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I am so in love with these denim shorts. Funny story - before holiday i wen't to Zara, was tired and didn't want to try anything so picked up 3 pairs of shorts and thought I'd try at home and choose the one I like. Got to the que - 20 people before me. Damn it I though, I'm just gonna leave it and go. Put the shorts in a random place (Sorry Zara workers!) and started walking out and thought 'But no, I really need denim shorts'. So went back, picked them up, went to try them on, 10 people before me. I then got mad at myself for wasting time and put the shorts again in a random place and walked out. And then thought 'But omg what am I gonna take on holiday?' So went back, picked one pair and just bought it. And just my luck - they fit perfectly. It's normally 1 out of 6 that fit ok for me. How lucky was I and how much time did I waste haha!
You can never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts and white tops!

I was staying at the most beautiful place ever called Catalonia Royal Bavaro. If you are ever visiting Punta Cana I would recommend that hotel to every single one of you. If we ever get a chance to go back to Punta Cana, it will have to be the same resort. It's just so stunning. You can see more in my youtube video!
Click here to find out more about the hotel.


  1. Na tiesiog pasakiška :) Žiūriu į nuotraukas ir varvinu seilę dėl palmių ir vasariškų rūbų.. Gerai, kad prieš porą dienų ir man jau prasidėjo atostogos, dabar nebus taip sunku sekt tavo postus :D

    1. Labai aciu! Buvo sunku gryzti i Londona, cia salta ir lyja! :D Enjoy!:*


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