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Our skin goes through so much in a day, sometimes we don't really think about it while we're living our fast paced lives. From sunshine to polluted commute, stress or a poor diet, our skin can look different everyday depending on just that. So it's super important to remember and give yourself and your well being a little bit of time each day. A healthy and radiant complexion is something that is very important to me so I am really excited to collaborate with Boots on their Dare to Bare Campaign  and share with you the products I use to maintain a healthy complexion as well as some of my top tips for a beautiful glow. 

This post is in collaboration with Boots, but all opinions are my own.


For the longest time I was the lazy girl who wouldn't really bother with taking my makeup off properly and I didn't even realise some people have a 5 step skin regime EVERY NIGHT! I am pretty lucky to have healthy and non problematic skin but to be honest I only started taking my skin seriously a couple of years ago. (Which is pretty late, I know!). I now also have a 4 step regime that I do most nights, but sometimes if I am feeling lazy I will just use a cleanser and slap on some cream. But that's the thing, please don't feel lazy when it comes to your skin, we are not getting any younger and the sooner you start taking care of your skin the better! Today I will be sharing with you my top products from Clinique, the best anti pollution skin care in my opinion. I am sure no introduction is needed. This brand is great for many reasons. One of which is that it's allergy tested. I had the worst allergic reaction to some new products I tried from another brand this week and that is so disappointing and annoying (and itchyyyyy). But, I know I can count on Clinique


There are only a few types of masks I like. Sheet, Peel Off and masks that don't require me to sit there with a mask on, for half an hour. This is why the Clinique City Block Charcoal Mask and Scrub is perfect. You only need to keep it on for 5 minutes, it dries quickly and also acts as an exfoliator  scrubbing away those dead skin cells. 


I cannot stress enough how important water is. I literally have to force myself to drink enough water everyday. If I didn't, I would probably never drink it. I just hardly ever feel thirsty, so it's quite hard for me to remember to pick up that water bottle. I am so thankful that I discovered the Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly. It's not often that I am shocked after trying a new product. When I tried this, I was amazed. It literally just hydrates your skin. So much. It's a 24h hydrator with Clean Shield Technology that locks in the good and filters out the bad. It protects my skin from pollution so I actually use this one twice a day. The perfect Anti Pollution Skincare

I then go on to use my moisturiser. The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is so lightweight and absorbs into my skin so fast, that I forget sometimes if I put it on already 15 minutes later. A good moisturiser is definitely worth investing in, especially in the winter because the heating at home can make our skin super dry and dull. I would recommend to use this one together with the Hydrating Jelly for a better effect, but they work just as well used separately. 


You know, when it comes to SPF, I was always a little confused. When my doctor told me I have to use SPF everyday, even in the winter because the sun's harmful rays causes premature skin ageing, hyper pigmentation and age spots, I thought she's crazy. How was I going to wear that white sun cream on my face everyday?!! I realised later in life that SPF can come in many different forms. (I literally thought there is only sun creams, you know the white ones that smell funny and the sand sticks to it on the beach!). They now have great formulations that offer so much more than just protection against UVA and UVB rays. They work as great primers, add glow and enhance our makeup as well as our skin. I've been loving the Clinique City Block Sheer SPF25. I use it under my makeup, just like a primer but I am sure you can just use it on it's own when you're not going for a full face of makeup.
Ofcourse you have to understand, that great skin doesn't just happen overnight, doesn't matter what kind of products you use. It takes time and you have to have a good skin care regime to see the results. Don't be lazy and take care of your skin, especially now that the winter is coming. 

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