7 Aug 2017


shoes PUBLIC DESIRE / jacket ZARA / sunglasses GUCCI

I try not to talk about self love, confidence and all of that business too much but maybe I should. Maybe I can inspire some girls to look at themselves and start loving what they see in the mirror at least a little bit. I am not going to lie and say I love what I see. Self love is a never ending journey. I don't think there is anyone in this world that can say 'I'm perfect'. Even if they look it, everyone has things they don't like about themselves. I went through a stage when I was about 15-16 where I thought I was really pretty and I got a little too vain. I was just young and enjoying the attention I got in school. But when you get to a certain age you start looking at yourself differently, you realise you are different and you don't need a ton of orange foundation, extensions and fake eyelashes to look good and feel good. You find your unique features and what makes you stand out. I cannot say that I truly love myself. I don't. I go into hardcore depression mode at least once a month thinking 'Oh my god why is my face so weird', 'why is my nose like that', 'why can't I be pretty?'. Thank god for my kind, funny and friendly personality, that kind of blocks out the fact I look like an alien sometimes. Haha. I got to a point where I decided I don't want to be known for being good looking, I want to be known for being smart, stylish, inspirational and so many other things. And not because I look a certain way. I can't lie though, I do follow a lot of girls who are just perfect looking and cry from the inside while scrolling through their images. But we have to remind our selves, looks are not everything. I know a few girls who are absolutely stunning but their personalities are so horrible that you can't even see the beauty through their personality. And another reminder : Instagram is full of photoshop and surgeries. I wish I knew how to love myself completely. I did love myself today though while shooting this outfit. I felt like the real girl boss that I always wanted to be haha. Well actually maybe I am a girl boss since I work for myself and support myself completely but yeah, I felt good. That's why I love fashion. It can make you feel amazing.

Amazing photos like always by my dear friend 
Juste who also started a blog so leave her some love!



  1. You go girl!!!
    Grozi galima sukurti turint pinigu, o vidus jau Dievo duotas, taigi i ji ir reikia daugiausiai darbo ideti, kad grozis butu ne tik laikinai isorinis, bet ir nuolatos vidinis. :* O tu esi grazi ir ypatinga, tokios kaip Gabriele daugiau nera :)

  2. You look beautiful in this outfit

  3. Well said πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
    I am so happy to see that more and more people are able to talk about self love and how they feel sometimes. Honestly I think it's a very brave thing to do and secondly this is what makes you unique, never ever change never doubt your self, I know we all
    Have days were we look in a mirror and we might not like what reflection we see, but it is you and that's what makes you so different from others.
    At the beginning of your post you said you want to inspire someone, well your mission is accomplished you inspire me not to give in my hopes and dreams you inspire me to do what I love.
    Thank you πŸ’“πŸ˜˜

  4. Superb.! you amazing girl you always looks so pretty.!

  5. Super post - to the point. O ziurint instagram tikrai gali apimti depression kokios visos grazions, tobulom odom, figurom ir nosytem - bet facetune gali tikrai daug stebuklu padaryti;) O siaip labai pavydziu tau tavo koju, super grazios ir ilgos, didziuokis jomis #girlcrush xx


  6. You look so chic! I love how high fashion this outfit is!



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