Hi guys, hope you enjoyed your day and the weekend in general.
I'm literally falling asleep, and I have been all day (as you can see in the pics below) but I thought I need to just show you some snaps from today. I took a trip back to my parents home and we spent it with the family and close family friends. I am sooo tired after working all weekend and I have 5 days next week, so roll on tiredness but I need to get through this week and back to freedom! Well, university and 3500 word essay is coming up. Ahh life right? haha Cant wait for summer holidays, less than a month to go! I will still be working, but we're planning a trip to Spain with friends soon, so that will be fun. Anyway, enough of this chit chat, I need some sleep. My mum called me a granny for going to sleep at 10pm! lol I just need my sleep! Oh, by the way so you like my eggs? I made the ones with the gold and silver, and a few kiddie ones with ears and pom pom's! 
I hope you enjoy these photos from my day with my family.
Talk soon!
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