25 Apr 2014


I am so happy here at the new flat. It's so cosy and cute. I'm nearly done unpacking, just makeup and other little things left. Yay!  I am probably gonna upload more photos soon, but if you follow me on instagram  you have probably already seen some pics. ;) I am so excited by the light up mirror in my bathroom, it's perfect!
Tell me if you like these kind of 'home' posts, they're quite fun to look at sometimes :) .Today I prepared a very yummy lunch for me and Arnas, which was also healthy and that's always good right? The last picture... I decided to sell those shoes, I just think I made a silly purchase because I cant make myself like them, why did I buy it ? God knows. I also uploaded some more stuff, most of it sold already, but have a look, maybe you'll find something.:)


  1. Sveikinu įsikūrus. :)) Tikrai labai įdomu apžiūrinėt namų foto, ypač gražių.
    O bateliai, tai bent man visai gražūs, įsivaizduoju prie kokios juodos, ilgos, plazdančios sukneles ir lengvai banguotų plaukų, ar netvarkingo kuoduko. Nežinau kodėl, bet kai mąstau apie outfitą, visad reik plaukus įsivaizduot. :D

  2. Sveikinu :* kiek matau, tai atrodo, kad labai garzu pas tave :o ziauriai pavydziu :D
    P.S. noriu i svecius :p

  3. Kaip fainai!! Jaučiu, kad tikrai esi labai laiminga:)) Tik nesuvokiu, kodėl batukai nepatinka, asmeniškai pati jų neturiu, bet visad galvojau įsigyt.


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