10 Oct 2014


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jacket MISS SELFRIDGE| bag VERO MODA| scarf, turtle neck, trousers & shoes ZARA (zara freak haha) | watch KLAUS KOBEC | bracelet LOVEIN

Oh jesus, the days are so windy here in London. Lipgloss, hair and wind don't go. You know what I mean? Haha. I had a friend take some pictures of me and when it got really windy I started being silly and pretend to 'go with the flow', and it turns out those were the only pics I really liked! I guess I just like pictures where I'm being my true self! 
Anyway, do you like my new scarf? Well and new shoes and turtle neck. But look at that scarf! I couldn't just leave it on that shelf in zara, it was the last one!!! And I seem to love it more than I thought. It is so big, literally like a blanket. But so lovely.
Is anyone else a zara lover? This autumn they have loads of amazing things, I just can not go there haha. They just always seem to have exactly what I need. 
I am starting my new job tomorrow, at Karl Lagerfeld! So excited, but pretty scared at the same time! Wish me luck! And if you're ever in Regent street on the weekend, pop in and say hello!



  1. Čia goolfukas po apačia ar tik atrodo taip?? Nes daaaamn, kažkaip ankščiau nu nepernešdavau jų visiškai, o dabar taip gundančiai atrodo, kad bijau jog paslysiu ir įsigysiu :D Šalikas tobulas, visą outfitą pagyviną!!


  2. Love the scarf and I'm a huge Zara fan too! Congrats on the job again!!! <3


  3. Kaip gražiai tas šalikas atrodo... Ir tiesa, tikrai labai smagi fotosesija išėjo :)))

  4. Daug klaidu, kai rasai angliskai ir nezinai kaip geriau issirekssti vesk visa sakini i google, uztruks daugiau laiko parasyt, bet uztai tokiems priekabiems komentatoriams nebus prie ko prikibti:) Liuks, kad rasai angliskai, bet jei visi tik girs nebus progreso ;)

    1. Prajuokinai :D Sorry, jei nezinai kaip anglijoj zmones kalba ir kokius sakinius naudoja. Ne viskas verciasi lietuviskai ;) Patikek, man su anglu problemu tikrai nebuna :D

  5. Sveikinu del darbo!
    p.s. atrodai labai liuks!

  6. Nerealus šalikas ir batai! ;) Jei galėčiau, turbūt nuvogčiau visą tavo spintą. :D


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  8. Labai gražus ir jaukus rudeniškas derinys !

  9. Sveika as ne i tema bet koks tavo manymu salikas tiktu prie kailinio nude paltuko be apykakles? :)


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