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Hey readers,
I feel like I haven't told you anything about my life for a long time and you are maybe wondering 
what's new in my life. I had my last day of University last week and now we are free
 until the 7th January. A whole month off sounds a lot, but it really isn't. I am so happy I 
finally get to sleep in the mornings. Was looking forward to this holiday as I was fed up with my 
class and my teachers. Today my morning was spent reading British Vogue and trying these macaroons I got in Belgium. Not the best thing I have eaten to be honest.

My birthday is in 5 days and I am going to be turning 19 and that kind of freaks me out a little bit. I don't think I will be doing anything fun on that day but spending it with my dearest friends in Lithuania. Yup, was listening to some old songs the other day and decided that I shall be spending my holidays with my grandparents and friends in Lithuania and sorted out the tickets instantly. I would love to spend Christmas with my family here in London but I have to choose one option and this is the first time I will be spending my Christmas without my parents in a very very long time. 

This year has been extremely exciting and different to all the previous years and it went extremely quick! I can still remember months like June like it was yesterday! Time is running so fast and we are growing up so quickly. To think that my mum fell pregnant with me while she was 19 (it was normal at that time) and had me when she was 20.. I will be at that age soon and it seems crazy. Christmas is 12 days away, but sadly I only have two chocolates left in my advent calendar as I ate 22 of them. I can see so many numbers in this paragraph it's making me think of maths and I am now realising it's time to stop this diary-post. 

Hope I didn't bore you, here's a random picture of me and my friend John today.


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