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I am back from Marrakech and I cannot wait to share with you my top places to go while visiting the amazing city. I tried most of the popular places to eat and loved a few of them way too much and also one place left a special feeling in my heart. It was absolutely stunning. So without further ado, let's talk about the best places to visit in Marrakech.

This place was magical. There are so many roof terraces in Marrakech, way too many. Normally you enter through a small door and a few floors up you end up on a beautiful terrace with a great view. They are almost hidden and you have to know where to go. This one was very cosy and calm, and the food was great! We were starving when we got there so the food really didn't disappoint. The prices are around £6 for a chicken meal. And of course a great view is free!

IMG_7203 IMG_7202 IMG_7205

Nomad was a beautiful place to eat at. We couldn't however choose from the menu, me and my sister are very picky when it comes to food and they didn't have many chicken choices, so we decided to go for the kids meal. But look how good it looks, doesn't look like a kids meal at all. The food was good here and the view of the sunset really set the mood. You have a view of the markets below, so you can see life happening all around you. Definitely worth a visit.

IMG_7210 IMG_7211

This was like a secret garden, you literraly sit surrounded by trees and plants. There was a roof terrace too but it was closed due to the weather. I also don't have a picture of the food because it started raining and we moved inside where it was dark, only candle lights surrounding us but you will be able to see the food in my Marrakech Travel Diary part 2 video. You can watch part 1 here.
The food was amazing and sitting there was so calming. I also love the colour green so it was beautiful to see such great interior with green, black and gold details. P.s the food was great here too! This restaurant is from the same chain as NOMAD.

IMG_7207 IMG_7206 IMG_7208

This place was like a magical garden hidden in Marrakech. There is a Yves Saint Lauren memorial and a little museum, but I would say don't waste your money on a ticket to the museum because it literally took us 2 minutes to walk through it, it's just two rooms full of historical items and clothing. The tickets were around 7EUR for the garden and 3EUR for the museum. But the garden was worth the money for sure. 

IMG_7212IMG_7213 IMG_7214 IMG_7215 IMG_7216 IMG_7217 IMG_7218

Saved the best for last. I can't even begin to explain how this place makes you feel. We were lucky enough to have a tour of the place by one of the wonderful ladies who work there. She walked us around the place and told us all about it's history. She also showed us the presidential suite which costs around 8000EUR per night. I have never seen anything like that in my entire life but don't worry guys, I vlogged it all for you. She told us that famous people like Marilyn Monroe, Franklin D Roosevelt and many more have walked the halls of this place. There were Dior and Prada boutiques in the hotel, an amazing pool, a spa and such a cool cigar bar too. She let us look around, it looked like something out of an old movie, dark, sexy and mysterious. The gardens were on another level completely. Again, felt like I was in a movie of some sort. Basically if you are ever in Marrakech try and get a visit to La Mamounia because I am telling you, it's incredible.

This post is in collaboration with La Mamounia but all opinions are my own.


  1. Visos foto tobulos ❤


  2. Absolutely in love with your pictures! <3


  3. I LOVE your photos! I will be going to Morocco with my bf in April as well. This post is getting me really excited about the trip!

    xoxo Tina

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