13 Mar 2014


Wow I'm so late with this... My photoshop has decided to stop working and my iphone was not being 'recognized' on my laptop so I'm in a bit of a hell.lol. I did end up going to Paris, it was so last minute, that the day before when I didn't know if I was going or not, I was walking around like I had no head, so lost and confused! haha But I did end up going and had a very nice time! I didn't get to meet Melanie from 39nineteen, because she got there when I was leaving but hopefully she will come to London one day and I get to meet her. As for the shows, the tickets were with Melanie so you would guess what happened. Yes, I didn't end up going. But beautiful views of Paris didn't let me be sad for even a minute!
Enjoy the photos, and I will also upload a video soon :)

I spent everyday with Greta, and the last evening I met Ieva, they're both models and I am so thankful for having someone to hang out with in Paris!

Sorry for the quality, some were taken with my phone, some with camera, but editing not on photoshop makes them look so bad!!! :(



  1. hello. What is the name of the hotel you stayed in Paris? P.S. lovely photos :)

  2. What is the name of the hotel you stayed in paris? P.S. lovely photos :)

  3. Tie Zaros batukai tai kažkas tobulo!


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