1 Dec 2015


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jeans & sweater ZARA

Hey guys, it's finally December, and I couldn't be happier! It's my favourite month of the year for sure. Not just because it's holiday season but it's also my birthday season too! December to me feels magical each year, well not as much this year because of the piles of work I have for university, but holidays are soon so I can drop it for a bit hehe. 
I love these cut off jeans from Zara, they're more like jeggings actually and they are just perfect, I feel like I will need to buy another pair just to stock up lol. The shoes have been my favourite this month, love love love them! So comfortable and the colour is gorgeous. I live in these type of outfits all winter. What about you?

photos by Alleksana http://www.alleksana.com


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