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1. The gold medallion and cross necklaces and earrings
These have been on trend for a while now, and I am slowly growing my collection. I have tried not to buy cheap 'one time use' pieces so both of my necklaces are from Ania Haie in sterling silver, gold plated. I found the small earrings recently on Asos, from their Asos Design collection, which might I add is the best thing to ever happen to Asos, I am obsessed with their pieces. Earrings, yes, these are sterling silver too so will last me a bit longer. The pair with the crosses at the end, those are from New Look and they were dirt cheap but I had to have them. Gold pieces go with so many outfits in the summer and trust me you will not go wrong with a pair of earrings or a cute necklace. 

2. Basket Bags
I am sure you have seen these all over Instagram. I personally fell in love with these baskets a bit later than the rest, but that's ok, I got there in the end. It's also ok not to like them, for me they look super cute with white clothes! I think I have three already but I am eyeing up a forth one which is insane I know, but let's not talk about that. If you like these, get them soon, because before you know it summer will be over and god knows what's on trend for next summer. 

3. Wedges
*Castaner Wedges* to be precise. Ok, you can get any other wedges too but these are the most flattering and comfortable wedges I have ever owned. I liked them so much I got them in another colour but sadly had to return as I got the wrong size and mine wasn't available. Currently deciding on the colour I should order now! If you are after a pair of summer wedges, I promise these are the best you'll ever get. They go with dresses, shorts skirts and jeans!

4. Straw Hats
Something we all need, something that helps us out when it's super hot and something that looks stylish AF! I think I have four straw hats by now but weirdly I keep wearing the one I bought 'for a photoshoot' last year and was planning to return. It's also very cheap so definitely have a look if you're after something similar. 

5. Slides
 I'm not gonna lie, finding comfortable slides is a struggle. So many of them rub in the weirdest places on your foot and you end up having blisters faster than you can get to your destination. Every time I wear a pair of slides I have plasters in my bag just incase. But let's be honest, they look super chic and if you are lucky you will find the pair that is comfy. I am lusting over the Hermes Oran but I cannot justify spending half a thousand for a pair of slides I will only get to wear for 2-3 months a year. The black ones from my photos are from Zara, they're in the sale and they're a bit more comfy than you would expect. 


  1. I simply looove those shoes <3 so cool!

  2. I love your summer accessories <3 super cool!


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