19 Sep 2015


IMG_5840IMG_5836 IMG_5814IMG_5828IMG_5825IMG_5831IMG_5823
 Boots H&M (here in grey)
Oversized jumper H&M 
Sunnies CELINE 

First outfit from London Fashion Week. Feeling really tired today, and it's only the second day. Have some cool events tomorrow so looking forward to that, but I will be missing the final of basketball championships where Lithuania is playing for 1st place! So annoyed about missing it!:(
Anyway, this outfit is so cozy, I was literally so warm the whole day, and it was raining...
The boots I wore from 8am - 8pm, and yes my feet were hurting but not too bad, so I would say these heels are actually a-m-a-z-i-n-g! And the price is insane, £39.99?! Couldn't believe my friend when she told me, ran and got them the same hour! haha. What do you guys think about my hair? I went to Brooks&Brooks, and they did an amazing job. I will post about that soon.
Just a little disclaimer, I am wearing shorts underneath, not that crazy!!!



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