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coat EBAY|shoes, jeans,scarf,jumper ZARA|bag LOUIS VUITTON

Hello my lovely readers! I am entering a competition which is being hosted by 39nineteen. This blog belongs to two people. A mother and a daughter! I mean, how cool is that??? We all do it : steal things from our mothers wardrobes! haha but I just cannot get over how cool it is that these ladies are writing a joint fashion blog! I realise that they're about 20years apart, just like me and my mum and I know how it feels. I even let
my mum borrow some of my clothes sometimes. Anyway, this competition is running until the 14th Feb and the winner will receive tickets to Paris, hotel stay for three nights and tickets to some shows in PFW.
This would be AMAZING for me, as I'm going to miss London Fashion Week this month, because I'm flyinh back home for a week. I'm so gutted. Also because my project in uni requires me to go there, and just imagine how cool it would be to say to my teachers.. ''no I didn't go to LFW, I went to Paris!!''
I would also win a neck piece from Diamondere, and they have some beautiful pieces on their site!
I really hope that you will vote for me. You can vote once every day!!!


<3 <3


  1. Labai labai labai gražus paltukas ! pati tokio užsimaniau :(

    1. Juokingiausia kad pirkau ji projektui, per ebay uz £5 kazkur! O atejo jau po fotosesijos :DD tai dabar pati nesioju! :D

  2. joo, paltas labai grazus! :o ;)

  3. Kiek silumos lauke buvo? :)))

  4. Lovely coat! I am in the competition too - glad i found your blog!

    Dani x

  5. Koks nerealus derinukas, Gabriele, wow, nerealiai gražiai atrodai :*
    P.S. smile more, antroje nuotraukoje negaliu atsižiūrėti į tave. :))))


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