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I have started a health and fitness program on Monday and it's been two days without sugar. Cannot believe it to be honest. Didn't think I would last even 5 hours. But two days can be crossed off already. I don't want to go into detail of what I'm doing because I feel like I will jinx it and give up. But lets just say I am eating more healthy than I ever have, and actually got my blender out today after over a year of not using it. I am going to share some tips and recipes for not craving sugar as much very soon. I am at the moment trying to decide on a new blog template and having a bit of a hard time choosing between two completely different ones but let's hope you like the one I go for. Will probably do this tomorrow so if you come in and the site doesn't look right, please bare with me, new look is coming!

Tip for smoothies: the simpler, the better. Try to only use 2 or 3 different fruits because if you mix more than that, the taste will be how can I put this... 'unknown'. You will not be able to understand the taste if that makes sense, it's just sweet and fruity but nothing in particular.

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