Jeans - River Island / top River Island

Autumn is here, time for new additions to our wardrobes right? And somehow, I always end up with black being the main colour I go for in A/W. I got a chance to collaborate with River Island and the Shopcade app and NO SURPRISE ended up with mainly black pieces. But I feel most comfortable in black, so why not? 

For all of the looks I picked a pair of black high waisted jeggings, seeing as I mainly wear black jeans this was the perfect choice. For this look especially  I tried to create the casual outfit, that I would really wear anywhere. This is literally what I wear on a daily basis. Jeans, top, black shoes and a leather jacket paired with some sunnies. I feel like a little badass and secretly feel cool while walking down the street hehe. Just one of those outfits.

Jeans - River Island / Sweatshirt - River Island

This is one of those outfits you would see me wear at university. I love pairing jeans with oversized sweatshirts in bright colours & a pair of comfy trainers. You just want to be comfortable while working at uni for 4-5hours and a pop of colour is needed for the soul because personally I really don't like university at all. What I also love about these jeans is that the back pockets are big enough for my iPhone 6. I always keep my phone in my back pocket (really bad, I know) so this is the perfect design for me.

datenight Jeans - River Island / Top - River Island

This is the type of outfit I would call a 'date-night' outfit, or if you're going out somewhere in the evening, like a dinner or for drinks with your girl friends. I love dresses, but jeans will be jeans. One thing I love about high waisted jeans on a night out is the fact that it keeps your belly tucked in after dinner and 5 drinks. I also love how figure hugging these are. I chose this low shoulder top, as I think showing your shoulders really adds more elegance to your look.

Check out the rest of River Island Denim collection on Shopcade. It's a great app because it not only has loads of brands that you can shop, but you can also upload your looks and share it with other app users.