So beautiful. Definitely one of my favourite spots in Paris.
 Being a real tourist haha
 What the hell did I step in??? GRRRR
 Heaven :-)
 Times when the 'selfie stick' would come in handy! Haha, but it's too ridiculous! 
 An amazing place. Surprisingly very calm upstairs and just mesmerizing. 
 Waking up in Paris <3
 Gotta make some pretty pics for Instagram haha!
 I have a really hard time with choosing where to eat. Takes us about 40mins to find the perfect place for me. And they're a bit stingy on vegetables dont you think? lol
 Second day was very rainy and grey.
 Happy birthday to my love :*
Isn't the Eiffel tower beautiful? I can never look at it enough. It's so breath taking. I stare at it, but just can't believe that it's there. It's a weird feeling. Anyone else feel that way when looking at it? Or isit just me?

Hope you enjoyed this post, just thought it might be interesting to see some pictures that 'dont make the cut' to instagram! lol

By the way, happy birthday to me! Can't believe I am 21 already.