Wow, and that's not all of them. This year has definitely been the year that I really tried with my blog. And look where it got me. I can honestly say I worked with so many great British brands and designers this year, I couldn't be happier. So many talented people chose me to work with them, I thank you for that. I am sure 2015 is gonna bring even more collaborations and even more amazing experiences. I met so many amazing people this year, changed 3 jobs until I found the perfect one. My favourite quote in life, which I live by is 'Everything happens for a reason'. It's so true, even the bad things. They come along to make us stronger and have good life lessons. Nothing can always be perfect, there will be struggles but we just gotta deal with it, because it happens for a reason! Anyway, what do you think of all these outfits? Any favourites?