IMG_4119IMG_4104IMG_4125IMG_4109IMG_4114IMG_4145IMG_4117 dress £13 & bag £5 PRIMARK| sandals MANGO| watch MK LILYWHO| jewellery SISSIM

I cannot even express how much I love this dress. I can't believe I found it in Primark for £13! It's very on trend right now and of course I had to pair it with some tie up gladiator sandals. I also picked up this bag in Primark too, it seemed kind of cute and went with the dress so for £5 I couldn't go wrong. Just to update you on the competition (Fiesta Stylista). I am now in the semi final, there is 12 of us. We all have a different trend to style on our selves, and we're gonna shoot separately with a photographer. My turn is this Sunday, and I'm not gonna tell you my trend, but let me give you a hint, the colour khaki! Then the judges will pick 3 finalists and one girl with the most 'likes' on their website will be the 4th finalist. Let's hope I do good and they like me hehe :p