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I'm back in Lithuania now, and I hope you understand why my posts will not
 be the same as when I am in England. For one I do not have a camera 
here with me so will be using my phone or auntie's or friends camera and two.. 
more pictures of food & friends will appear here for the next two weeks. 
So beware! hehe

Yes it was my birthday yesterday and I turned 19.. getting old!

Got back at 5am on Tuesday.. and couldn't sleep so red bull was keeping me alive. And of course shortly after had to go and get myself a kebab for breakfast. Damn I missed them.

Me and a few friends met up in a restaurant to kind of put our glasses up for me turning 19. Didn't want to do anything big for my 19th. Missed my friends so much.

Of course couldn't not drink beer and eat pizza. It's Lithuania!

And when I got home I decided to take some pictures of myself just because it's my birthday. Can not believe the amount of messages and phone calls I got from people close to me and others. My phone was going off all day. Thank you so much everyone. 


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