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  • I discovered that iced coffee can be made decaf and that blew my mind and now I've had the Starbucks caramel macchiato 4 days in the row. Beautiful case by Richmond&Finch.
  • The view every time I'm working. I see it 3-4 times a week but still, Regent street is one of the most beautiful streets ever.
  • Sakura trees are all around. I really want to find a park full of them.
  • Nandos is on the to-do-list at least once a week. My favourite. Just so good.
  • Can you tell it's good? Weird fact: I take fries and mashed potato as my sides. Two different types of potatoes, I find that so weird but so delicious.
  • My new Benefit Cheekathon palette. Got it in the goodie bag at the Benefit event. So happy!
  • Oreo ice cream and two cones? And Oh My God I need to get my nails done so bad, can't stand this red colour anymore. Want nude nude nude!