IMG_0394 IMG_0393 IMG_0395 I know what you're thinking. That's the smallest office space I have ever seen. Well first of all flats in London are also the smallest you will ever see.  I am currently living in my tiny flat with so much furniture that this was the only spot to put the desk, right next to my bed. I don't love it, but at least now I have a space to actually sit down and work instead of doing everything from my bed.  I am really dreaming of moving but we want to find something perfect and with a great price so we are not in a rush I guess. Renting in London is a killer and for those of you that are not really familiar with the prices of flats here, a modern one bedroom flat will cost you over £1200 a month. We are in a one bedroom right now but it's tiny and I really need more space. If you live in London I am sure you will understand my struggles. 
Moving onto the desk, I picked the smallest one that had a big draw from Ikea, the chair is also from there. And my beautiful cushion is from Happy&Co . I got this sent a while ago and it has been great. I was surprised with the size of it when it arrived, it's huge! So now I sit on it on this cold plastic chair, makes it much more comfortable and soft! I love the monochrome design and most of their prodcuts are actually in these abstract prints and quite monochrome. You can find this cushion here
Oh, it's actually a best seller! Hehe I do love the palm ones too! Also I think they're offering 15% off your first order at the moment.