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body, jeans, boots ZARA

Love casual days. Just a pair of boots, jeans and an oversized shirt. I still can't believe this shirt is from Superdry, they are really stepping up their game! Have you guys been to Zara sale yet?  I picked up these awesome jeans that make my knees look extra weird and these incredible boots but sadly they are a pain to wear. My feet get blisters after 30mins of wearing these. Not sure what to do with them. I really like them, maybe I'll just try to wear them in. I do this all the time. Complain about Zara shoes but then go and buy 3 more pairs. I never learn, god damn it.

P.s only now I realised that my nipples are on full display on my 'Tan Lines' post. Really sorry and  I don't know how I didn't notice. I feel like Kim K right now, exposing my breasts for the world to see. haha