Oh winter is gone so fast... it's spring in a few days! And we didn't even get snow or extremely cold weather! Which is pretty good I guess. Here is this month's favourites, with the ratings and a little bit of info of each one, well basically my honest opinion. Enjoy!

YSL Parisienne perfume

One of my favourite perfume ever! The smell is very very nice for me personally but all my friends describe it as 'granny smell' haha but it doesn't smell like grannies at all! It stays on well, and for a long time.
Rating 10/10

Artdeco camouflage creme

This stuff is great! It's like a concealer thingy, but 'camouflages' everything you don't want to be seen on your face very very well. I got it on sale in Lithuania, and as it was the last one, I picked it up, but the colour is a bit dark for me, but once blended doe the job very well.
Rating 10/10

Gosh lipstick in '134 Darling'

We were driving with my friend in Lithuania, and when we stopped she got this lipstick out and I couldn't believe such a beautiful colour even exists. I tried it, and fell inlove, so we drove to the shop straight away and she showed me the exact same one. And I love it now, it's my new favourite lipstick...for now! haha
It's very soft, and the colour blends beautifully.
Rating 9/10

Primark argon oil

I apply this after every wash, once I blow dry my hair. It makes it very soft and shiny, without making it look greasy. Oh, and it smells amazing  I guess that's all I need to say. I guess I should also mention that it costs around £1/£2 so it's a great price.
Rating 9/10

Victoria's secret phone case

Very pretty and girly and I love it, and how it looks on my phone, but the quality isn't the best.
The black sides are chipping off and the silver is coming through which is a shame and not worth the money that it costs. Next time I'm gonna go for a plastic one.
Rating 5/10

Models own nail varnishes

Oh how I love these! I bought six as you know, and use these three the most, and one is put aside for a give-away (very soon!) The nail varnishes stay on for a good few days before starting to chip and look very beautiful on your nails.
Rating 8/10

Maybelline dream fresh BB cream

One day I love it, and the next day it's not 'enough' for me. On the days when I don't want a heavy amount of makeup I use this, and it does a great job by making me look 'fresh faced' and natural. But on other days I feel like I need to apply foundation on top because it hardly changes anything on my face! 
So I am kind of 50/50 on this one, but it is very good and makes you feel very fresh!
Rating 7/10

Veri Beri fruit strips. 

Omg these are the bomb! I saw my favourite youtuber chanelette instagraming these, and I really wanted to try them. So when I went to Lithuania I did, and I am now a big fan. These are by a lithuanian company and theyre made from 100% read fruits. There is no added sugar, no colourants and they're glutten free. Basically a healthy and yummy snack. There is 4 flavours, but after loads of searching I was not able to find 2 of them in my city.:( I brought about 10 packets home to last me for a while!
Rating 10/10

Rio sugar free mints

I love these. I bet many of you have tried them and this is your favourite one. Am I right?
I tried a few different flavours but the grape ones are by far the best.
So much taste in such a tiny mint. Great for having in your bag/pocket daily.
They're quite pricey but worth it in my opinion.
Rating 10/10

Uoga Uoga lip balm and face cream (will do a separate review post).

L'occitane hand cream

I got three little ones like this one for free from their boutique and I love them all! I have always been a fan of their hand creams and it seems that's all I own from their brand because they're so good and smell beautiful. Haha, I need to maybe try some other products. 

Egiptian Erde face bronzer

I don't even know what to call it... I apply it all over my face or just the cheek bones. But I have never seen this in any other country, only Lithuania. It's a popular product there. Very natural, but can be very horrible if you over use. This has been my favourite since I was 16, so 4 years ago. Kind of pricey (around £30) but lasts for like 8-10months. 
Rating 10/10

Maybelline Baby Lips 

This baby is great! I wish I had bought the one without any colour but this is a great one too.
Makes your lips very soft, and smells good. Packaging is pretty too, but to be honest it's just like any other lip balm. 
Rating 7/10

GOSH lip gloss.

Very beautiful, and when I apply it on top of the gosh lipstick  (1st ph) it looks fab!
Very pink, shiny and creamy. AND not sticky!! I hate sticky lip glosses, and when your hair sticks to your lips in the wind! haha, oh boy. Yeah, this one is brilliant.
Rating 8/10

GOSH Provocateur mascara.

I must admit, when I was shopping I wasn't sure about this one... the brush doesn't look great to me but when I tried it I was hooked straight away. No clumps, very lengthening, defying and just a great product over all. And actually the brush is really good, totally different to what I thought it will be.
Rating 9/10

Do any of you use these products? Let me know what YOU think about them!:)
Hope you enjoyed.