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Ahhh Im finally at home, had the worst day yesterday. Randomly pulled my neck muscle, and couldn't move my head, so had to go to the doctor and get a shot in my bum for a crazy price but that's what happens when I trust myself too much and don't get insured when I travel! Grrr, then shenanigans in the airport when my suitcase ripped open because the zip broke and the Easyjet staff were so unhelpful, I was running around the airport half crying trying to find some tape to tape that suitcase up!! Plus it was already 22:30pm so nearly all the shops were closed. Man, that stressed us out a lot, and there was many other bits and bobs that made me think our plane will crash because the bad luck was the worst I've ever had. Now I'm waiting for something good to happen, you know what they say, there is no sunshine without rain! :)
Anyway, I really enjoyed Spain but didn't enjoy it at all at some points, but more on that in my next Spain post. These photos arent the best but I'm leaving the best till last. I was so lazy with carrying my camera around I only shot a few outfits. It's just so heavy and when you're walking in the sun it makes you tired. I'm really thinking about a Olympus Pen camera, but I need to save a bit for that because it's quite pricey :(  
Anyway (again) I will be posting a lot this week so keep an eye out, oh and by the way I'm still searching for a photographer to shoot with for my blog once a week, if you know anyone or are interested let me know. I have a few people but I'm looking for the best fit.

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  1. Foto tai tokios awesome!!:)) o del kameros, as turiu Sony NEX sistemini, tai milijona kartu geriau uz dideli veidrodini fotika, nes as irgi tingedavau nesiotis ana, o sitas visada su manim, dabar tik taupaus brangiam brangiam objektyvui :/ Beje, kokybe tikrai nenusileidzia tie sisteminiai fotikai!


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