes and none of them were as amazing as this one. It's by Urban Decay, the 2nd Naked palette. I always thought maybe I'll just wait till there's an occasion and someone asks me what I want, I'll tell them this palette. But you know what, I was in House of Fraser (a department store here in London) and I actually picked up a YSL compact eye shadow in two different colours, but it cost half the price of this amazing palette, and when I spent some time admiring the colours I just couldn't leave it there any more. To be honest I was scared to tell my boyfriend how much I've paid, haha. I mean, £37 for eye shadow... boys just don't understand! lol But it was ok, he just made fun of me for about two hours. It also came with 4 samples of primers, which will probably last me a year! lol
I definitely recommend this to everyone who loves eye shadow, especially nude/natural colours. All three palettes have similar shades, but this one is by far my favourite. Money well spent!
Do any of you own any of the Naked palettes?