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Happy Monday!
Valentines day is very soon, have you thought about the gifts? Maybe you're buying for your best friend or your family member? It doesn't have to be all about couples right?
I have always wanted a Pandora bracelet and the question is, why haven't my boyfriend thought of buying this for me for hundreds of occasions that we've had? Pandora has so many beautiful pieces but the bracelets always stood out to me. I love the fact you can collect charms for different occasions and memories and wear them all at once. My mum is a huge Pandora fan so every time it's her birthday or Christmas she gets a charm. And somehow she's not bored if it yet, they're always different. I love this bracelet first of all because it's silver and second of all, the heart clasp. That's such a beautiful detail! Trust me, you will never go wrong with Pandora!