IMG_6363IMG_6355IMG_6327IMG_6343IMG_6333IMG_6360IMG_6342IMG_6336IMG_6353 Cardigan NEW LOOK
T-shirt RAD
Bracelet&ring SISSIM

Ahh so in love with this fluffy cardigan! :D But I feel like it will turn into my second dressing gown, because I cant stop wearing it at home! Need to stop doing that! hehe. I got a few pieces sent from New Look, which was one of my favourite brands when I was a teenager, and I haven't shopped there for a while, so it was nice to find so many pieces that I like on their website and the prices are so good! I fell in love with almost all of the jumpers and all cozy things! hehe. Shop more beautiful Winter Tribe pieces on their website.
.Can you guys believe that I got this cute little bag from a second hand store in Lithuania? It's actually from Primark originally, but I paid like €5 and I couldn't be happier that I got it! ( I was actually unsure at first). I just think this outfit is so cute as a whole, with grey and pink touches, and of course a slogan tee to add a little extra. The jeans are from Saltspin, once again, I am living in their jeans, so you guys will just have to get used to seeing them all the time until I wear them to death I guess. :D
Also, remember, I try to link everything under the last photo, to make your life easier if you want to check it out, so just click on the brand's name, and it will take you to the item. (You're welcome! :p)
Please let me know what you think of this outfit below, I love reading your comments! <3
G x