tumblr_ml3wcvEhhO1qfaioqo1_1280 copy Happy 4th birthday to my blog! Wow, time runs so fast. Thank you guys for reading my blog, this wouldn't be possible without you! Can I be honest and tell you that I actually forgot it was today?? Haha, I saw that it's my old friends bday, and was like waaaaait, isit my blog's bday today? lol So bad! I've just been so busy with so much, that I really hope I didn't miss any other important dates, can you imagine? Damn it, hope not!
 Don't mind this collage, I was a bit bored! But should I be? Clothes not washed, university re-submittion not done (yes I am a bad student, i know), blog posts to edit, 22:41 and haven't had dinner?! And yet I have time to do this... hehe. Some of you will know, I love making collages, maybe I will get back to it soon :) This one is my favourite.