6 Feb 2014


I realised I didn't show you anything that I bought this month, and by now I cant even remember half of the stuff I got, but I will show you what I really like!

The Victoria's secret hoodies were reduced from $36.50 to £9, how could I not get them???
Models Own nail varnishes. Usually around £5 each, this time: 6 for £15. Baargaain!!
The t-shirts are from zara and h&m, I bought a few more, but they're in the washing machine atm, zara ones were like £1.99! I mean, omg... 
Beautiful Zara jumpers, reduced from £40+- to £12.99. 
Zara trenchcoat, was £59.99, now £16.99
Zara playsuit £12.99
Ugg boots.. hmm you might say they're ugly but nothing beats them!
And my cute zara bag, paid full price but it's on sale now!
I think working in zara is making me mad... I keep buying things.. haha but how can you not,
with these prices + my staff discount... it's so cheap!!!

Hope you've liked this post. I'm going to do a giveaway soon, one of the models own varnishes will be in it!

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